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  • [MAC] Adobe CC 2015 - Ilustrator + Indesign + Photoshop + Patch
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  • Adobe 2015 Ilustrator Indesign Photoshop Patch
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Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 19.2.0
Adobe Indesign CC 2015 11.1.0
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 16.1.0
Adobe Patcher (amtlib.framework by TNT)


(!) Disable any internet connection during installation
(!) Don’t start the installed applications before patching

1 Install the three applications normally. Choose "Try" > Login > Later.
2 Install the three updates normally.
3 Start the patcher and choose "PATCH".
4 Done. Internet can now be turned back on

More at lazadapoker88.com
And ibit.ws
99charlie 2 years ago

Will this work in Photoshop CC 2015.5?

dnbndubstep 2 years ago

Since this is the 2015.2 release I can not guarantee anything about the patch working for 2015.5.

Please report back any findings.


elliagne 2 years ago

I have macOS Sierra and the installers crash after initialising, what can I do about it? thanks! (p.s. the internet is off)

0220220 2 years ago

Same as elliagne. The installer crashes immediately after starting on Mac OSX Sierra. It says something like "Installers failed to initialize. Some files might be missing or damaged. Install Adobe Application Manager (which we don't want, obvs) again". Happened with another Adobe torrent I tried too. Anyone have a fix?

gunn88 2 years ago

Thanks a lot, dnbndubstep. I use MacOS Sierra and it's working just fine. You have just made my day, letting me continue my professional activities in Brazil. I can't afford to pay Adobe products here. Lucky me there is you.

sequel909 2 years ago

Confirmed on MacOS Sierra 10.12.1.

For "Installer Failed to Initialize" follow Adobe's recommendations for Sierra workaround (mount>open>righ-click install and "open package contents>navigate to Contents>MacOS>run the Unix "Install" executable directly)

After installing all three as trial and all three updates ran patcher. No issues. All three working.

wefound1 2 years ago


ld8044 2 years ago

Loaded all 3 programs; followed the provided instructions; once I open any of the 3 applications all state "Start 30 Day Trial now".

I have removed and loaded the programs 4 times now and I can only get a trail version.

ld8044 2 years ago

I installed the programs per the instructions provided; once I open the programs they are open as a trial period.

saks2435 2 years ago

excellent, works perfect. thank you

bulla101 2 years ago

How did people get this working on Sierra? Every time it fails as soon as it starts. I've tried sequel909's method without luck.

waize 2 years ago

Just installed on macbook pro 2016 (retina), macOS Sierra V10.12.2 and it works like a charm!


99problemsz 2 years ago

Terrible installer. Worked only for InDesign, and it refused to install the updater. AAM then proceeded to give messages saying I have a broken AAM. The same thing as u/0220220: "Installers failed to initialise..." yada yada yada.

Couldn't install Ai, Ps after that.

This is running on Mavericks 10.9.5.

I recommend getting ChingLiu's CS6 Ps & Ai, and InDesign CS6 by WinterGale. Works much better and easier installation process. Works on my Mavericks machine and macOS Sierra too! None of this AAM BS.

jrnymn 2 years ago

El Capitan. Worked perfectly.

nextvid303 2 years ago

Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2. - Followed instructions exactly. Works fine.

paira 2 years ago

Wonderful installer, worked perfectly on El Capitan. Just wondering - is there any benefit to installing the CC updater, or do I need to avoid it?

sebsubway 2 years ago

hey is anyone having the error in photoshop with the "Export As..." menu option?

lordsparkles 2 years ago

same export issue as @sebsubway

ayni1234 2 years ago

@sebsubway @lordsparkles

seems like a problem with mac os sierra, not this torrent. see here:

gruntworker 2 years ago

Followed instructions exactly. Indesign installed fine, update fine, patch fine, so now all I have to do is log in to Adobe online and pay for it. Not exactly what I had in mind!

ScottyGee 2 years ago

@sebsubway @lordsparkles

Find any fixes for the export system? Haven't found one for myself yet. Also, great stuff @dnbndubstep appreciate it.

Philosophy25 2 years ago

This worked great! Thank you! Followed sequel909's comment about the workaround for Sierra and it installed awesome. For those saying the patch isn't working and you have to start the trial, make sure you are opening the Patcher and not simply just the Update. Apply the update, then open the Patcher (I made the mistake and didn't realize the difference, then opened it the Patcher and it worked fine)

QueensA 1 year ago

When i installed illustrator and done patching i can't install photoshop why? somebody can help me ?

arzus 1 year ago

Same thing as above. I had the whole CS6 working smooth on El Capitano for ages. I downloaded this torrent, installed Illustrator CC and suddenly Photoshop CS6 stopped working. Tried to install this Photoshop CC, installation fails to initialize, going inside the package contents to launch it from Terminal doesn't work either -- same thing. Now I cannot install any version of Photoshop, be it CS6 or CC from this torrent or any other -- all installations fail to initialize. Tried to launch AppCleaner and delete any files related to Photoshop, didn't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated

waize 2 years ago

Just installed on macbook pro 2016 (retina), macOS Sierra V10.12.2 and it works like a charm!


jrnymn 2 years ago

El Capitan. Worked perfectly.

kakobacon 1 year ago

None of the methods presented so far work on High Sierra.

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PhotoshopCC_16.dmg 866 MB
PhotoshopCC_update_16.1.dmg 443 MB
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