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  • Call.of.Duty.Modern.Warfare.3-RELOADED
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  • Duty Modern Warfare RELOADED
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DarkComes 3 years ago

Instructions for the multiplayer .exe? It keeps getting stuck at the executing server.cfg

Fliiiz 3 years ago

Mates, SEED please... cant w8 this game

Fliiiz 3 years ago

Works fine , finished single mode on veteran. Any chance to play multiplayer?

LedBull 3 years ago

For all of those with disc 2 problem. When you download the torrent ( in the folder will be one JPEG, one NFO file, and two ISO files- rld-mw3a ( 8.160.220 KB ) and rld-mw3b ( 6.333.808 KB ) Mount rld-mw3a with daemon tools and click ''run setup.exe'' when you get asked to insert disc 2, mount rld-mw3b and when daemon tools mount the ISO file then click on ok. After installation copy crack files to install directory and if, after you click on game icon you get message disk is full, just hit right mouse click and select run as administrator and you are in the game. Good luck.

roro541 3 years ago

Thank YOU! :D

pornosus 3 years ago

There is something better ==>

alucxN7 3 years ago

Thanks, LedBull, I followed your instructions and it's working fine!

kalehrl 3 years ago

I can't get more than 40-45fps even with the lowest settings. My CPU isn't maxed out so I wonder what the problem is? Any ideas?

Pixonal 3 years ago

@MichaelSeph worked for me thanks :)

Shockdome 2 years ago

Tutorial for multiplayer?I get stuck at executing server.cfg

clo1986 2 years ago

This is a crap torrent, does not work. Do not waste your time, I tried every fix in the comments, none work. -10/10

clo1986 2 years ago

Also, the installer has a crap music file looping w no option to disable, so if you waste the time to try to reinstall, you will be inexplicably compelled to smash your speakers. Worst torrent experience yet from a green skull.

wowok 2 years ago

can anybody do an in depth video about how to isntall this, i am dumb

hernypa 2 years ago

Uce yes, I love this game. This is mainly in the penis, it is a pleasure to shoot a man at the bottom of the head and legs, it should hurt. I was not captured penis, but if so, I come here, that's how I feel notices. In any case, this game is also fun. Since my team is not very good, it could be better to start this game. In fact, when a good day to get around 17fps, and I am a fan of the table, which was placed on one side of an open field running. Otherwise, my computer is working at high temperatures can be expected fps less than 2. In addition, as we are all in this game without a mouse or can you recommend? After taking a shit about it, that's a lot of sensors for now only works in the mines. Thank you for the rorrent ...

Jeder 2 years ago

where to start, i feel like pancake sex can kill me, the whereabouts is totally under schedule, fix the gameplay or i might find another there, hooked like a fish without a clue, whodunnit, then apply the new skills, finish faster just to play, hope its better patch than new thinks.

GHOSTX-FUZIONZ 2 years ago

@Fliiiz TeknoMW3 is the only MP Client I can find, it works well.

Wawagod 2 years ago

Can I play local with bots ?

Wawagod 2 years ago

Can I play local with bots?

DabawssHAFOUZ 2 years ago

CAN YOU PLEASE UPLOAD A COD ONLINE torrent ? because the chinese downloader is really shitty and my internet speed is really shitty so when i pause the cod online download and resume it , it starts over . PLEASE UPLOAD IT THANKSSS

dxaon 2 years ago

can someone please upload this without a broken installer? thanks

Angry241 2 years ago

Does not work. I mount the second part, but it still asks for disc 2.

gulde 2 years ago

just mount both images, extract everything from both of them to a single folder on your hdd and start installing. It works

umair_ghani91 2 years ago

Game shuts down after campaign is completed 22.2% and displays an error "reliable command error". NEED HELP!

BlackWhiteBoy 1 year ago

After installation I can't find game directory. Instaled twice in new folder and folder is empty.

whirlt. 1 year ago


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anonymous 5 years ago

You are downloading the game to play online? That is  stupid,i would rather play campaing!

anonymous 5 years ago


anonymous 2 years ago

seed people

anonymous 5 years ago

teško sranje sami citeri a online imas 8 igraca na serveru a mape su vece od kine trazis se dva dana

anonymous 1 year ago

Odlicna igra dobar torrent

anonymous 2 years ago


anonymous 2 years ago

They're asking me to insert 2disc 2 , i'm assuming it's in File B but there is none

anonymous 2 years ago


anonymous 2 years ago

Doesn't work any more

anonymous 2 years ago

jel rati na 2gb rama

anonymous 3 years ago

I have a issue in this game I played 3 or 5 times. now the game is not running when i was click on the Exe. its comes the black screen for five second and it go back to desktop again.

anonymous 3 years ago

igra ubija

anonymous 4 years ago

it's not working for meeeeeeee

anonymous 4 years ago

cool game .

anonymous 5 years ago

this game is not work guys i waste my 24 hours to download it

anonymous 5 years ago

fasza játék

anonymous 5 years ago

dobra igra ima i online

anonymous 5 years ago

Pise mi ono bsusport the companies ..buy the game

anonymous 5 years ago

bolje od counter strike sourca no steam

Rainmaker 7 years ago

Reloaded is rocking games man.. Thanks..

PGP22Darkn8 7 years ago

fingersa crossed...m/ love MW3...<3

Lorenzo 7 years ago

Whats involved with installing downloaded pc games, have only done wii games and movies, do you need a crack, ect.

secret234 7 years ago

The crack didn't work so well on my pc, i've downloaded this one from another source:

rneil77 7 years ago

Ok I've downloaded the whole13gb, i've extracted two folders named rld-mw3a and rld-mw3b, ive run the setup from disc a then it asks for second disc?? excuse my ignorance but can anyone help please???

chilloutdude 7 years ago

rneil , if you comr to the chat room when im there i will help you ... you're doing it all wrong fella //.

Nix 7 years ago

Can someone give me a little push in the right direction please,i've installed the game ok from both disc but have no icon to start playing the game.So i'm unable to start the game up

Nix 7 years ago

Need a little help guys, i've successfully installed both disc but unable to start the game (play the game) as there is no start icon

sid1rockdj 7 years ago

hey the speed is coming to 0 kbps , i think no ones seeding and there are 1742 leechers , please seeders come up to our aid , we love you , please dont loose us .

chilloutdude 7 years ago

Scraped successfully Scraped: 24D07D7050CA3FB00AF55752CEC597D7B1731058 Announce: Seeders: 11154 Leechers: 35077 Downloaded: 68898 It might take few minutes to show new stats on website due to our caching process

Quikeee 7 years ago

Why appears a black window when i run the game? somebody help! i cant play

x13337 7 years ago

RAR FILE CORRUPED!!!! I have downloaded here works and fast.

AfroRican1 7 years ago

"Setup.EXE has stopped working. Windows is searching for a solution to this problem." Oddly, I've never had this problem before. And I've DL'd & installed a number of games. Anyone else having this issue?

carlclifford 7 years ago

had some issues with this download. froze up a couple of times. Try this one >>

suraj098 7 years ago

hey i downloaded it but having trouble intalling it :S plzz help

chilloutdude 7 years ago
  1. Burn or mount the image. 3. Install the game. 4. Copy over the cracked content from the Crack dir on DVD2 to your installation dir. 5. Play the game. Use power iso 4.9 here to either mount the iso image , or burn the discs ... if you go down he disc route you will need dual layered discs ... In the second iso image if you mount the disc and right click it , you will see a crack folder , copy the contents of that folder and drop it where the prog is installed , c/prog files / .... / Making sure to copy and replace the original in there .. Hope this helps ... Come to chat if more help needed.. POWERISO 4.9>>>>
dkakos 7 years ago

I have many issues with this release. Either is no launching, or crashes during mission 1 :( Anyone knows how to uninstall it, since this not registered in programms list nor has an uninstaller?

chilloutdude 7 years ago

You all need to read the instructions and follow them to the word , skipping bits wont help you ..... this works , and google the specs as if you dont have them then tring to play this is futile

akshay537 7 years ago

hey im having this problem where they ask for the second disc... pls help...

mikrenyoj 7 years ago

is this a cracked version? plz help me

mitsos13 7 years ago

anyone knows how can unistall the game??

mitsos13 7 years ago

can someone help me???please

shabaaz009 7 years ago

rneil77*1 i had d same prob but i came up with a solution dat don't extract rld-mw3a and rld-mw3b in different folder but extract in one folder both d files n wen please insert disk 2 message come just press ok n it will again start installing i hope this works for u :) and those who r having d same prob follow d same instruction

darkspeed294 7 years ago

hey there,i got a few questions : 1. i downloaded,mount A-version ,start setup.exe (with a R as logo),than it asks for a 2nd disk,i mount the B-version,than click ok,but it doesn't accept it and the message will still appear!!! please respond and i will seed as long as i can!!!

frankenstien 7 years ago

any1 getin error like me " Mordern warfare 3 couldnt write a file hard drive probably ful" which isnt the case

darkspeed294 7 years ago

follow my steps to complete : 1. download 2. burn or mount image (1. file A 2. File B) 3. install (if it doesn't install the 2nd disk,like power-iso,use Deamon tools) 4. After the install,don't unmount the 2nd disk;there's a map called Crack,copy all the files into your COD MW3 Directory. you may notice,your anti-virus tells iw5sp.exe is a malware virus,but dont worry,just access the file...it's nothing dangerous. 5.after you did that,you wanna make an shortcut,so right click on iw5sp.exe and than make an deskop icon by clicking "copy to desktop" 6. click the shortcut (or if you haven't one,the iw5sp.exe in the game Directory) 7. Enjoy and seed his torrent btw : you may cannot play online...

hypervenom 7 years ago

i got an error in the middle of the game ...i completed 22.2% of the game and then an error pops out of nowhere :-( ""error :- reliable command buffer overflow "" someone pls pls pls help me out here :-(

Realazzkiker 7 years ago

Thanks..Bro !!

gameaddict 5 years ago

@hypervenom- i too got the same error every time i try to play the game again plzzzz uploader or anybodyy help me and hypervenom 14GB is not a smaall size to download and now it's not working

rony2012 5 years ago

I am not able to install, it's not working, I wasted my time downloading this file.........

rony2012 5 years ago

i got an error at the last that "If u want to play this game, U gonna BUY IT" I dont get it ..............man, tell me wat to do. I have downloaded 14gb file and now its not working........

gameaddict 5 years ago

@rony2012- dude yes it comes that buy it but u copy the files of crack folder in the playing directory it will start working but only upto 22.2% only. then u will get an error and the game will be aborted

abhi5260 5 years ago

I have been reading the comments,so with this crack will the game be aborted at 22.2% as one of the user said?......can someone give me some assurance?....Thank you ::)

krishna18 5 years ago

chilloutdude-i've downloaded the whole13gb, i've extracted two folders named rld-mw3a and rld-mw3b, ive run the setup from disc a then it asks for second disc?? excuse my ignorance but can anyone help please???

chilloutdude 5 years ago

download img burn and burn the 2 discs , install 1st disc , then go into second disc , right click the second disk and explore it , find the crack folder then copy the contents and paste to the games install directory .. install second disc if required , ive not installed this game as i do not require it lol , but guys we have a chat room for theses problems and can easily be fixed for you there .. Some will even help you by a remote service .. Enjoy , live long and prosper

adi623 5 years ago

hey i am getting erraor that steam should be running

Preferred 5 years ago

watch out on cod games very unhappy that there programers from call of duty (not the releaser) have hacked my comp and and have tried to report me for sharing file. all i got to say is make sure your ip is safe and hidden. And that they better watch the lines they cross it is one thing to file share its another to start invading peeps comps, wich is also against the law and a serious violation of privacy PS: if u fcks from COD read this, i own all cod games paid in full so back off

bear23q 4 years ago

will it work using winrar?? help please

007z 2 years ago

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Parody #1

TeeJay51 2 years ago

could someone please tell me how to install this game, at least a link for the video to how to install this game, can't play this. i'm pretty sure this is working, it's just me who don't understand the whole process of installing this game. THANKS

mostak603 2 years ago


alex9991 2 years ago

unable to pahrase in middle of game wht to do plz tell me???in 3 hrs 30 mins of the campiagn

akii420 2 years ago

after installing this game when i try to run the game im getting an error which says " The procedure entry point AILsetroomtype@8 could not be located in the dynamic link....."

GcS78 2 years ago

Thanks for this torrent, works just perfect! if any one is having difficulties playing this game, i will help!!

Cranenium 2 years ago

how can i get the Multiplayer to work. It stops at connecting to server.

KiNgM 2 years ago

i thought it was a joke but the game really stop working at 22.2%. what the hell?

mehnou1 1 year ago

Nice share OP :), if it doesn't work guys you can download it from anoter site here cod-advancedwarfare.tk I've been playing this game non stop for the last 6 hours :D !

Hoeren007 1 year ago

can I play online?

onyx3 1 year ago

only Campaign works

IW4xPlayer 1 year ago

There is a working multiplayer crack I found on that REACTionGaming site

martinni 6 years ago

you can check my demonoid torrent for ati video cards driver update problems and how i fixed call of duty 3 on my laptop Edited by martinni on Jul/16/2012 >>

lhooney2n 3 years ago

Thanks dude! lhooney2n

refusedzero 6 years ago

thx max!i know my ratio isn't the best but I have never seen so little people seed before

mics666ebay 6 years ago

Uhh...there is a thing called SEEDING??? I'm getting like 2.0Kb/s

SpineshankSDP 6 years ago

be careful everyone here lately everything by maxspeeds has been tracked. download with caution

CapoCazzis 6 years ago

If u get "Modern Warfare 3 couldn't write a file. The hard drive is probably full". RUN .EXE AS ADMIN.

MoranBelh 6 years ago

On other sites file like this got malware that steal 100x100 of cpu usage, this time i'll pass and wait for better moments.

TekDek 6 years ago

If you crowd up with downloading the torrent so early after it's release, the least you could do is to seed it back some. Otherwise you could maybe GTFO off demonoid and come back when we made the torrent healthy.

badtunes 6 years ago

is this safe..? im aleady 92% done...

Deathgotti 6 years ago

is there a crack to use my sxbox 360 controller

elfmandisturbed 6 years ago

omg im downloading at 0.4 yes thats right 0.4 whats going on people please seed thats how we work here

benzu 6 years ago


shilen 6 years ago


nysm1 6 years ago

SEED ffs... U guys are pathetic with ur .2 and .5 ratios... Everyone with a .9 or lower ratio should be banned from this site... Just saying

kikiamer 6 years ago

how to play this online? everytime i click on multiplayer, this error occurs Could not start process 'iw5mp_ceg.exe'(null)(0x80041002) on mw3 console.

eightskie 6 years ago

is there any way to update this release? other than buying the game, obviously..

pseudonymArtemis 6 years ago

Thanks, If it doesn't work like a charm I will post again. If I don't post than it is probably flawless.i7-27008750*2 (Crossfire)16 GB RAM Name Brand (low end)Dedicated sound card+P4 Northwood 3.06 Ghz 2 thread 32-bit2 GB RAM Stock5450 PCI interfaceIntegrated sound

vindassius 6 years ago

Downloaded - tried to burn this to disc - dvd2 works fine dvd1 doesnt work keeps saying blank disc / no disc in drive...will post back if figure out what the hell is going on!!!this has been tested with roxio / nero / imgburn all set to 4x arita / ritek discs...Thought sod it - extracted both isos with 7zip to the same folder and ran the setup from the dir and it works a treat...only played the first special ops but looks great.i also suffered from that stupid hard drive not enough room error....just set the program to run as admin / vista sp2 and its boots right away.Win7 x64I7-920 @ 2.78gb corsair xms3 1600 ram8800gtxThanks a bunch for the upload - not gotta treat myself to a decent FPS mouse :DVinda

eden5566 6 years ago

i cant mount because when i install the game the setap saying :please insert disc 2

FlaktheFox 6 years ago

I got an email from Activision about downloading this. THIS TORRENT IS BEING TRACKED!!

Paynekiller 6 years ago

This baby is tracked by Activision

jstyrus 6 years ago

Thanks for the upload :)===The game runs fine until I get to the part 'BACK ON THE GRID' ... at the last objective to get control of the Mortar , that part is grayed and no matter what I do,I can't get the Mortar to finish the mission, have completely started from scratch 3 times (even in hard mode) and I'm always stuck there ...no key including the default F key works at that time.anybody got a clue ? Is it a pirated version lock ?Thanks :) :)

Optk 6 years ago

I might as well by the game, it isn't fun if there is no online.

martinni 6 years ago

well everything works fine but the fonts are weird i cant read them in the first screen of menu the fonts are messed up , any idea what to do ?<< Edited by martinni on Jul/14/2012 >>

martinni 6 years ago

my problem was fixed y updating my ati driver , well i am using an old laptop so to update to the new ati drivers i need to first download the latest new legacy ati drivers from the original ati site then to mod it with ati mobility radeon software for laptops from another site as the original new ati drivers wont install all the new drivers on old laptops , anyway there is a modding tool for old nvidia cards too,,,txxx

anonymous 9 months ago


extremezone.aka.piratepedia.is.a.piece.of.shit-Zamunda.NET.jpg 144 kB
reloaded.nfo 3.6 kB
rld-mw3a.iso 7.8 GB
rld-mw3b.iso 6.0 GB
Downloading Seeding Call.of.Duty.Modern.Warfare.3-RELOADED from to 0 peers.
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