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Kigre 11 years ago

Please! Can any1 tell if this works!!!? Have downloaded this game several times and its allways bugged somehow!

Wolfenstein1993 11 years ago

lol my game with CD take 3,6 GB this takes 3,79

Troy123 11 years ago

Mod Torrent San Andreas Mod Super Pack

magiking96 10 years ago

I can't open rar file in daemon tools?

I can only open .iso file. How open I .rar file?


OMGnix 10 years ago

.rar files...an archive,its a compressed files go download winrar/winzip to be able to open it you can search at google or any search engine for it just type either of the 2

gobbe100 10 years ago

Eh i need a dvd disc to play

jonnte_ax 10 years ago

i cant find the crack.. please how do i get one.

imsquishy 10 years ago

hehehehehe 24hrs to download this 1 :)

1shaw 10 years ago

Seed plz

XtrAneX 10 years ago

magiking96 u need winrar to open rar files

thune96 10 years ago

is it with a crack?

crackbalck 10 years ago

fuck this. It's on Deutsch. But what program do I need to open the: hlm-gtasa ISO-file?

Naxou 10 years ago


Djalo 10 years ago

Thank ThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThank 12 hours for download ThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThankThank

zaurez 10 years ago

magiking96 = n00b!

DennanSupra 10 years ago

please reseed. if you do, I will seed for one week. thats true I sweer

thegeorgecrushinton 10 years ago

bad torrent (again) i uploaded a good version of it here

Baschbox 2 years ago

Hello. Everything is good. Thanks for uplaoding !

But theres 1 question: Why cant i change the resulution ?

JCSF 2 years ago

Working just fine. Thanks for the upload.


12TCT 2 years ago

ohhh yeh yeh fook me in da blowhole daddy oo yeh

craftplayeri2 2 years ago

If you play multiplayer don't download this, its version 1.1

ExillustX 2 years ago


Destination1973 1 year ago

can i make this thing work on windows 10 64bit ?

thegeorgecrushinton 10 years ago

bad torrent (again) i uploaded a good version of it here

llAZZOSll 1 year ago

i have direct x 12 and this is saying gta sa requires atleast direct x 9

Akunohan 10 months ago

10 years old torrent and 3655 seeders, impressive :)

thegeorgecrushinton 10 years ago

bad torrent (again) i uploaded a good version of it here

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