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  • Grand theft Auto GTA Vice City v 1.1 repack Mr DJ
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  • Grand theft Auto Vice City repack
  • English
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LOSSLESS Repack by Mr DJ
Grand Theft Auto Vice City repack Mr DJ

Repack features:
Nothing Cut/recoded ;

Game Version: 1.1 ;

Language : English ;

Precracked - install and play
Install Time - 1 minute [Quad Core]

Final size: 1.45gb ;

Operating system: Win XP,Win Vista,Win 7,Win 8,Win 8.1,Win 10 (both 32bit and 64bit) ;

Note :

Its advised to run it in compatibility mode for Windows 98 / Windows Me on modern PCs ;

Open it from Desktop Shortcut using Run as administrator , it'll ask u to instal Direct Play feature , install it and play the game ....

DISABLE YOUR ANTIVIRUS BEFORE RUNNING 'Setup.exe' (IMPORTANT) to avoid any error message . (For avast users: Just Disable DeepScreen in antivirus settings)...

After running setup,, click on 'Configure',, specify the install directory,, click on next and next,, select the necessary software (Direct X [provided in Redist folder]),, again next,, finally on 'Install'...PLAY THE GAME FROM DESKTOP SHORTCUT using run as administrator....

Always open the game using 'Run as administrator' to avoid any savegame/crash issue, if it still crashes, lower the graphics settings and make sure u meet the system requirements along with updated graphic drivers for your graphics card ...


More at lazadapoker88.com
And ibit.ws
BigUglyMotha 7 years ago

Don't forget to write to the muslims Sam ! (unless you're afraid of receiving a fatwah).

bdwilson 7 years ago

You must have missed his first book, The End of Faith.

Swanee1 6 years ago

Note, this is not a Christian book! To some people this may be painfully obvious, but to others it's not, so just a warning.

vampzcore 5 years ago


since1876 2 years ago

Those of you who are worried that it's not a Christian book are probably the ones who would benefit most from it.

psycho1976 10 years ago

Umm, only an install. bat and a read-me.txt file? Where are the rest if I may ask? As is t his will not work!

Rav3n007 3 years ago

Thanks for the share

calijim 8 years ago

@gogetzz4 do you not know what the hot coffee mod is? I dont trust this cause Im not sure on how it can work on 3 different systems

oregonducks71 7 years ago

no comments? im scared but ill try and let you all know

Polack 2 years ago

Thanks a lot, appreciated

nedand 4 years ago

Thank you very much!

sapper71 4 years ago

Thanks Divx /Xvid is good for me drag them to pen drive for dvd my player great stuff thanks

dant12 9 years ago

whats with all the rars, whats wrong with a single file

Soeni 9 years ago

Why .rar ?

swalsugmass 9 years ago

Rar's - no Rar's!!! just say thank you :P

pixiesmiles 9 years ago

I agree with swallows-slugs (grins sorry, couldn't resist.. -damn dyslexia- ;o) )

.... rar's - no rar's.. who cares? I for one, am grateful for the upload...

Thank You! twinkling smiles

ciscoman 9 years ago

why dont u wait for eztvs then if dont like rars...i aint gonna explain why rars but for fraks sakes it takes 20 seconds to unrar it if is rars.

thankyou fed cri...awesome!!!

missandrea 9 years ago

Thanks fed. You're awesome.

rc71 9 years ago

beat eztv to the post. thanks for the upload

pixiesmiles 9 years ago

I agree with swallows-slugs (grins sorry, couldn't resist.. -damn dyslexia- ;o) )

.... rar's - no rar's.. who cares? I for one, am grateful for the upload...

Thank You! twinkling smiles

rc71 9 years ago

beat eztv to the post. thanks for the upload

STP 14 years ago

thanx :pepsi:

harrtz 14 years ago

¨need seeders

Federisco 13 years ago

seeda! please

shlumpidoo 10 years ago

plz seed!!!

ejonesss4293 2 years ago

Ishuka your torrent Created by on Wed Dec 31 1969

you may want to fix your time and date or get a dedicated computer for torrent posting

i can understand you need to set the clock back to cheat software time limits but it also fowls up the sharing process

Sleppa1957 11 months ago

Pessimo. Audio e video scadenti. Registrato al cinema. Evitate di caricare queste ciofeche.

SR4T9US 6 years ago

Worked great on acer 200 and 500.

srinumad 6 years ago

thanks BONE. a nice game. removed free version and installed this. Works fine... cheers

zirbat 6 years ago

cool it works thx

Cso027 6 years ago

Works perfect on Galaxy Tab 10.1 aka gt-p7500! Reminds me of the good olda TIM times! Thumbs up for .BONE.

wyattspoppa 6 years ago

Great fun even for kids, higher levels too convoluted for kids under 8, plays great on K-Fire. You're the best.

smokingaces 6 years ago

thnks bone .. could you upload asphalt 7 with sd data

diggler336 6 years ago

Perfect....like all of Boone's other torrents. Yeeeah son!!

Horisarte 2 years ago

call_me_nobody 8 years ago

i know the speed is bad but please be paitent;)

rastas959 8 years ago

wat speed? it says seeders 0

call_me_nobody 8 years ago

yes i am aware about that but please be paitent;) im seeding as good as i can but my upload speed is only 80 gbs up:( but its coming:)

call_me_nobody 8 years ago

i ment 80 kbs :P

call_me_nobody 8 years ago

please leave comments:) i cannot edit my torrent anymore cqause hackers have invaded thepiratebay so im writing it here:)

catamaranman 8 years ago

Anonymous uploader? I don't think I'd trust this one...

brikarc 8 years ago


Take it easy;)

its one of my torrent uploaded by my old account "callmenobody" so its safe.

if you'd like it i can download it and upload it again as non anonymous:)

call_me_nobody 8 years ago

here i am with my acc that uploaded this, search for my nic in the search then all my torrents will come up;)

call_me_nobody 8 years ago

When i have downloaded this on new (got lost in last format) i will seed just to keep it alive:)

dick9876 8 years ago

Norton said that the emu.exe was a trojan horse. Anybody else have an issue with this?

call_me_nobody 7 years ago

yes it did say that to me but dont worry, it just happend to have the same codes as a virus exept it isnt;)

i use the emulator daily and i dont get any ads, slowness or anything.

Just deactivate the autoprotect;)

I can record my screen when i launch the emu if ya want;)

anonymous 3 years ago

Thanks guys. Nice 2 get this with subs included

mrmagoo25 5 years ago

Yes, please upload anything for WinSCP

light_apprentice 5 years ago

reupload please , thanks.

roxanne278 1 year ago


anonymous 3 years ago

Need sources plz. It doesn't seed.

anonymous 3 years ago

It doesn't seed ...

anonymous 3 years ago

please, keep seeding for God's sake!

anonymous 3 years ago

There seems to be an awful lot of ungrateful people on the internet. Great movie, perfect copy, but no they want this & they want that. Be thankful for this gift, I am. Many thanks uploader.

anonymous 4 years ago

what edition is it? I'm confused, because on IMDB it says:

Runtime:  112 min | 117 min (director's cut)

anonymous 4 years ago


anonymous 4 years ago

can any1 up remux about this fantastic movie ?

anonymous 4 years ago

Awesome movie, but as the previous poster stated..  33.37 Fackin GB?  Who needs a full BD anyway?  Someone explain to me?  I mean you could encode a 8k movie to less than this size.  Yeah, 8k, double 4k.. they exist already.  Point being, is why a RAW BD to begin with?

anonymous 4 years ago

im all for the untouched A&V, but i prefer a Remux over the full BD. same quality and a lot smaller. shame hardly any Remuxes get posted here...

anonymous 4 years ago

Great film but 33.37GB?!

jemyre 8 years ago

seeds pls!!!! stuck at 57.6%

djsforfun 8 years ago

weird... it appears to me with 10 seeds, hehe... but im back, seeding it... later at night ill seed more. :)

jemyre 8 years ago

thanks. seeding now. keep up the good work.

hope u also have travie mccoy's lazarus explicit album. :)

djsforfun 8 years ago

thx!... really appreciated!

but this album u want is already out... check it out...


djsforfun[email protected] 8 years ago

hmm, i cant get u the link here coz tpb blocks it, but if u mail me i can give u...

[email protected]

vertiqual 8 years ago

You my friend are a legend. Been waiting months for this album after I heard about it from a friend. nGreat speed (For me anyway :P) nnI'ma go buy this to support a proper artist! nnTHANKS.

lllSCOOPlll 8 years ago

awesome awesome album ! thx for the great quality as well :)

anonymous 2 years ago

double click and nothing is happening.

anonymous 1 year ago

same problem someone respond

anonymous 1 year ago

thanks but I wish it had the commentary

anonymous 1 year ago

Haven't seen this in years

anonymous 1 year ago

(censored naughty word) yeah!

anonymous 2 years ago

Luvvin' it. Thank you.

shaan225 5 years ago

Seed N Enjoy the movie! Do leave a comment if possible! :-)

pmugghc 9 years ago

Why stop seeding when we're all at 99% ?

savageinjun 9 years ago

because i had problems with the net connection for a day. fixed the problem and now its going...so shut up.

tommyriantoro 9 years ago

thank you i've managed to download it !!!

filthy3825 3 years ago

Thank you.

anonymous 10 months ago

Very cool movie !

anonymous 2 years ago

Thank you! and could you please put up Hangin' with the Homeboys (1991) webrip

anonymous 2 years ago

Great movie!  Thanks so much

MikeyD88 6 years ago

Works great now that people are seeding! Thanks Anonymous

starsprite3 6 years ago

Decent download. There are some lags and skips in a few epsidoes. A/8; V/7 Share ratio: 1.573, 12.5 g of seeding. Hope that helps ya'll on download.

JostiBob 6 years ago

Please SEED!! It says 228 Seeders but it aint moving! :-(

kunals69 6 years ago

thanks bro!

braymcd 6 years ago

Seed please!! 400+ seeders, download speed barely 1kb/s...

Kole97 6 years ago

Thanks heaps :) seeding back for y'all

vampzcore 6 years ago

thanks mate!!

JFaith 5 years ago

LOVE this show, cant get enough, still watch the episodes ive already seen over and over!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Derek Morgan..think him and Penelope Garcia show become a couple, they're TOO cute together!1 thanks for the upload Anonymous and thanks to everyone who has seeded this season, definitely makes waiting for the season to download a lot less painless!!

anonymous 2 years ago

this is great would love to see more!!! tyvm!

Azemone 4 years ago

Verified. Also a reminder - you need to seed until at least someone has 100% of the file :)

ColorfulCode 4 years ago

My uttorent display I am seedding . Why there have no seeders?

Azemone 4 years ago

They were all stuck at 63.8% when I last looked, you probably had it paused or something, it's all good :)

ColorfulCode 4 years ago

I had uploaded 5.32G for this game

Chrispy_Cracker 1 year ago

Part 01 is here:

Chrispy_Cracker 1 year ago

Seed People!!

Bodycount9 1 year ago

So what's so special about this file? It's just the episodes already released but in one giant video file instead of weekly segments.

rapskaL23 1 year ago

thanks foe the smaller size yeheey xD

robert7567 6 years ago

Thanks so much for always uploading these videos! Without you, I probably wouldn't have been able to keep watching Oprah since moving to Germany. Many thanks again!!

Dbaum 6 years ago

There will be a 720p release of this for all you HD lovers. Should be posted shortly.

anonymous 2 years ago

Thank you..

Thumper 5 years ago

Please seed your shit.

acegeezer 5 years ago

Ditto, pointless upping and not seeding..duh!

SunRiseZone 5 years ago

Thanks For Sharing with us and for Seeding Also B=)

acegeezer 5 years ago

at last

brroughn 2 years ago

This torrent is the latest version but it will not work. I grabbed a working serial number from (bit.ly/1SgDpsm) and it worked perfectly.

brinerustle 8 years ago

if you need the subtitles in spanish or portuguese, then you will need to download the entire DVD.

si necesites subtitulos, tienes que bajar el dvd entero. lo siento, no supe incluir los subtitulos. es mi primer DVDrip.

freegaza 4 years ago

please seed! this is important.

deviant2 5 years ago

is this english version ? 42 seeders and no comment ?

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-xbt- 2 years ago

Full description included in the txt file in the torrent.

PLEASE SEED! Thank You!! If you are worried then just change the display name on your torrent client so no one knows what you are really uploading. I have named the torrent folder only to Conquer Series so you can stay under the radar.

chris4240 6 years ago

Thank you!!!

datank00 6 years ago

Thanks so much! I was recently turned on to this magazine and I'm really glad I was able to find it here. Keep it up!

dastrev 13 years ago

pretty much impossible to follow with two languages booming out at once, any way to fix this?

dastrev 13 years ago

200 people downloaded this and nobody comments on the audio problems? can't just be me having this problem. Anybody know a solution to edit this so that only the english audio plays? Please help if you can.

paronfisk 11 years ago

Maby it is not meant to know the awnser? :)

medesin 10 years ago


medesin 10 years ago

Choose audio track in VLC.

dastrev 13 years ago

200 people downloaded this and nobody comments on the audio problems? can't just be me having this problem. Anybody know a solution to edit this so that only the english audio plays? Please help if you can.

r4heel 6 years ago

seeding for fellow pirates initial speed may be slow please bear with it

HugoPorfirio 6 years ago

No problem dude, thanks!

sup3xtian 8 years ago

wrong category,sorry it shoud be OTHERS>PICTURES

sisir 8 years ago

Hi, size is 362B!!! Whats up?

NotherUsr 5 years ago

Isn't that ok size for stock photo collection? Is only 5,6 MB / image which says quality should be ok.

Alberto84 5 years ago


gasart 11 years ago

Ingen som seedar eller?

gizmo_dk 11 years ago

eeeh... i think this torrent is dead. Seeder havn't showed up for a week or so...

poliu 10 years ago

vad gör man när man seedar?

poliu 10 years ago

vad gör man när man seedar?

drakeluvr 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing, this is just what I needed.

arrowman2008 5 years ago

thanks a lot

Gontattoo 5 years ago

Muchas gracias.

nenaddorcol 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing

JetWhoreBattlefield 5 years ago

there was some kind of spyware in it that tried to create task in svchost.exe and explorer.exe but thank you to comodo that saved me

Bert_Pow 5 years ago

Something is up with this torrent, says it has installed, yet the directory is empty.

Thumper 4 years ago

Thank you!:]

georgelee1996 6 years ago

unable to copy app onto iphone, help anyone? :)

Cranium 6 years ago

Get "AppSync for iOS 5.0+" in cydia from Hackulo.us (add source (I guess you have a jb device) Enjoy fellow F1 follower :)

Udick 6 years ago

work great, anyone got the newest update?

Vidpro007 10 years ago

4G for oatmeal?????. Wonder what it really is. Anyone have any ideas or facts??

winds 10 years ago

well the file name should say it Guitar Hero - ZombieJesus.iso don't be a pussy and upload in the wrong area just so your friends and download it but not other people

winds 10 years ago

I'm going to download it just to suck your bandwidth and then I wont seed I'll just delete it and download it again

ZombieJesusNT 10 years ago


It's a guitar hero disk for wii. It is, essentially, a beta version of little interest to most.


Get a life.

JohnShit 7 years ago


JohnShit 7 years ago

Oh, this is from 2008. 3 years ago. Hi past people. It's 2011 now. We have a brown president.

Vidpro007 10 years ago

4G for oatmeal?????. Wonder what it really is. Anyone have any ideas or facts??

ZombieJesusNT 10 years ago


It's a guitar hero disk for wii. It is, essentially, a beta version of little interest to most.


Get a life.

Don.Ibbi 2 years ago


tyler1228 2 years ago

Windows Defender detected Trojan: Win32/Detplock in setup.exe?

Sepez 2 years ago

Great Work Man. Thanks For such a good torrent.

AlickName 2 years ago

Thx bro! Super game.

ksh63 2 years ago

The game works fine , a good torrent actually but only a small file missing which is not a part of the game is its logo video - but do not mind that. Thank u vry much rock480.

Hetynne 2 years ago

Can't get this to work despite changing service pack and setting admin permissions.

dandalis 1 year ago

It installs fine, but when i launch the game i get black screen and then loew res look at my homescreen and game .exe doesnt respond. I tried both running in compatibility mode with 98/Me and XP, run as Admin but nothing. I have W7 64

davetehboy 1 year ago

This brings some nostalgic vibes.. hope trojan thread is false positive

rutushg 8 months ago

Virus In Setup

potapete 8 months ago

thank you for sharing :) i remember my childhood days :)

DJ840 8 months ago

@rushtg : yeah it took 2 years and 167890th downloader to discover that there is a virus in the setup, genius

vikz 8 months ago

Works fine. Thx DJ

Dev799 8 months ago

Thanks but i already Bought the Game . I really wish R* extends vice City in upcoming GTA sequels

mioskios 8 months ago

It works perfectly but ingame my mouse isnt working when im moving and clicking. This might be because im using usb mouse, but otherwise everything other is working. Thanks for help :)

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Redist/dxwebsetup.exe 300 kB
Setup.exe 21 MB
Setup-1.bin 1.1 GB
Grand theft Auto - Vice City repack Mr DJ/Torrent downloaded from ExtraTorrent.cc.txt -
Grand theft Auto - Vice City repack Mr DJ/Torrent Downloaded from Glodls.to.txt -
Grand theft Auto - Vice City repack Mr DJ/Torrent downloaded from kat.cr.txt -
Grand theft Auto - Vice City repack Mr DJ/autorun.inf 100 B
Grand theft Auto - Vice City repack Mr DJ/Instructions.txt 1.5 kB
Grand theft Auto - Vice City repack Mr DJ/Icon.ico 2.2 kB
Grand theft Auto - Vice City repack Mr DJ/dxwebsetup.exe 293 kB
Grand theft Auto - Vice City repack Mr DJ/Setup.exe 20 MB
Grand theft Auto - Vice City repack Mr DJ/Setup-1.bin 1.1 GB
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