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After the events of Captain America: Civil War, Prince T'Challa returns home to the reclusive, technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda to serve as his country's new king. However, T'Challa soon finds that he is challenged for the throne from factions within his own country. When two foes conspire to destroy Wakanda, the hero known as Black Panther must team up with C.I.A. agent Everett K. Ross and members of the Dora Milaje, Wakandan special forces, to prevent Wakanda from being dragged into a world war.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1825683/

Black Panther (2018) download

Black Panther (2018) download

Black Panther (2018) download

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c-murray631 7 months ago

With all the hype surrounding this movie (excellent trailers, Kendrick-curated soundtrack, all-African cast) I thought I was in for something special with Black Panther, as while they aren't remotely the highest quality movies, the Marvel cinematic universe movies are generally pretty entertaining. As it turns out I was wrong, Black Panther was extremely average, I have no idea what these critics/review bots are talking about when they say that it is the best Marvel movie and worthy of "critical" praise (as not just a super hero movie but as a movie in general.)Things that I liked: Effort put into aesthetic authenticity of the African elements of the movie - within the Marvel universe the look and feel of the movie was unique and you can tell care was taken in this regard.Andy Serkis - My favorite character by far, was probably the only person who didnt seem like he was reading from a script sheet and got some genuine laughs out of me.Things that I didn't like: The story was extremely predictable and to be honest I don't know if the most virtuous resolution was reached in the climax. Michael B Jordan's character had fairly reasonable intentions for wanting to kill the Black Panther and take his place in Wakanda as he had been abandoned, with seemingly no family, to live in the ghettos of Oakland. However, his whole plan to give advanced Wakandan weaponry to every African person in the world so they could kill and overthrow people in power who weren't African was extremely "on-the-chin" in terms of its narrative motivations within the current climate. It wasn't remotely clever or nuanced and really unbalanced his character, his motivations were understandable but his plan was moronic. Additionally, who didn't see Black Panther surviving his fall? Who didn't see the Gorilla tribe coming to the rescue at the end? The entire movie was so bland and predictable I wanted it to be over well before the end - I didn't even stay for the post credit scenes...The acting was very wooden - Not a lot to say here really, some really poor line delivery from the cast across the board except for Andy Serkis. No one was particularly charismatic, the main character for instance was extremely boring.The script was very robotic - This ties into the poor acting, but perhaps as a result of the script, some of the actors never really had a chance to bring their characters to life.The characters - I have already addressed the mess that was Michael B Jordan's character Warmonger(?). Basically throughout the entire movie you never really learn anything or see anything of the Black Panther's character, he basically moves from one place to another showing no emotion and just either smashes things or asks people questions. Apparently the character is supposed to be very intelligent, while it was probably a narrative choice, the Black Panther in this movie seemed like an emotionless Jarhead whose only really characteristic was that he get nervous around his girlfriend... The women in this movie had a bit of attitude and charisma and shouldn't be blanketed down with the Black Panther and Warmonger as bad characters, but they didnt really get a chance to shine and really only contributed a few one liners and a bit of fighting.The action - Shaky-cam rubbish, the action in the movie is terrible and not remotely on the level of the well-choreographed fighting in say Captain America Winter Soldier - please for the love of god show someone getting punched or kicked without having to cut the shot 5 times. There is an action sequence at the start which basically flagposted what the action was going to be like, it is shot at night and you basically cant see bloody anything...The CGI - Honestly, the CGI in Black Panther felt extrmely overused and was surprisingly quite bad. It really took me out of some scenes because the environments and effects looked average (not quite Justice League bad but not far off). It is obvious in scenes in Wakanda, for instance, where the plains/mountains are in the background but they are clearly filming in front of a green screen. Some of the effects just looked silly and got laughs out of me and my party. I personally though the Rhinos were stupid...The Soundtrack - After all the hype surrounding Kendrick Lamar curating a soundtrack for the movie, the tracks from that album barely feature at all. They faintly play from some cars and stuff here and there and a couple feature in some action scenes but I though we would be watching some decent action scenes with some bass heavy Kendrick blasting along to the fighting. Alas, no dice. The orchestral score is also quite average, coming in strong at weird moments and being quite out of place in certain places, there are a couple of moments where it seems like some sort of fairy, Harry Potter, Narnia music that just doesn't fit the scene.Overall I think this is probably one of the weaker Marvel movies, avoiding honest criticism because of the hype surrounding it. The basic components of the film are all poor-average, with the only real 5+/10 aspect being the aesthetics of Wakanda and its people. Like I said above, I wanted to leave well before it was over because I knew the action was probably not going to improve from nauseating shaky-cam and I knew how it was all going to play out.

seanmartin-97794 7 months ago

I went to see Black Panther along with my friends, and following the hype train we were excited to see it. However, following the showing we were all dissapointed by a mess of a movie with little plot and little thought which only served as a pit stop for infinity war.The critics have vastly overrated this movie due to its groundbreaking cast, but the movie itself is not at all groundbreaking. Littered with all the boring Marvel clichés I have come to know and hate, such as their inability to kill off any hero's to add gravitas to their story, or the one dimensional villain who only exists for one movie so you know they will kill him off before the next, Black panther is also plagued by new problems no one but me seemed to notice. For example, the CGI was awful in the action scenes: whenever someone was even prodded, they would go flying across the screen in the most outlandish fashion, and the plot was torn straight out of the Lion King, as well as having the biggest waste of Martin Freeman since those Vodafone adverts.Overall, I believe my dissapointment for this movie is fuelled by the marvel cinematic universe, as I feel sick of the movies they are pumping out like an industrial machine, as they all feel the same with little originality. I can only hope the bubble will burst sometime soon, and bring back true standalone movies which don't need a cinematic universe.

paul_marston 7 months ago

If I were able to post a one or two word review, it would either be agenda or uncanny valley. Everything I feared this film would do, it did. Indeed in a couple of places it even referred to the (spoilers?) the slave trade! Seriously? In the 21st century you are going to refer at least twice in the same film to the slave trade - which BTW if you follow the film's premise would NOT have affected Wakanda as they were cut off from the rest of the world!The main character of the film is T'Chala - a character so depressingly dour and serious, he could be a candidate for depression. You have his younger sister - who is CLEARLY being geared up as effectively riri from the comics - she WILL be the replacement for Tony Stark! To best describe her, she is a light hearted Q from thee James Bond films - I liked her, she was fun, lively, bright, as a character a real find.Andy Serkis was excellent, but far too underused - Michael B Jordan's "big bad"? I understand the anger, I don't get his ultimate goal - makes NO sense. The female bodyguards were the nearest thing to Mary sues in the movie. Really - beating up men TWICE their size with the SAME military background?I MUST discuss the CGI. This is a MASSIVE problem.Sure Wakanda looks spectacular, but so did Asgard. It's the motion of the main characters that is the problem. It seems that whilst they can get stationary objects (buildings etc) virtually spot on now, the same can NOT be said for dynamic ones. If you have watched any of the trailers, you'll know what I mean when you see Black Panther do his somersault The dynamic CGI characters look crystal clear, whilst the real life objects have a faint blur to them. You can just see where the live action starts and the CGI ends. If the cars were CGI as well you wouldn't notice the difference so much, but it IS there, and because it seems 90% of this film is CGI, in the end it becomes very annoying.as for the claim that this is unlike any other Marvel film - I beg to differ - unless you refer to how insular the whole film is, as it is based almost entirely in Wakanda. Which could be acceptable, until you realise most of the action took place outside of wakanda - in the remaining 5-10% of the film!Winter Soldier was CONSIDERABLY better than this. Guardians was better and more fun! Avengers had greater scope.Ragnarok was funnier.I know EXACTLY who this film was geared for, and it was NOT for your typical Marvel comic book movie fan. it had good points, The tech wiz sis has major potential, Wakanda looked spectacular (if you ignore the poor water animations (the ripples in the water looked cut and paste, watch MOANA for how water can be animated!) The soundtrack bore no relation to the action (action scenes sounded the same as the quiet moments!). But the worst "crime" was the agenda it pushed. There is NO Excuse for this, as they PROVED they can have strong storyline in Winter soldier.So if you want a film with a dour dreary lead character, lots of uncanny valley moments, and LOTS AND LOTS OF POLITICAL GRANDSTANDING with no payoff, then this is the film for you!Just remember The Godfather / Goodfellas / Star Wars / Schindler's List all barely broke 90%, yet THIS is supposed to be 100%! If you don't think the ratings for this are agenda driven, I've got a bridge to sell you!I do NOT want a Black Panther 2 - I think the days of single super hero movies are done

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StonersAlive 7 months ago

omg, this movies sucks so bad...what the hell is wrong with people claiming this wreckage to be a beaty

nothimme 7 months ago

Have you guys seen how many people voted 10/10 for this overrated movie? 57,500 people. I'm sorry but really? Didn't you guys see the last fight between T'Challa and Erik Killmonger? What kind of CGI was that? Well, maybe you were sleeping by that time. 'cause why not, the story was completely boring, predictable, and cliched. There wasn't any plot whatsoever. You can't even care for any character in the movie. People die and you don't even care. And of course let's not forget the ''acting'' This movie harbours the cringiest actors in the universe. Their accent was killing everything. Probably you guys won't believe it but i was giggling while some dramatic scene was going on. It was just bad.End credit scene was better than the whole movie.

lbterreb 7 months ago

Terrible. 3 at best. Dialog is awful. Accents are worse. How in the world can this be rated so high?

tytytyone 7 months ago

Seriously, I need to convince myself that I actually watched a Marvel movie, because it was so terrible. The plot was so boring,, the characters where so stupid. And the CGI was just horrible. And the times it tries to be funny.. O my. Most of the positive reviews will definitely be fake, because this is nowhere near the quality one would expect from a Marvel title.

BiiivAL 7 months ago

In such a multicultural society like the United States, it would be surprising if, sooner or later, in the pages of the popular comic book does not appear the first black superhero capable of on a par with Spider-Man, Thor and Iron Man to resist the threat of danger, experiencing the Earth's defense strength. There was such a significant event in the summer of 1966, when in the 52nd issue of the "Fantastic Four" magazine, from the filing of Wall and Lee Kirby appeared the proud T'challa, Crown Prince of the fictional African country Wakanda. The emergence of the superhero with a characteristic color, traditionally incredible abilities and characteristic behavior could not get past the various ethnic groups in America and soon T'challa popularity reached unprecedented heights and rapid, then it without much thought in a row the team the Avengers. And in spite of the fact that the prince, and then the full-fledged ruler of Wakid, was only one of the knights of the image of the "Black Panther", it was T'chall who became associated with fans of graphic novels with this character who had a great future ahead of him. Having firmly established itself as its own personal series of comic books, T'challa appeared consistently in so-called crossovers and even managed to lead a charming Storm under the crown, who agreed to become the second half of such an outstanding personality. In addition to participating in various kinds of print adventures, the hero repeatedly appeared in animated sketches from Marvel, reminding the audience that he is unique and can not be written off. And in the early '90s, when the shooting process technology began to show an unprecedented rise itself Wesley Snipes tried to present themselves before us in the guise of the "Black Panthers", but constant creative differences and other production problems at the root hacked promising ideas. And yet in the depths of Marvel no one was going to give up the opportunity to transfer the history of T'Challa to big screens. Of course, it took much longer than Stan Lee planned, and yet the "Black Panther" merged into a harmonious series of screened characters of the publishing house and rightfully took the leading positions in the Kino-Universe supervised by Kevin Feigi.Produced by Marvel for a long time tried to introduce T'challu an endless success story begun in Jon Favreau, "Iron Man", trying as gently as possible to bring to build a mythology movie, the universe for a meeting with an idol of the black community. And the best option was the invitation of T'Challa to the conflict, called the "Civil War". Friendly confrontation between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers gradually grew into by a serious, albeit not the most dramatic battle, and T'challa fully demonstrated its unique features, trying to avenge his father's untimely deceased in eternity. Played quite remarkable and not untalented actor Chadwick Bozeman character exuded confidence and unwavering despite the deep emotional conflicts tormenting his soul, managed to find a balance, thereby demonstrating the wisdom that came too early, but the world needs, more than ever before. In itself, the plot of the Civil War caused ambiguous feelings among Marvel fans, especially if we compare the scale of events in the movies with what was happening in the comics, but T'challa did not raise any doubts about the expediency of his appearance, and therefore Kevin Feigi gave the go-ahead on the shooting of the solo output of the "Black Panther" under the direction of Ryan Krugler, one of the most interesting directors with a dark complexion, who was obliged to feel with the history of T'challa kinship and show us previously unknown regions of the Movie Universe, to they are destined to play a significant role in the further development of the conflict under the sign of the "Stones of Eternity". So, the plot of the film unfolds in a remote and closed African country Wakanda, which managed to reach unprecedented technological heights due to the myriad deposits of outlandish metal. Developing aside from the major world markets and, consequently, conflicts, Wakanda managed to preserve its identity and at the same time create an exemplary unity of the society in which conflicts start and are happening, but they can always be resolved by the affairs of honor. Entering the throne of a small but proud country, the young heir of the late King T'Chall (Bozeman) decides to continue the policy of isolating the Wakis for the benefit of their own people, never in need of anything, but events in the recent past compel the Black Panther to seriously reconsider their life position. The world was no longer as huge as it was some 10 years ago. Globalization, which picks up the Earth in a whirlpool of cosmic proportions, is also clinging to T'Challa's home, which among other things attracts scoundrels of various colors ready to sell their souls for the treasures and knowledge of the Wakid.Contrary to the specific geographical location of the "Black Panther", it does not feel at all camera and alien. Ryan Krugler's ribbon fits perfectly into the framework of the Marvel Cinema-Universe, showing a charming and, of course, embellished African flavor for the joy of a few tired of the monotony of the previous series of films to the audience. The title character in the invariable performance of Chadwick Bozeman is revealed to us on the best side, demonstrating an excellent physical form and ability to win back emotions that make him a living person, not a schematic heroic character. The actor became the real property of the "Black Panther", he skillfully plays out even the most difficult by the standards of Marvel dramatic scenes and manages to joke so that he is not ashamed of him. Of course, by the will of the fate of T'Challa has no right to be merry to the bone, as his country is torn by a serious conflict, but the game of Bozeman takes the hero out of the walls of gloomy reflections and volitional actions in order to show the true humanity of the "Black Panther". Thus, T'challa becomes almost the most interesting character of Marvel since the days of Tony Stark, and although there is not so much eccentricity in him, the hero completely takes the niche taken by Kevin Feigi. And the history of the "Black Panther" is filed so competently that not only African-American viewers will be able to fall in love with it, but also a different category of viewers. And all because Ryan Krugler, Chadwick Bozeman and the unchallenged curator Kevin Feigi understand what they need to do. Certainly, the film has strong ethnic roots, only for a skilfully told story that in fact has nothing to do. Regardless of skin color, each of us has the concept of beauty. And the "Black Panther" is proof that a tightly-shot movie will always find attention and become a favorite for millions.As a result, I want to say that the film by Ryan Krugler reveals wonderful beauties before us, reveals a serious layer of history, is not afraid of bold artistic decisions and at the same time gives Marvel audience a pleasant feeling of comfort. "Black Panther" is colorful, spectacular and epic. It does not violate the laws and stylistics of the Cinema-Universe, which also pleases. Of course, the authors would not be prevented from taking a partial example with the permissiveness of Taiki Vaitichi, the author of the third "Torah", but it is clear that Marvel is increasingly willing to trust the original vision of the directors and still give them the necessary sip of creative freedom. The Krugler tape is proof.

Kmb_the_Nepali_reviewer 7 months ago

"Black Panther", for me, was some kind of a mixed bag. It was surely overhyped, but wasn't so bad of an overhyped movie. It was whatever the first Thor movie couldn't be. In other words, it was "Thor" (2011) on Wakanda and better. It has some fantasy elements regarding the "Black Panther formula" and at the same time, it is quite of a sci fi too, and on the sideline it's also a crime . These themes hold together very cohesively and make the movie a solid piece of art, on the whole. For the first time in an MCU movie, a villain was good. Killmonger is probably my second favorite MCU villain till date, the first one being Thanos. That character was well written to say the least. We knew where he was coming from, his motives, what he is up to and why. He is the best part of this movie. But a lot of it feels like parts of Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. The "sci fi" part feels quite like the stuff going on between Batman and Fox. The establishment of the character of Killmonger was quite similar to how we got introduced to The Joker in "The Dark Knight" or to Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises". Also, some scenes are quite similar to interrogation scenes of "The Dark Knight". I am not saying that it holds the movie down, or I had a problem watching these "similar" parts, but if you don't like such similarities being noticed, it might let you down. The movie apparently "kills" off a character, which doesn't feel so compelling because they were to be back in future films (which had already been announced or were seen in the trailer of Infinity War). The third act of the movie was just plain generic third act of a superhero movie with a lot of clichés and dumbed down "Captain America: Civil War" conditions with some of kind of "Lord of the Rings" vibe. On the whole, a solid entertainer. Not something like Infinity War or Iron Man or Avengers or Civil War that will be talked for a long time. It gets a "B+" and a "7.3/10".

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