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After the Kingsman headquarters are blown up by a psychotic criminal named Poppy Adams, the surviving agents find their way to an allied secret organisation based in Kentucky, named Statesman. The two agencies must now work together in order to save the world and take down the so called 'Golden Circle'.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4649466/

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) download

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) download

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) download

More at lazadapoker88.com
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anonymous 1 year ago

Help I got problem when I start the keygen

Keygen: Failed to create license directory

And then when I press play there is notification say that 'Steam is currently in Offline Mode', then I press OK and nothing happen

anonymous 1 year ago

solved, I tought it was 'do not have to install steam'  

anonymous 1 year ago

i have the same problem. how did you solve it ?

anonymous 1 year ago

Fυck Denuvo!

anonymous 1 year ago

Downloaded it yesterday, f-secure says it's a trojan. Online scan at virustotal gives 34 alerts for trojan. Stay away from this download.

anonymous 1 year ago


anonymous 1 year ago

why the  u erase my comment

anonymous 1 year ago

What version? v17.1.1?

anonymous 1 year ago


anonymous 1 year ago

hmm trojan?

anonymous 1 year ago

Virustotal has 34 scanners saying it's a trojan.

anonymous 1 year ago

Thank you guys.Has anyone tried to play online with a friend or something ?Via hamachi maybe ?

anonymous 10 months ago

Threat detected by avast, virus infected!

anonymous 1 year ago

all off steam punks are full of trojans? fifa 18 got deleted completely with many alerts by bitdefender.

anonymous 1 year ago

Nod32 delete the file stp-fm2017.exe as Trojan. What can I do?

anonymous 1 year ago

Anything for Macbook??

anonymous 1 year ago

not working

anonymous 1 year ago

I was about 3 seasons in, launched the game and my profile together with all my savefiles was deleted I assume this is something it'll do periodically?

anonymous 1 year ago

thanks a lot

anonymous 1 year ago

So I installed this a few days ago, it worked perfectly without a problem. Today the game just randomly uninstalled itself from my computer. I don't even know how, it's just gone. Only the save files and other stuff remains in the documents folder, nothing else. What the hell?!

anonymous 1 year ago

Can I play online ???

anonymous 1 year ago

Is it possible to skip/disable 3D match?

anonymous 1 year ago

THIS GAME WORKS, IF A NOOB LIKE ME CAN DO IT AND YOU CAN'T BUY A NEW PC OR UPDATE UR DRIVERS, NOOBS. 3D match S*cks btw.. still this saved me money from not buying this game on steam, THANKS STEAMPUNKS.

anonymous 1 year ago

it doesnt work how u solve keygen problem

anonymous 1 year ago

Great game.. tho needs a PES or FIFA match engine, its clunky and weird now, 3d match makes no sense.

anonymous 1 year ago

Would applying the 17.3.2 and future patches break the crack?

xenon1711 1 year ago

Typical..I just bought it on Steam because it was going for 11.99 and i got fed up of waiting for it lol..But thanks, works perfectly :0)

tonce 1 year ago

Work nice :) Thank you :)

stameni64 1 year ago

I have a 32bit version and it won't crack... I tried automatically and manually but still nothing. Help?

skunkworks2000 11 years ago

Please Seed

Kenny7822http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/5756450/Easy_Star_All-Stars_-_Dub_Side_of_the_Moon_%282003%2 6 years ago


Here's a better version with more seeds. And it's in FLAC format so perfect lossless quality.

Kenny7822http://thepiratebay.rocks/torrent/5756450/Easy_Star_All-Stars_-_Dub_Side_of_the_Moon_%28200 6 years ago


Here's a better version with more seeds. And it's in FLAC format so perfect lossless quality.

anonymous 9 months ago

thanks alot

anonymous 9 months ago

Thanks for the share!

mscmichael 9 months ago

Thanks a lot...

eshanth 9 months ago

Thanks for sharing!

mcase60 9 months ago


mr.funkalicous 1 year ago

Easy install and runs well, just watch out for the loud startup music. 10/10

Merritt 2 years ago

Excellent torrent, working great. Thank you uploader!

diehard09 2 years ago

ITS WORKING... DOWNLOAD msvcp110.dll & msvcr110.dll & follow the procedure given in this video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlT0N2CX50g {for Windows 10}

Dutchshulz 2 years ago

Can't get it working

AlexaLexa 2 years ago

What a lies. This games is not cracked.

bLa07 2 years ago

Are these exact copies of the games from nosteam.ro? I will continue to use nosteam.ro, but am just curious. If so, IDK why people are having issues. Just click the setup file, pick your installation location, wait for install, set launcher to run as admin, and you're good. .o0 bLa 0o.

nDiScReEt 2 years ago

Thank you for the upload. Quiet as it is kept, I am a beast!

Madre 3 years ago

Thank you

Kapten_karljan 12 years ago

is this from the episode where they sing this song? Tenacious D is soooooee sweet-ahh

DaveyBo 10 years ago

not bad, but the quality isn't amazing... thanks anyhoo! downloaded in like 5-10 mins too so ya :D

anonymous 2 years ago

I've missed this show so much. Bless you, Canadian uploaders.

anonymous 2 years ago

I think we're in for a hell of a ride. Thank you! Ive missed this show. Sad how CBS treated it.

anonymous 2 years ago

Thank you very much

anonymous 1 year ago


anonymous 2 years ago

hope I  can see the 504 from Canada today...

anonymous 2 years ago

There seems to be substantial encoding errors and/or corruption on this release.

anonymous 2 years ago

720p & 5.1 audio!!! Thank U uploader

anonymous 2 years ago

too bad it's the final season.... very well done tv series

anonymous 2 years ago

Thanks so much. You don't know how i miss this show!

anonymous 2 years ago

Oh Thank you sooooo much I flipping love this TV series and I have missed it soooo much,

anonymous 2 years ago

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

anonymous 2 years ago

It's back!!

anonymous 2 years ago

thank you very much...quite a big show

anonymous 2 years ago

Great quality. I wonder why iTunes web dl for Gotham take a while to appear after webrips. Does Amazon hold some sort of timed exclusivity?

anonymous 2 years ago

Best uploader! Thanks man. Always look out for your stuff. You choose quality over size.

anonymous 2 years ago

where is Dimension?

anonymous 2 years ago

Dimension ?

anonymous 2 years ago

Two WEBRIPs for this ep. Hmmmm.....

anonymous 2 years ago

Thank you.

anonymous 2 years ago

no sound. THX for nothing

zoso5150 2 years ago

Nice upload.Thanks.

cmflynn 2 years ago

thank you uploader

nikitasbrb 2 years ago

Really Good :) Thanks a lot!!

poxispoxis 2 years ago

thanks my friend.

anonymous 1 year ago

Downloads much faster on Limetorrents

RingMaster69 1 year ago


anonymous 2 years ago

crap movie...don't loose time on this crap ..Bollywood crap .

anonymous 2 years ago


Kreivi 14 years ago

Bara att ladda ner !! (era svin)

Bezim 14 years ago

would be wonderful if someone could seed :)

scrizt 14 years ago

Tips: some more data available now, if someone with like 99% could share some we'll get it all..

(As it seems that noone is gonna help us out)

scrizt 14 years ago

Sådär då har jag egenhändigt fyllt ut de 16.7% som saknades MHA diverse asiatiska trackers, det var ett jävla skitgöra så jag hoppas att folk seedar detta nu. >:[

Sandrock 14 years ago

Denna torrent behöver fler seedare. Kom igen och hjälp till lite.

barka85a 14 years ago

men vafan spelet fungerar inte ...det låser sig i början...lägg upp nått som funkar nästa gång!!!

scrizt 14 years ago

Verkar fungera för mig, har spelat två första banorna..

BBBmin23 13 years ago

Kan någon seeda snälla? :):) Den laddar inget! :D

lol_lol 13 years ago

Snälla seda jag har 92.9%

lol_lol 13 years ago

är det någon som har hela spelet som kan seda snälla

nonexistens 13 years ago

AAARGH.. 99 hälsa.. den kommer tt "dö"

Koliare 13 years ago

Jag har noterat att det är ca 8 st + mig som sitter fast på 99.3 % kan någon vänligen seeda ett litet tag

Koliare 12 years ago

Asså nu har det gått någon månad kan ingen seeda dom sista 0.7%

Koliare 12 years ago

Tråkigt att denna torrent inte kan få några som seedar asså.

Funderar på att lägga av och låta den dö...

Får se vid april om man kanske har fått 100% tills dess annars slutar jag och skippar den här

seiryu 12 years ago

Not just me but a lot of people are stuck at 99.4% for at least a month, so could somebody seed it please? Thanks.

lightmagus 12 years ago

It seems lost but if anyone can seed the 00,6 that I need I would be very grateful...

sunday19 12 years ago

stop in 99.3% help!:/

yuusuke 12 years ago

hey plz seeders -.- i'm 93.7% = "sorry my inglish -.-"

xiatron 12 years ago

seeda plz

GX_MASTERhttp://thepiratebay.rocks/tor/3688919/Megaman_X8 11 years ago
Scotty87 11 years ago

@99.7% Please Seed!! =(

rasta_freak 11 years ago

There's a bunch of us stuck at 99.8% :) Any seeders out there ?

Davidbeats23 10 years ago

every one downloading this, go to options menu of your bitcomet or any torrent client you use and set the upload to no limit...this is the only way to speed up our download so if you dont cooperate then it sucks!

lightmagus 12 years ago

It seems lost but if anyone can seed the 00,6 that I need I would be very grateful...

GX_MASTERhttp://piratebayblocked.com/tor/3688919/Megaman_X8 11 years ago
ScoobyAU 4 years ago

Cheers again.. Any idea when the 1080p of the last 2 episodes may hot on line.. ?


ScoobyAU 4 years ago

Awesome. Thank You.. Really looking forward to the 1080p WEB-DL for this as well. love ya work.

indikat 7 years ago

Thanx a lot from DK

platium 7 years ago

thanks a lot


Jebjerg 7 years ago

Thanks og du har vel ikke sæson 2

anonymous 2 years ago

This movie was great lots of slow start but lots of action once it gets going. Ending kind of sucks

BlackBeard17 10 years ago

Is this the real archive, no virus, no demo, working? Needs crack? Any other good tested link?

mauler712 10 years ago

please seed someone.

EventHorizon 6 years ago


anonymous 1 year ago

no sound at all, this has happened before with some newer torrents, sound is the most crucial thing. How do you not check before upload

anonymous 1 year ago

no sound / sound not synch kinda vid

anonymous 1 year ago

no sound

Samuel98 9 months ago

Finally! Thank you guys! D: Just Bull and H-50 now.

anonymous 9 months ago

Thank you for the AMZN release.

anonymous 9 months ago

Great! Thank you RARBG Team!

anonymous 2 years ago

I better sniff this one out

anonymous 2 years ago

History Channel actually makes good history docs. I understand that this one is from 2011 and it's a really good one. Please, history channel gives us a channel without pornstars(hehe), storage wars and shιt. I understand also that there are a lot of history artefacts in those shows, and I like them but I would like to see more documentaries on actual history itself.

trelosami 7 years ago

Small Size Excellent Quality + fast download!! ;)

randyem15 7 years ago

thank you mr.riddlera...excellent

bhatoo 7 years ago

thnx riddler....

roystan 6 years ago

upload kaante gud print... none uploaded so far r good... pls pls

shuva 6 years ago

Thanks...great as usual!

caffa 4 years ago

Thanks for another great upload!!

lighter 12 years ago

Anymore of Magazine than just this song? It's really good, but so is the rest of this album (and all the others).

lighter 12 years ago

What's the point of uploading the torrent if you're not seeding???????????????????

MagicMimmi 2 years ago

Skrämmande och intressant film, tack

Rotzbollen 2 years ago

Ser fram emot denna. Ett stort TACK för alla dina bidrag!

ForumFriend 2 years ago

I get update failed bugs not removed :-( when I try to apply patch. I did clean previous patches and registered before applying patch still not working.

sh1r4n41 2 years ago

its true. it failed to patch.

dwarfer66 2 years ago

I got the same problem, went back to build 2

vinicius.betra 7 years ago

seeds por favor

abik222http://www.gamestia.com/video/metal-gear-solid-2-c2s1.html 7 years ago

video solution walkthrough: http://www.gamestia.com/video/metal-gear-solid-2-c2s1.html

look and play

theartpirate 1 year ago

Seems like it cuts the movie off at the top, maybe the bottom.

tickytack 1 year ago

Yay, Thank you. Looking forward to this. Thanks again.

anime4life.http://www.thepiratebay.se/torrent/11748399/Fairy_Tail_89-175_%28BDRip_1920x1080p%29 3 years ago
anime4life.http://www.thepiratebay.rocks/torrent/11748399/Fairy_Tail_89-175_%28BDRip_1920x1080p%29 3 years ago
anime4life.http://www.piratebayblocked.com/torrent/11748399/Fairy_Tail_89-175_%28BDRip_1920x1080p%2 3 years ago
FatFreddy224 7 years ago


Thank you, been searching for this for a long time

arcadepcnut 7 years ago

put in folder bces00001 works fine. yes it will take a while to extract in 8 hours 24% seems excessive amount of time. quad core 3.2 6gb ram extracted it in about 4 hours.

blfunser 7 years ago

takes a day to extract why the fuck would you mess it up no other rar is like this!!!!!!!!

JusticeGFX 7 years ago

Downlaod complete in like 5 days at 100 kb/s 60 GB uploaded and i will still seed , extraction takes about 6 hours i don't know why...

xaleeeeeel 7 years ago

what kind of raring is this 8 hours to extract!!!!!

toddley89 6 years ago

downloaded, tried 4 different unRAR apps and all of them stopped before finishing and said multiple parts of the archive are corrupt. :/

carluss 5 years ago


achonv3 2 years ago

did anyone get this to work if so, can you let me know how you did it

honeybunny28http://www.addic7ed.com/serie/Lost/6/15/Across_The_Sea 8 years ago
Eizo47 8 years ago

Seed people please..there is much people want to see this

glam 11 years ago


0.5mbitsabbe pc1 13 years ago

Ska jag lägga ut ett program?

kid2chainz 2 years ago

thanxz something is better than nothing

kidcanvas 2 years ago

thx for your upload :)

borgia 2 years ago

fuck yaske.cc

mykhood 2 years ago

thanx for the upload and yes fuck yaske.cc what a turd he is or what it is, it was in the middle of the flick

MasterBeta77 2 years ago

Not worth the download.

Arcane 2 years ago


Skulljockey 2 years ago

I am in the midst of downloading this flick but I did watch the sample and it looked good to me. Look like well over 10,000 people disagree with you Masterbeta Do you even have a clue how self degrading your avatar name is to you.

Skulljockey 2 years ago

Thanks for the upload your time and effort is highly appreciated

kawliga55 2 years ago

@skulljockey, LOL! yea a cam is a cam but if you want to see a film before the dvd gets released its the only option besides going to the theater. Is what it is- but the screenshots don't look too bad for a cam for sure. enjoy and thanks to the encoder/uploader for the efforts. cheers!

blackman124 2 years ago

not the best copy.. but if cant wait.. either go to the theater or take what you can get

zartanyen 2 years ago

Got a lot of heart putting that junk out for people to waste their caps on. HD? I could have made a better copy off my cellphone least my copy would not have me posting my shity site in the middle of the screen. I get it its free, people don't want to pay to see it especially after the reviews but this is a god awful copy. I personally will see it in the theater.

Queen12345 2 years ago

kid2chainz....don't know if I agree...the audio, the sub titles and the editing is bad....when video jumps from crooked with sub titles to straight without sub titles you can clearly tell it jumped scenes. Not worth downloading.

sidnotty014 2 years ago

Wait for better print

MasterBeta77 2 years ago

@skulljockey, apparently they are all confused like you, or blindly download without reading comments, this is a crap copy with the uploaders name in the center of the screen, sorry you like trash but i will wait.

jtleroy99 2 years ago

thanks for the effort however it is a awful print grainy shaky people in the way etc vid sound is terrible wait for better

platsnoop 2 years ago

Thanks uploader :-)

didyaknow 2 years ago

Thanks mate! V:4/A:4

isilox 6 years ago

many thanks!

Maous1http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/5755 6 years ago

For anyone experiancing random CTD during loading screens and purple textures your most likely running out of ram (either vram or reg ram)

Follow instructions at this link (PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR SKYRIM FOLDER FIRST BUGS HAPPEN) http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/5755

This will compress the size of all the extreme res textures i loaded into this mod with little loss in visual quality freeing up ram so you can game faster and longer.

Also try playing with steam offline i've had success in trying this and never game with steam online and expect to stay stable for longer than 30 mins seems the steam save sync even when off is messing with things it should not be messing with.

ClkN 6 years ago

It says that it couldn't find the TESV.exe file

Maous1http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/60 6 years ago

This is a drag and drop mod pack not a game crack

no original exe's or bsa's were included.

For anyone getting black boxs appearing on the screen when being damaged after running ddsopt You can download and install Enhanced blood textures to overwrite the ddsopt'd ones and then all will be well :)

http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/60 You will need 4 files

Enhanced Blood Textures 25 0 Dawnguard CompatibilityPatch Blurry Screen Blood Darker Brighter Blood

Dunno how much longer ill be supporting a lower resolution (ddsopt'd) version of this since i don't use it but for now enjoy

Maous1 6 years ago

Do not use ddsopt unless your confident in your ddsopting abilites and bug'd texture replacing getting reports of lots of purple textures even using the preIII beta ddsopt 0.8

You have been warned (always backup everything)

drakox 6 years ago

Is this the full game or just a Mod pack?

Bennemann 6 years ago

I got stuck in the beginning sequence, when the dragon is supposed to show up and attack the town right as your character is about to be beheaded. The headsman raises his axe and nothing happens, he just stands there breathing like an idiot forever.

I had to start a new game and choose a new life for myself via the Mara statue.

ellenoir 6 years ago

So what exactly is required for this. Can someone please leave a torrentlink to a Skyrim + Dawguard pack with the neccessary patches and DLCS? Would be very grateful, there are so many different torrents with different versions out there at the moment. :)

Bennemann 6 years ago

@ellenoir I downloaded these four and am playing the game with no problems. I'd recommend installing them in the order given.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Update v1. Incl Dawnguard DLC The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Hearthfire.DLC-RELOADED The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.High.Resolution.Texture.Pack.DLC-RELOADED The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Update.11-RELOADED

DatrixTSW 5 years ago

boss is no longer available to download the moderator closed down that account so can you find a new place where I can find "BOSS" thanks

DatrixTSWhttp://code.google.com/p/better-oblivion-sorting-software/ 5 years ago

If you are looking to find boss mod for skyrim here is the site:


DatrixTSWhttp://code.google.com/p/better-oblivion-sorting-software/ 5 years ago

If you are looking to find boss mod for skyrim here is the site:


JacodaBurr 6 years ago

can anyone verify this torrent?

Moxie132 6 years ago

Verified working. Thanks! Will seed for a few days

watiu 6 years ago

works great

BossLevel 6 years ago

Great Torrent! Works and haven't had any issues or viruses :D

JordanX 5 years ago

Great torrent, emulator works flawlessly so far!

Downloaded in less than a minute, still seeding.

Haramir 5 years ago

Thanks for this. It brings many memories, :D

worldwriter 9 years ago

I have 5.00 m33-4 with the 5.00 popsloader...

I still get the mama komodo freeze with this eboot when running it with 3.72 pops.

Mattmonay 9 years ago

Thanks again man! Another working title, you rock!

Teazz 9 years ago

Thank you so much toxic! :D

ThroneZwei 9 years ago

it freezes disc 2 after defeating the third triangle boss

SaGaFrontierFTW 9 years ago

is klown and toxicjuggalo the same person??? if so you are great!!! if not you are still great!!!

SaGaFrontierFTW 9 years ago

i will seed all my downloads from you as long as possible but my comp not so great so i can only do so many.

srscirce 9 years ago

I'd love to play this game, but I've tried it on all the pops I own and this is the result: 3.51 and earlier: Game will not load, PSX logo will not display. 3.52: Gives me a "Game could not be loaded" error message. 3.71 and later, up to 4.01: Freezes when fighting Mama Komodo. Original from flash: Also freezes when fighting Mama Komodo. Any idea what I can do about it?

alcows 8 years ago

Folks, I just finished testing this version and it is no different than the others that you can make yourselves with PSX2PSP or Popstation MD. That is a bad thing because they ALL eventually get stuck at the Terrator fight (in Terra tower). Yes, I've worked around the Mama Komodo, the Polispolice and FATE fights (by assigning the game the ID of Syphon Filter 3 and by trying different versions of Popsloader, never needing to go below 2.71 for the aforementioned fights) BUT even though I've tried all versions of Popsloader 3.40 and above, I have not been able to make it past the Terrator fight.

It might very well work with 3.30 and below. I do not know and cannot test it because my saves do not seem to work with those versions.

alcows 8 years ago

The above should say 3.71 not 2.71, sorry for the confusion.

darktangent11 7 years ago

So this still doesn't work? Pity, would love to play chrono cross on psp

gamerguy01 7 years ago

i have a psp 3001 with 6.35 pro hen CFW. can i play this CC eboot w/o freezing on the mama komodo boss?? pls help.. thanks

aposkder 7 years ago

Could someone Please Create a torrent of a saved game after the komodo boss.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

akman355 7 years ago

thanks working well

Lyfelyss94 6 years ago

I was having a problem with the first disc. It would get past the PlayStation sign but would stay black after that. But i easily got around that, i had to load the 2nd disc then start/continue and then went back to disc one and it worked.

muilarcka 6 years ago

before I even start to download this do you know if I'll still be able to use my save files that I saved from the 2 separate eboots? I'm hoping for a yes otherwise I have to repeat EVERYTHING :(

TheMelonMasterhttp://downloads.pspspot.net/psp-utilities/720-psx2psp-v1-3.htmlhttp://www.pspcollecti 5 years ago

for those having issues with the komodo fight, a previous user in another torrent suggested the following as a fix:

for 5.50gen-d3 users only:

for those who are having problems in the 1st boss(mama komodo) here is some steps to solve the problem:

first,download psx2psp from here:link>>http://downloads.pspspot.net/psp-utilities/720-psx2psp-v1-3.html

then,run psx2psp(classic mode) and mount the iso/pbp file and rename the GAME ID(NOT THE MAIN GAME ID) of iso1 and iso 2 from SLUS10410 to SCUS94640 then click Convert

second,download popsloader(full)ver5.50 from here:link>>http://www.pspcollections.net/2009/11/popsloader-full-pack-for-550-gen.html

place the contents of the file on the seplugins folder of yer psp and enable the popsloader on the recovery.use 3.80pops when you run the game and then voila!Enjoy playing chrono cross!

whew i hope that helps.....

darktangent11 7 years ago

So this still doesn't work? Pity, would love to play chrono cross on psp

Lyfelyss94 6 years ago

I was having a problem with the first disc. It would get past the PlayStation sign but would stay black after that. But i easily got around that, i had to load the 2nd disc then start/continue and then went back to disc one and it worked.

anonymous 6 years ago

it never stops downloading   what should i do?

anonymous 6 years ago

Brate cim je sigismunt stavio dobra je!

anonymous 6 years ago

it works very good,,, when ask for serial press enter and ..boom the game will start ...thank you very much

anonymous 6 years ago


LaCo21 6 years ago

Meni se svidja igrica . a ima 2.4gb isplati se izdvojit 20min za download (ovisi o brzini xD)

anonymous 6 years ago

Jel dobra igra ?

squidlyer 6 years ago

Am I the only one who did as per instructed, copied from folder to directory, etc. and still asking for keycode on start? Firewall blocking, etc. Even tried temporarily removing the launcher and updater files from the folder, same problem. Any ideas?

squidlyer 6 years ago

Well, I found another one by THETA that didn't have the update, just the crack. But, at least they gave me the clue "activate with any serial" so I just filled it with all 1's and it worked.

jhonsan 4 years ago

I download the game but it not start for play please help me anyone

chilloutdude 4 years ago

The chattroom can h3lp with these problems , i direct you there so we dont make a mess all over some1's comment section :)

steffennissen14 11 years ago

Lol ^^ sounds nice

ASDLR 5 years ago

Can somebody please up this in 320 mp3 ? Merci d'avance!

dpworkle 5 years ago

Thanks so much.

ZeroAccend 6 years ago

Appreciate the upload.

Any chance you could make a book/study guide combo?

Been trying to find the book and unless I skipped over it on TPB, I haven't see it.

Again, thanks for the upload :)

ZeroAccend 6 years ago

I retract my previous post. Apparently you do have the 7th edition book posted.

My bad.

Thanks again for the uploads!!!

fadhiye 5 years ago


geotsakihttp://thepiratebay.se/torrent/7446193 6 years ago

There is a problem with this torrent, go here http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/7446193 if you want to download it, the uploader.

geotsakihttp://thepiratebay.rocks/torrent/7446193 6 years ago

There is a problem with this torrent, go here http://thepiratebay.rocks/torrent/7446193 if you want to download it, the uploader.

indiaman 8 years ago

Thanks VoxRatio for all your uploads.But this one has a good reader.

uberdoku 7 years ago

not a big fan of the narration--it sounds like she's breathing into the microphone at times, and thus isn't often very clear. just finished listening to Brave New World and the narrator was exquisite, so perhaps i'm just spoiled. sounds like this just needs to be edited.

nonetheless, thank you infinitely for the access, VoxRatio.

egervari 7 years ago

LeninistStalinist, violating the rights of workers and screwing people over just to make a buck is not capitalism and never has been. The word got perverted to mean that and then people like you make attacks that are entirely baseless and just flat out wrong.

Today in the US economy, it is mixed, and more people are hurt by unchecked corporations and a government that loves them and does their bidding. That corporatism and or "crony capitalism" and it isn't the same thing at all.

Barkingspyder 7 years ago

I think Anthem is the best place to star with Rand's fiction. It can be read in a few hours, and the main speech given by the main character made me weep. I think her other novels were too long but still count as works of true genius. Nobody had ever put forth an entire philosophical system in a novel before Atlas Shrugged. The non-fiction books, such as "The Virtue of Selfishness" are tremendous intellectual ammunition and are highly recomended.

shamanist 6 years ago

egervari must be on Mars, Pluto or Uranus. He is so ignorant of the history and nature of capitalism. I am not a fan of Aynnie or her Daddy Warbucks philosophy, but this seems at least interesting.

oaenviu 3 years ago

Jesus, what did this genius uploader do, record the original through a f*ing Sesame Street recorder in another room? The sound is completely ruined, go listen to the original on Librivox or Youtube... Don't download this garbage.

mebkiwi 2 years ago


Barkingspyder 7 years ago

I think Anthem is the best place to star with Rand's fiction. It can be read in a few hours, and the main speech given by the main character made me weep. I think her other novels were too long but still count as works of true genius. Nobody had ever put forth an entire philosophical system in a novel before Atlas Shrugged. The non-fiction books, such as "The Virtue of Selfishness" are tremendous intellectual ammunition and are highly recomended.

ltboogz 9 years ago

awesome thx for tha up me and my momz r gonna be jammin lol

TOTOXXX57 8 years ago


rylan211 8 years ago

where do i get the front and back cover from?

PERNOANCOKE 8 years ago

Thank u Very Much Fantastic Quality and Album X

asrocker 8 years ago

Thanks very much for this :)

ezer57 7 years ago

thanks man thats some good ol shit !

NikitaSasha 7 years ago

Awesome! Great quality. Thank you.

spirit84 6 years ago

This great, thank you very much.

FlowDesignhttp://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=00679077686197665943 6 years ago

Here's one .m3u list for all 4 CD's.


paulo_c2010 4 years ago

Valeu brother LUCAS JACKSON :-) É nóis!!!!!

Godsbestsinner 4 years ago

Hey Idiot...moron...imbecile...DUMB ASS! Why did you have to put "Soul! The Very Best of Motown" on every last song file?

jmes-7827 2 years ago


animematt 9 years ago

This needs more seeds!

zaxevil 4 years ago

once i had download it, ill seed it. thanks mate 4 de ULed

anoniem1234 9 years ago

Heel erg bedankt!!! Is Melanie trouwens echt dood, of is ze bijna dood (kan ze het volgende seizoen nog leven)???

gangste85 9 years ago

Volgens mij kunnen ze in seizoen 4 haar natuurlijk waar dit filmshot ophoud haar uit het bad trekken. Een mens kan een paar minuten zonder lucht voor je echt dood bent.

In theorie zou ze in seizoen 4 weer gewoon mee kunnen doen, maar persoonlijk denk ik dat deze Lone van Roosendaal (Melanie) het volgende seizoen niet meer meedoet.

anoniem1234 9 years ago

Ik denk het ook niet, als er uberhoudt een 4e seizoen komt.

Wil je alsjeblieft seizoen 2 uploaden vanaf afl. 5?? (Als je die dvd's tenminste hebt)??

Heel erg bedankt alvast!!!!!

En zowiezo bedankt voor al deze torrents!!!

gangste85http://piratebayblocked.com/torrent/5307037/Voetbalvrouwen_S02E05_[gangste85 9 years ago
anoniem1234 9 years ago

Heel erg bedankt voor aflevering 5!!

MichelV5 8 years ago

Hartelijk bedankt gangste85, even een vraagje is er iemand die seizoen 2 helemaal kan uploaden Weet iemand ook hoeveel dvd's seizoen 1 heeft want ik ben op dit moment de eerste 3 aan het downloaden en er staat ergens dat het 6 dvd's zijn.

anoniem1234 8 years ago

Van seizoen 1 zijn er 3 dvd's. van seizoen 2 is disc 1 hier op deze site te vinden als je voetbal vrouwen intikt (met spatie). En seizoen 2 wordt hier vanaf aflevering 5 in afleveringen geupload. Dus binnenkort staat heel seizoen 2 erop, en nu al seizoen 1 (en 3)

MichelV5 8 years ago

OKe bedankt anoniem:), ik zal disc1 van seizoen 2 dan eens downloaden en die losse afleveringen dan ook maar, groetjes

jolandalina 8 years ago

Ik heb van het seizoen2 nu disc 1 en 2 maar vind nergens nr 3 en 4? Waar zijn die te vinden?


marion89 6 years ago

heb je ook de overige afleveringen van seizoen 2 ? mis de eerste afleveringen, en kan de eerste 4 niet vinden.

en heb je ook de andere afleveringen van seizoen 3 los ? zou fantastisch zijn.

gangste85 9 years ago

Volgens mij kunnen ze in seizoen 4 haar natuurlijk waar dit filmshot ophoud haar uit het bad trekken. Een mens kan een paar minuten zonder lucht voor je echt dood bent.

In theorie zou ze in seizoen 4 weer gewoon mee kunnen doen, maar persoonlijk denk ik dat deze Lone van Roosendaal (Melanie) het volgende seizoen niet meer meedoet.

gangste85http://thepiratebay.rocks/torrent/5307037/Voetbalvrouwen_S02E05_[gangste85 9 years ago
jolandalina 8 years ago

Ik heb van het seizoen2 nu disc 1 en 2 maar vind nergens nr 3 en 4? Waar zijn die te vinden?


anoniem1234 9 years ago

Heel erg bedankt!!! Is Melanie trouwens echt dood, of is ze bijna dood (kan ze het volgende seizoen nog leven)???

t0rrentiald0wnp0ur 12 years ago

Great comic.

Risukage 10 years ago

I've been trying to find this comic for YEARS. You, sir, are full of win. Once downloaded, I'll help seed so that more people can enjoy the delicious WTF-ness of The Pro. :)

whogottricked 5 years ago

Thanks bc for such a convenient package! Just the issues I need.

blackcanaryhttp://thepiratebay.se/torrent/9133195 5 years ago

Ultimate Comics X-Men #33: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/9133195

umpa_eg 13 years ago

I keep writing comment and they get deleted, THIS DONT BOOT....

CompuTerror 13 years ago

It booted on my G3 Beige, but I couldn't install it since it's a different model

jherix 13 years ago

I'm done downloading this file, however i have no idea how to burn this. i have the folders label cd1 and cd2 which contains .rar files. what do i do? burn them right away? There are no MDF or MDS files included.

How do i use Alcoholl 120% to mount the folders containing those rar files? How do i burn this, man?? Arigatou!

Nostridamus 13 years ago

Umm... what version is this exactly...

Nostridamus 13 years ago

Umm, what version is this exactly?

jherix 13 years ago

my my my.. please... help me burn this thing!

themano 11 years ago

Download and install Alcohol 120%'s trial.


Mount this in the free trial version of Alcohol 120%.

Download the trial version of Macdrive 6.1.5.


Use the cd copy to cd copy feature of Alcohol 120%.

Check the box that makes it go on the fly, and change the read speed of the virtual drive to 1x, also tell it to burn RAW and ignore errors.

Click next, then change your burner to burn as slow as it possibly can and then click finish.

If you can use a buffer underrun protection, use it.

This should create a bootable disc, it has worked for me just fine.

And for future reference, when someone makes a file to share via torrent, don't use a stupid .rar file split crap thing, it just takes longer to download.

themano 11 years ago

Download and install Alcohol 120%'s trial.


Mount this in the free trial version of Alcohol 120%.

Download the trial version of Macdrive 6.1.5.


Use the cd copy to cd copy feature of Alcohol 120%.

Check the box that makes it go on the fly, and change the read speed of the virtual drive to 1x, also tell it to burn RAW and ignore errors.

Click next, then change your burner to burn as slow as it possibly can and then click finish.

If you can use a buffer underrun protection, use it.

This should create a bootable disc, it has worked for me just fine.

themano 11 years ago

Download and install Alcohol 120%'s trial. Reboot. Mount this in the free trial version of Alcohol 120%. Download the trial version of Macdrive 6.1.5. Reboot. Use the cd copy to cd copy feature of Alcohol 120%. Check the box that makes it go on the fly, and change the read speed of the virtual drive to 1x, also tell it to burn RAW and ignore errors. Click next, then change your burner to burn as slow as it possibly can and then click finish. If you can use a buffer underrun protection, use it. This should create a bootable disc, it has worked for me just fine.

themano 11 years ago

sorry for the duplicates

chaker.zbw 11 years ago

Please seed!

teleport 11 years ago

What version is it ????

nitrous9200 10 years ago

I also can't get either to boot on my iMac G3 slot loader.

nitrous9200 10 years ago

Tried once again, about 10 different methods, none worked.

wesk18 10 years ago

i was able to boot it up on a g3,and i was able to fix my mac,

nijltjetweety 10 years ago

I download the 1st cd (the installcd), waiting with the other cd to save bandwidh Mount with alcohol to virtual drive start nero... bij making image before burning nero give a big list of errors. I guess this rarfile is damaged. I can try one more time with macdrive as described by thermano and let you know if it works. By the way, i have alcohol payed, that must be allright.

mikeyjap 10 years ago

Worked Perfectly! Burned with Alcohol 120%'s Burning Wizard Directly at 24x. Booted up on a iMac G3 333mhz with 96MB perfectly and took like about 12 min. to install. ( I used the Install CD, not the Restore CD)

exeon_Zechs 9 years ago

jherix, rar is an archive. you must unarchive them first.

anonymous 1 year ago

Thanks a lot!!!

anonymous 1 year ago

Weird plot.

anonymous 1 year ago

Here is hoping there is a future Rarbg 720p version.   Thanks again for the unrated version!

Polack 1 year ago

Thanks a lot, appreciated Warning (IMDb): Movie starts with the very brutal and pretty graphic rape of a teenage girl. The rapists rips off her shirt and skirt, breasts and female genitals are seen.

anonymous 1 year ago

she ain't a teenager. she's in her 30's. wake up.

thedrakon 7 years ago

Thank you. Appreciate the additional material. Note: For those of you that have downloaded the previous Tim Sykes torrent, rename that folder so that it reads 'Timothy Sykes Collection', then download this torrent and begin seeding. You'll already have most of the files. From my count, 3 more files where added and that's all you'll really be downloading. At least this way though we can get this updated torrent fully seeded. Thanks.

anon001 7 years ago

Please seed.

Julixx 7 years ago

If you are interested in TIMalerts subscription (-50% discount, only $25/month), contact me via skype: julixx-md

1q1q1q1 7 years ago

Please Seed!!!!

Julixx 7 years ago

please ignore my previous post, not available any more

Nwp914 6 years ago

Any comments on if these dvd's actually teach a reliable penny stoc trading method?


mrodert 6 years ago

Could really use these files (instead of paying a total of thousands of dollars :O) ! Would greatly appreciate some seeding! Cheers! :)

Red10Baron 6 years ago

thank you for the upload. love the content but I am stuck at 88%.

can someone PLEASE SEED as I have been stuck for days.

thanks so much.

mbmalone 6 years ago

We need the "Learn Level 2" DVD

steadyfeet 6 years ago

This is like the Holy Grail!!! and only 9 seeders?? Please seed!! This collection could change your life. I plan on it changing mine. Please SEED!!

majestymanny123 5 years ago

thanks for the videos, tim sykes came up with other ones can you get them?

Chisha 5 years ago

Thank you for putting this up Anonymous! I've been wanting to get my hands on Tim's work. Can you guys please seed. Plus can those of you who've gone through this programme please give it a rating? cheers.

rev___ 5 years ago

Thanks, it took me a few days to download, but I don't have the best connection anyway. Will try to keep seeding. I saw only the first dvd and gave a quick look to others, it seems pretty informal (you even hear the cameraman say "ready" when one of the dvds start) nothing like a course or stuff like that, the guy seems to show the way he does things. There are 4 more DVDs this torrent is "missing": New Rules of Pennystocking - Learn Level II - Best of Livestock - Pennystocking Framework, read some good reviews about them. Some guys are selling them on ebay and other russian sites for 100USD each, I was thinking about buying them but they wont ship to my country.

nichalo 4 years ago


mrsam83 4 years ago

anybody has LEVEL 2 or InvestorsLive DVD ?????? come on help us guys :)

derek2532 4 years ago

Hello Friends, Could you please help me by seeding this link...its a BIG favour...thanx

Chris_Yaz 4 years ago

Excellent work sir, thank you !

trickyricky96 4 years ago

Im so hyped on this, this will for sure be my new hobby been reading everything:D! Please seed so I can get this awesome stuff! Will also be seeding after I complete the download.

r3dac73dhttp://torrentfreak.com/make-thousands-of-dollars-from-piracy-the-timothy-sykes-way-141103/ 4 years ago

If you're really going to fall for this bullshit, at least check out this article first:


r3dac73d 4 years ago

I wonder how many of these comments are sykes' sock puppets, lol.

'Gosh, this is the bestest thing ever! Let's all download it quick!'

(see link above)

MOJOsux 4 years ago

type Tim Sykes in search for Level 2 video

thedrakon 7 years ago

Thank you. Appreciate the additional material. Note: For those of you that have downloaded the previous Tim Sykes torrent, rename that folder so that it reads 'Timothy Sykes Collection', then download this torrent and begin seeding. You'll already have most of the files. From my count, 3 more files where added and that's all you'll really be downloading. At least this way though we can get this updated torrent fully seeded. Thanks.

anonymous 2 years ago

please post episode 5 and also please don't leave us hangin. thanks

anonymous 2 years ago

where is Impastor.S02E05.Sins.of.the.Past-or.Part.2.1080p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H264-NTb[rarbg]

anonymous 2 years ago

Thx boyz!

Slowhand 13 years ago

no seeders only leatchers ?

monkii 13 years ago

I think he is gonna seed soon...

danespen 13 years ago

Too slow.. didn't bother downloading it after waiting 6 hours for 100mb... 1 seeder, rest have only 2-3% of the data...

Fin_epix 13 years ago

Elendig hastighet . Er dette et narrespill ? Vi som bruker bt vil ikke ha det slik . Følg opp alle sammen ...

Fin_epix 13 years ago

Fremdeles bad download 1kb/s stop på 99,6% Upload 45kb/s 15 stk uploads . Why ?? Noen som har svar ?

Fin_epix 13 years ago

Filmen i box , brukbar . Pakket ut med WinRar og brennt med Veritas Record Now . Takker så mye for movie.

NotaBene 13 years ago

Hello! Anybody seeding? Me (and 153 other people) are at 55.8%.......

thod 13 years ago

Laddar den på DC, kommer lägga in nya filer allteftersom jag får dom under det närmaste dygnet

thod 13 years ago

Seedar nu och kommer göra det ett tag. Dock verkar hashningen eller något blivit fel vid någon gång så ett par filer kan vara koruppta. Har lagt utt en SFV-Fil för att kontrollera detta: "SFV-Fil för Collateral New CUSTOM SWESUB DVDr-TFTDVDR" Om du har en korrupt fil ta bort denna och ladda ner den igen.

Chirre7 13 years ago


Freddejjj 12 years ago

kan någon seeda???

Fin_epix 13 years ago

Fremdeles bad download 1kb/s stop på 99,6% Upload 45kb/s 15 stk uploads . Why ?? Noen som har svar ?

anonymous 1 year ago


anonymous 9 months ago

seeed pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis

mohassad 14 years ago

is this really the full version? isnt it supposed to like 600 megs?

mohassad 14 years ago

...fick inte installationen att funka, efter bara några procent klagar den på att en fil inte kan öppnas, sen stängs den... nån som får samma problem?

mohassad 14 years ago

mrTLu: my bad, didnt know you could compress wave that much :) anyway i only get an error after just a few %, but i'll try to download it again, mightve been some bad data

ocvo 13 years ago

Many thx for this one


RitchieBlackMori 13 years ago

Pleeeeese More Seed!

Ampere- 11 years ago

Can you plug in your guitar in the computer and choose different sounds to play? Or I you cant, what kind of program do I need ?

Technojedi 10 years ago

This shit is the Best Installation in 2 minutes and a great plugin

thanx for this one mrTLU

Technojedi 10 years ago

There's always something.

Each time when I play this plugin my Cubase craches.

jem8888 9 years ago

Thx a lot cool program I hope it works

93Makaveli 9 years ago

No guitars are included WTF?

isoriper 9 years ago

Works! Thank you sir! Great Torrent!

jahsjdkajsh 9 years ago

I Probably get the same error as Technojedi. My cubase sx3 crashes as soon as real guitar loads. If I remove the realguitar.dll file in C:Program FilesVstPlugins my cubase starts up as usual but otherwise I can't get it running at all. Im using vista.

The program works just fine if it isn't connected to cubase so I gues it only a problem that appears with cubase?

If someone ever figure out any solution to this, please let me know! I have tried to run the program as admistrator and some other basic stuff, but cubase still crash.

Eastcoast_pirate 9 years ago

Works Perfect In Fruity Loops 8! :)

kashiawash 8 years ago

Sorry but it's not working i get to the setup and when i set everything,when i click next it freezes..,any ideas?? i tried to stop the firewall but nothing happened it still freezes

ODMASTA 8 years ago

it keeps on freezing at the last [next] somebody please help .. i really want this vst

jangi 8 years ago

Install is fine, but i cant get anny sound ?? plez help here using FL 9 XXL

Thorspower14 6 years ago

WORKING on FL8, win7.

When the vst loads, there is no sound, that's normal. You will have to LOAD samples from the black section in the middle of the plugin.

Thanks for this great torrent, enjoy !

dmau001 2 years ago

Thanks ettv and LOL

roflcopter2110 4 years ago

Thanks extremezone

Dramat 4 years ago

Very Nice Quality!

A: 10/10 V: 10/10

Thank You Extreme !!

Halwani 4 years ago

I give it 6/10 for the movie and 28/10 for being depressive as hell. If you are emotional it will depress you into oblivion, don't be fooled by the science fiction label.

Dramat 4 years ago

@Halwani Have You watched it to the very end? Ending is very optimistic, depsite all of the plot developments during the movie.

I would rate it 7/10. I like how it shows both perspectives in Human Beings life - scientific and magical (as non-base on physical causality).

gutcheck 3 years ago

looks great,thank you.

bagpuss 3 years ago

thnaks :)

Snicket21 9 years ago


Thanks in advance because I have manners

crosswriter 6 years ago

hey man any chance you can get the rest of their albums? please and thank you.

KALiDonia 5 years ago

Somebody.....anybody......please seed. :(

Ray57 11 months ago

Screenshot won't load or is it me.

kajalsusi24 11 months ago

What Screenshot? You download the album you can get Cover picture,

franjo59 4 years ago

Thank you, very much appreciated...A-10 V-10

neumann72 11 years ago


drBronco 10 years ago

Thanks! Great stuff.

anonymous 1 year ago

very good comedy..thanks for the upload

anonymous 1 year ago

total crap...like EVO

strokeboy 2 years ago

thank you!

RingMaster69 2 years ago


Odinas 2 years ago

Thanks for sharing. A 9/0; V 9/10;

muzikphan 8 years ago

Thanks a lot for sharing this.

MiCrOmAn11 8 years ago

Cheers man, very informative!

bocaa 7 years ago

thank you !!!

kalava 6 years ago

Thank you so much .

jadsuza 6 years ago

can someone upload Martin Cole - Forex Market Makers Trading Course

neel2013http://thepiratebay.rocks/torrent/8012506/Steve_Nison_-_Candle_Charting_Collection 5 years ago

Anather great torrent for forex lover

Steve Nisons Candalstick charting Collection size >> 13.96 gb


download, >>>> seed

kalij 5 years ago

can you plz upload this again? for some reason when trying to download it there are no files...thx

Fuddly 4 years ago

"Hello. Today I am going to talk about XYZ- later. Let me tell you a story about XYZ We will talk about XYZ later. So here's the next topic. Don't worry about XYZ, we will talk about talking about XYZ later. See Figure 1. This slide shows a XY. Dont worry about Z, we'll talk about that later. A funny story about XY. By the way, here's a funny story about X. Now back to the slide. Here we see XY. By now I should have spent 10 minutes talking about XY. Actually, it was only 7 minutes. I gotta fill 3 more minutes. Here is a tangent about Y. Here is another anecdote about Y. Or Q. Don't worry about Q, we will talk about it later. Okay, back to the Figure 1. Again, that is XY. The lesson here is that XY works, except when it doesn't. This pattern shows you that if we could see the pattern, there is a pattern. Except when there isn't one. Here is a number of buzzwords for ideas based on buzzwords based on idioms for metaphors for analogies. In other words, there is a trend. Or there isn't one. Again, this only works when it works and not when it doesn't.

It will become more visible when we talk about XYZ later. Perhaps in my book. Or my newsletter. Or my workshop.

By the time I am done and get back to the topic, I will have spent 20 minutes trying to teach you the alphabet in no particular linear order with random tangents, I will leave it to you to guess what the blueberry fuckmuffins I am talking about because I wont talk about it till later.

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neel2013http://piratebayblocked.com/torrent/8012506/Steve_Nison_-_Candle_Charting_Collection 5 years ago

Anather great torrent for forex lover

Steve Nisons Candalstick charting Collection size >> 13.96 gb


download, >>>> seed

Fuddly 4 years ago

"Hello. Today I am going to talk about XYZ- later. Let me tell you a story about XYZ We will talk about XYZ later. So here's the next topic. Don't worry about XYZ, we will talk about talking about XYZ later. See Figure 1. This slide shows a XY. Dont worry about Z, we'll talk about that later. A funny story about XY. By the way, here's a funny story about X. Now back to the slide. Here we see XY. By now I should have spent 10 minutes talking about XY. Actually, it was only 7 minutes. I gotta fill 3 more minutes. Here is a tangent about Y. Here is another anecdote about Y. Or Q. Don't worry about Q, we will talk about it later. Okay, back to the Figure 1. Again, that is XY. The lesson here is that XY works, except when it doesn't. This pattern shows you that if we could see the pattern, there is a pattern. Except when there isn't one. Here is a number of buzzwords for ideas based on buzzwords based on idioms for metaphors for analogies. In other words, there is a trend. Or there isn't one. Again, this only works when it works and not when it doesn't.

It will become more visible when we talk about XYZ later. Perhaps in my book. Or my newsletter. Or my workshop.

By the time I am done and get back to the topic, I will have spent 20 minutes trying to teach you the alphabet in no particular linear order with random tangents, I will leave it to you to guess what the blueberry fuckmuffins I am talking about because I wont talk about it till later.

You will learn how to recognize patterns called XYZ based on Q, B and 7 without a clue what they are because I will talk about that later. For now, just focus on this meaningless jumble of nothing I call XYZ and pretend there is a pattern here because maybe there is, except when there isn't. And you will understand when I talk about it later.

I could talk about it now, but then you might understand it now and we would have to move on, then I wouldn't have a way to turn a pamphlets worth of material into a 5 day seminar.

So I will keep you in suspense until the very end at which point you will have already forgotten what the fuck the subject was or anything I said 3 hours ago because you didn't attempt to remember anything I was saying because I deliberately made it as arcane as possible.

I even told you I would take forever to get to the basic points that would actually teach anything or make this coherent or in any way linear progression.

If you can sit through hours of this fluffed up garbage, then maybe it is worth it to you. Please buy my books.

Djinn13 6 years ago

Seems legit , key'd to Pro Version , clean update , so far , so good . +1

psych0tic 6 years ago

worked for me! :D thanks man seeding this for a while so more people dl

xDerp 6 years ago

Worked for me!, Thanks for the code, SEED!

PiracyPokerface 5 years ago

First key works, verified trusted.

skydie97 5 years ago

Wow thanks i now have pro

MadYnniv 5 years ago

A true Pirate Bay Jem!

Clean and also works for myself just fine. Now I go Pro!

I'm still going to buy the program. I just dont know when. Laid off due to ecconomy. Maybe when they start creating more job I'll stop pirating....fucking Comcast Rapes me enough for internet anyway, I dont have the money to buy software.

Sekai 5 years ago

First code I tried made me pro thanks a lot!

wearehidden 5 years ago

thanks for the kind words :)

its a unique torrent :P

conjior 5 years ago

Now this is awesome! Nice job and thanks!

jamesensor 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing. Works.

Chrisp713 5 years ago

This is 100% legit. when you download it try using the first code in the txt file cause at first I tryed the ones at the bottom but had no luck until I used the very first code.

LaChimere 4 years ago

The first code worked perfectly!

mastanick6 4 years ago

Works great, thank you very much hidden.

RKZEUS 4 years ago

this worked great boss thank you .. i just randomly went down about six codes picked that one .. and boom i was in on the trial

thanks alot , godbless

freedomdwarf1 3 years ago

not working now. I tried about 20-odd at random from the top to the bottom and none of them worked :(

DatrixTSW 2 years ago

Tried this but it doesn't work. Keeps saying invalid serial and id. Anyone else have that problem?

TorrentNA 2 years ago

None of the keys work, don't download.

Hypro 2 years ago

Thanks +1.

msu_stud 1 year ago

None of theses work!

MadYnniv 5 years ago

A true Pirate Bay Jem!

Clean and also works for myself just fine. Now I go Pro!

I'm still going to buy the program. I just dont know when. Laid off due to ecconomy. Maybe when they start creating more job I'll stop pirating....fucking Comcast Rapes me enough for internet anyway, I dont have the money to buy software.

conjior 5 years ago

Now this is awesome! Nice job and thanks!

anonymous 3 years ago

Episode 3 ??????

anonymous 3 years ago

I see you.

Gelegrodanhttp://www.skype.com/go/getskype-macosx.dmg 11 years ago
jojojoost 11 years ago


nobody2007 11 years ago

That´s not freeware? Why we should load this one from a torrent? ;-(

MISTA_VISTA 11 years ago

eh..? lol

wg824tp 7 years ago

it's useful! btczuse last version is awful, but this is great! thanks a lot for keeping old versions of programs!!! it's better in this case))

Derkwil 7 years ago

Thanx, comes in very handy - latest version won´t run on old macs !

Derkwil 7 years ago

but you only find that out AFTER the new version is installed and erased the old version. Bravo Skype !

Polack 2 years ago

Thanks a lot, appreciated

FEEDIBACK 5 years ago
peeyoosh1 5 years ago

thanks .

punisher_latinhttp://piratebayblocked.com/user/punisher_latin/ 8 years ago
pxndxcarlos 8 years ago


SeaVagrant 8 years ago

thanks, something is going in...

Zejock 8 years ago

Seed pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!

nasch78 8 years ago

Absolutely wonderful!

TOM-XOY 8 years ago

Thanks man !

ceceinslc 8 years ago

I haven't checked all of them out yet, but both Telephone and Alejandro are pretty seriously out of sync from what I can tell

Kylebrowne 8 years ago

Dear people who tag videos at the resolution of 720x480 as HD720p

Fucken Stop!

PS. 1280x720 is 720p... I don't have time for shitty 480p DVD quality shit!

Mutha111 7 years ago

Kylebrowne is right.....this is crap and not HD....

sakawolf 7 years ago

thanks paws up

plumasdepollo 6 years ago

these are not in HD, stop lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plumasdepollo 6 years ago

these are not in HD, stop lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TwilightAddict 9 years ago

I really want it..; seed please?

Teepers 4 years ago

There seems to be a problem with this...I keep getting "error" while trying to download.

Azemone 4 years ago

Use Magnet link...

Onespeed 2 years ago

is a tv show now a movie so wrong category. Don't think it should be deleted so I guess I'll just comment here instead since reporting is only for malicious torrents etc

blackjesus 2 years ago

Category changed. Thanks onespeed

anonymous 2 years ago


anonymous 2 years ago

OMG!! It's back! Thanks so much for posting

anonymous 2 years ago

Thanks Uploader!

anonymous 2 years ago

Hell yes!

Leib 9 years ago

This one works properly, TY

anonymous 2 years ago

Rarbg, where is your encode of the movie "Robin and Marian (1976)"? Thanks!


rubelraf 2 years ago

DO NOT even bother to watch. this is a Complete Waste of time.surely the script is written while on Cannabis.Storyline is not consistent.Characters are poorly created.Fighting scenes are lame.Low grade Actors and Acting.This is a crime against the film industry.Watching the movie was a complete torture.One of the worst movies ever made.It was so slow paced that I had to watch this with 3x speed.

Singaporean94 2 years ago

Couldn't make it through 20 minutes of the movie. Gun fire is so fake, Barbie is jealous. Plot is not that great either. Movie and explosive effects are so bad. I don't usually write reviews but when I do, it's either the movie is too awesome or the movie sucks to the core. Wounds are fake as well. Can't stand the fake explosions and the drone scene was abused through the movie.Low budget movie. A good military rescue movie would be Black Hawk Down. The director of Sector 4 should learn from the director of Black Hawk Down. But I understand that sometimes it maybe due to the lack of capital, however I would like to politely request future directors to NOT make movies if you have a low budget especially military movies. I was so happy initially as I thought it was going to be another awesome military movie. Do not be fooled by it's awesome poster/cover. Follow the saying "Don't judge a book by it's covers" how true!

danielrjt 2 years ago

After reading the write-up of this movie, i thought it was going to be pretty good, but i wouldn't recommend this film to anyone.Acting is way below par, it just gets really annoyingCasting is totally incorrect, i could have found more suitable actors myself!Storyline isn't too bad once you think about it, but the way its executed onto this film is rubbish, they seem to drag the film out with pointless montages that is also really annoying!For an action/war film,there isn't much action! And when there actually is, its all choreographed terriblyThis is probably the worst film i have ever watched.

Moloud 2 years ago


Zafrin439 2 years ago

plz check torent file

dropout 9 years ago

No comments? It must be working when no one complains?

pshah695[email protected] 8 years ago

how to put it on the memory card pls reply on my email ([email protected]) thx

fishMD007 7 years ago

Something wrong. tracker.thepiratebay.rocks:80 says 404 (not found)

Keithuk 7 years ago

But is doesn't say English.

Keithuk 7 years ago

Sorry Inglés.

dnaleri 6 years ago

this didn't work for me. neogamma 7 i think. it just left me with a blank screen.

dnaleri 6 years ago

green screen, not blank or black.

kakren2 4 years ago

try setting your video mode to "Disk Default" that should get rid of the black screen.

fishMD007 7 years ago

Something wrong. tracker.thepiratebay.asia:80 says 404 (not found)

Keithuk 7 years ago

Sorry Inglés.

dnaleri 6 years ago

this didn't work for me. neogamma 7 i think. it just left me with a blank screen.

fishMD007 7 years ago

Something wrong. tracker.piratebayblocked.com:80 says 404 (not found)

-Eveready- 10 years ago

are these in English or dub? please reply

botadanijel 10 years ago

"The twins effect" and the "The Huadu Chronicles-Blade of the Rose (Twins Effect II)" are the same movie. Dont no for the others

Fito33 9 years ago

Man!!!! Thankyou!!!!!! Humbly bow!

0wesly0 9 years ago

hella great uploads both packs but you forgot 1 movie that i cant seem to find anywhere

Operation Condor

Samforester 8 years ago

Comment on the Quality ?? Please

Is the movies English dubbed ??

lvsmenot 8 years ago

hi islandgirl do you think youll get anymore games that i can play on win7. this game works GREAT THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IslandGirl 8 years ago

You are welcome lvsmenot , why cant lvs you LOLZ? nice name Dk much about win7, dont have it yet but i'll pay attention on it :D

ErSSPhttp://bollywoodreleases.info/images/84865179675402856311.png[/IMGhttp://bollywoodreleases.info 7 years ago


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[B][SIZE="4"][COLOR="navy"]Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara - 2011- MC DVDSCR - ESUBS - {DUS}[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] [IMG]http://bollywoodreleases.info/images/84768555536094541727.jpg[/IMG]

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ErSSP 7 years ago

earlier i submitted wrong torrent details, and system not letting me edit them, so check my 1st comment for real torrent details....


vshlk 7 years ago

v? a?

Kaleb Miller 3 years ago

This movie seems to be good from the description and actors in it but it never really takes off. The entire movie is monotone and doesn't deserved to be called a thriller! I love movies with this kind of story line and in this genre but I'm here to save you the time and let you know I believe you'll be very disappointed and realize you've lost an hour and 45 minutes of your life.The actors are decent, I believe the main role may have been better suited for someone like Mark Whalburg. And it's almost like there's 2 totally different plots until the last 30 minutes of the story. Definitely not as thrilling as desired. The idea is a good one just not carried out by the staff to its potential!!

Tony Heck ([email protected]) 3 years ago

"I've got three months before this whole thing blows up in my face." Brian (Goss) is having a bad day. First he gets laid off, then gets in a fight with his wife, then finds out the savings he thought he had isn't as much as he was expecting. He stops at a bar to think and finds an old friend who says he can help. Risking everything Brian gives him all he has. When two young kids interfere with the plans everyone's life is affected. Going in to this I had no idea what to expect. I was very surprised with what I got and really really enjoyed this. The movie is tense and you aren't really sure what character to root for and it stays that way for just about the entire movie. Equal parts drama and action, this a the most realistic movie of this type I have seen. You will see what I mean when you watch this. I just put it in as background while I was doing something else but found myself 100% involved about 20 minutes in. I really enjoyed this. Overall, gritty, real and de-pressing...see what I did there. I give it an B+.

gianclaudio-dedamme 3 years ago

I think this is another fine, low-budget Canadian movie. Well shot and performed, with real-life characters and situations, the former being accurately depicted. It's a just stuck-in-a-bad-situation-getting-worser-and-worser case, but with a refreshing point of view. The storyline is original, the cast delivers an excellent job, Luke Goss has charisma and Donnelly's directorial style is effective. Not outstanding, but definitely well worth a watch. It's the kind of small movie with no artistic ambitions, nonetheless fueled with talent and passion. After "Gunless", another good example of highly-entertaining feature film.

AQGuru5 5 years ago

Thanks Professional Yify Salute you

haggvik 14 years ago

Information kanske?

Hannibal2 14 years ago

Man tackar så mycket för DC-versionen av denna kanon-film. 13 min extra skulle det visst vara, frågan är hur mycket av det som e action. Men den e garanterat värd o ha iallafall. Tankar den redan från TorrentBits o hjälper till o seedar när den e klar.

vargpojkehttp://www.extratitles.to/xsubt.subt.link.php?dd=Hellboy2004-Swedish%5BXsubt.com%5D%5B47350 14 years ago
Hannibal2 14 years ago

Ta reda på vilken version du kastar upp länk till vargpojke! Den gick till DVP´s version. Tror för närvarande inte att det finns svensk text till denna vers. än.

B0ffa 14 years ago

kan nå mer seeda denna? tack på förhand!

Dakeyrus007 10 years ago

A little seeding would'nt go a miss!!

Will seed myself once I get it all

plprado 10 years ago

Thanks a lot Anguilles! If someone here happen to have or know were to find these two plugins please help me.

Waves API Collection and URS Console Strip Pro

thanks a lot.

nulla63 10 years ago

Thanx a lot for this synth, sounds are nice...

audiomusicsoftware 10 years ago


RavenMsk 10 years ago


killablksmi 9 years ago


Sesh9 9 years ago

firstly, thanks for this and other awesome uploads anguilles.

Now, everything has been working fine for months and then suddenly, no sound. Using Logic 8. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling rapture, but no good. Anyone run into this?

Motifated 8 years ago

Same problem here. Everything appears to work. All effects parameters load, and what not, but no way to load an actual program. In other words, it seems to do everything but MAKE SOUND!!!

Urqel 8 years ago

Yepp! same problem here, everything works fine until a while ago when the synth wouldn't make any sound no more. i use it in almost every production but can't afford to buy it.. yet.. and also, how to enter the registration code? i can't find it anywhere. thx for this, but we need a fix.

Urqel 8 years ago

OK, for you who don't get sound. do this.

locate to program, cakewalk and open rapture as standalone. and the registration window will appear. (it wont in a host such as ableton, logic) and enter the registration code quit rapture and restart your host to load the synth again and it should work. it did for me. thx again. I will buy it when I get the money!

microbug 7 years ago

same problem but when i open the synth as standalone, register window doesn't appear. any ideas please?

Dura07 7 years ago

damm ... when it's almost finishing the installation it show's: error creating folder / 1008:9,-5000 access denied error

this happen to you guys ?

jamyz_meng 7 years ago

yeah after a couple months stopped working. still opens as an AU tho, just no sound. also the tool/settings button does not work any more

jamyz_meng 7 years ago

i tried reinstalling and it was as if all the serials were dead.

pinfo 6 years ago

Don't download. It may have worked in the past, but it has a "time bomb". Doesn't work anymore.

rage-1 4 years ago

Ja, Serials dont work. NONE of them work.

PrismaticLive 4 years ago

Serial Dont Work

anonymous 2 years ago

Seeds plz

anonymous 1 year ago

Alright, seeding now.

anonymous 1 year ago

98.7% !! Can anyone finish this?

anonymous 2 years ago


anonymous 2 years ago

Seed this one inmediately, stuck on 99.3%

anonymous 2 years ago

Seed plz

anonymous 2 years ago

yea dip s**t i am going to go buy a region A locked Blu-Ray Collection For $250 AUD from the USA which i can not use just to appease you.

anonymous 2 years ago

thanks for all your effort this year old fart. maybe with the new year you could put up the Halloween Collection on blu ray. As the discs are Region A.

anonymous 2 years ago

Thank ya!

anonymous 2 years ago

Thanks! My prefered version of the movie too...

anonymous 2 years ago

theatrical is in always superior to DC.

anonymous 2 years ago

Thank you so much.  A great version of the film.

anonymous 2 years ago

I've never seen the theatrical.  Is is worth getting or is the DC ok?

mr.spok 8 years ago

hi, it is possible to directly copy it into PS3 without burning it? i mean just copy all files from iso into backupmanager folder in PS3? can anybody try it and tell us if it works with PSjailbreak USB or one of its clones (X3jailbreak, PS3key, PS3stinger, etc.)??? thanks

SamuDeAur 8 years ago

@mr.spok you can but need a sort of external HD or your own from ps3 connected via usb to sata.

great upload cant wait for more let the party begin!

mr.spok 8 years ago

i know that we can, but what about directly connect PC with PS3 and copy it - nobody on net confirmed with proof that downloaded games are working yet (why they dont just upload backups from PS3/PC): jailbreak removes protection & splits files for FAT32

torrenthelper201017 8 years ago

@mr.spok have u tried to use a media server between your ps3 and pc it might just do the trick

Chrisbassi 8 years ago

Eboot.bin Error

farzadsux 8 years ago

Don't waste your time. Bad rip. It's a .iso file inside the rars. Extracted the files and placed inside the appropriate BLES00073 folder and does not boot via backup manager. EBOOT.bin is corrupt.

ZackFairFF7 8 years ago

Não Funciona. É uma iso, provavelmente não foi feito o backup usando o backup manager.

Not Works. Its a .iso, probally not backed up with backup manager.

N3CHAY 8 years ago

Doesnt work with backup manager, gives some kind of eboot error.

cronix91 8 years ago

Cant get it to work. all my other game (like 15 game. with ftp server AND usb stick) work.

ahmed919 8 years ago


babak160 8 years ago

please someone confirm it is working or not?

ahmed919 8 years ago


dark_kev25 7 years ago

it work with kmeaw 3.55 ?

odgohttp://www.ps3iso.com/showpost.php?p=221196&postcount=1394 7 years ago

don't waste your time. this is a bles00074 .iso and not working. download bles00073 version here..


bgphoenix 7 years ago

Game not working, can someone post a link to a fixed eboot ?

Can't seem to find an eboot fix for this game either

dylanlutchman 6 years ago

thanks buddy, works

LizzyB 6 years ago

Installed on Rooted Nook Tablet, and it forced closed. Just an FYI to Nook Tablet users.

xbex 4 years ago

thanks :)

addixted 4 years ago

well done, nice job

resistdk 4 years ago

A10/V10. Cheerz.

4xfan78 4 years ago

sweet, thanks a bunch

gutcheck 4 years ago

thank you very much saM you the man.

alexragna 1 year ago

non ci sono i sottotitoli italiano

gianlore 1 year ago


endobando007 10 months ago

Thanks Phenomenal.aur koi series hai to share karo.

SajjNago 10 months ago

bhai maza aa gaya... you are the best... 1-2 aur kardo

ExtraMovies 10 months ago

sai hai bhai

shyamKahahai 10 months ago

Riya sen is so sexy yar...........thanks bro phenomenal.........this is ur 2nd torrent of 2018........

destiny59 10 months ago

bro plzz upload... Bewafaa Sii Wafaa of Altbalaji its a request bro

Thumper 6 years ago

Clean, Thanks for share :)

briskie 6 years ago

i have AVG , it says 2 viruses when installing

anonymous 1 year ago

this is the wrong part> The Dovekeepers Part 1 HDTV x264-BAJSKORV[ettv]

lmathew 4 years ago

Thank You Much for your giving of your time

towhom 2 years ago

Thank you. Much appreciated.

lmathew 4 years ago

Thank You Much for your giving of your time

sonoflib 9 years ago

torrent is dead stalled at 83.5% don't bother try to load

paulsmith244 2 years ago

Recuva can't recover some file types, you also can try this solution http://1337x.to/torrent/1096817/Disk-Drill-1-0-0-186-Pro-mhktricks-menin/ to restore deleted data (no cracks, no serials - the only cons...it hasn't a portable version)

TheBoss 2 years ago

Kiitos. Tack. Tak. Takk.

Gen2 2 years ago

Olet tervetullut!

G G Gwalles 9 months ago

I was going to make a list of people who made extraordinary things during the same period that Tonya Harding monopolized the headlines but then I thought it was a pointless exercise. Charles Manson will always be more famous, much more than Sharon Tate. That's the world we live in or maybe it always was. The sadness verging on horror of of the Tonya Harding story will win, fascination wise, than any kind of kindness from anyone anywhere. Now that out of my system let me say that I Tonya is an entertaining harrowing tale directed by Craig Gillespie and his extraordinary cinematographer Nicholas Karakatsanis with, clearly, Martin Scorsese in their minds and hearts. Margot Robbie is terrific and Sebastian Stan as the husband from hell, superb but it's Allison Janney that creates a character that is impossible to take and irresistible at the same time. She is spectacular. So, that's more than enough to recommend I Tonya but if the Tabloid Times is something you subscribe I will highly recommend Gus Van Sant's To Die For and Michael Ritchie's made for television The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom.

MartinHafer 9 months ago

Tonight I went to the opening night film at the Philadelphia Film Festival and it turned out to be "I, Tonya". I wasn't particularly thrilled about this, as I really didn't care much about seeing a biopic about Tonya Harding. In hindsight, I am glad I saw it as the film was exceptionally well directed and the acting was occasionally brilliant. In particular, Australian actress Margot Robbie was simply amazing as Harding—turning in the sort of performance that could mean an Oscar nomination. Likewise, Allison Janney was amazing as well…playing Tonya's incredibly despicable mother. You really have to respect the great job both of them did in the film…as well as Robbie's learning to skate well in order to make this movie.The film is about the life of Tonya Harding….yes, THAT Tonya Harding…the one who gained infamy for her part in the attack on rival ice skater Nancy Kerrigan back in 1994. My daughter was only a small child at the time of the attack and I told her nothing about Harding because I wanted to see her perspective on the story. Both of us left very impressed. However, I must put in a warning about the film. It is very violent….filled with intense and very realistic domestic violence…among the most realistic I have ever seen. With my background as a psychotherapist, this churned up a lot of memories for me and the film often had me in tears. If you have been a victim of domestic violence, then I strongly urge you to think twice before you see the picture…or at least see it with someone you love. Seeing Tonya being slugged, slapped and even shot was tough to watch. Interestingly, often the audience responded by laughing…an inappropriate but thoroughly understandable coping mechanism for such ugliness.Does the film excuse Harding's behaviors or paint her out to be a victim? Not really…and if it had, the film would have been a waste of time. What it does do is help you at least understand who she was and why she did what she did…as she was more than just an intense competitor who didn't come forward when she learned her husband and his friend had physically assaulted Tonya's competitor, Nancy Kerrigan. Overall, a fascinating look back to one of the most celebrated news stories of the 1990s….one that folks who are old fogies, like me, well remember!

rockman182 9 months ago

I think this film may have had the best trailer of 2017. I saw it and knew instantly how badly I wanted to see it. I've never been a fan of Margot Robbie and her previous acting efforts but this looked like her awakening and where she would be proving me wrong. I believe it, she's quite sensational in this film. Her dedication to her role shows but really everyone involved has done very well. Craig Gillespie has his first real winner with I, Tonya.I, Tonya is a biographical picture about famed and disgraced figure skater, Tonya Harding. Tonya was pushed onto the rink by her abusive mother at a very young age and despite the abuse becomes a very talented ice skater. The cycle of abuse continues with her abusive husband but she tries to bear through and succeed. Everyone seems to be against her but her talent is hard to deny. The film also goes into the famed attack on fellow ice skater Nancy Kerrigan and the aftermath of the incident.The film is sort of told from a mockumentary perspective as if key characters are being interviewed. The film also utilizes breaking the fourth wall where characters in a scene would talk to the audience. I thought this was interesting and separates itself from being a standard biopic and gives this film a real comedic depth. The soundtrack is catchy and literally every performance in this film makes for a very engaging time. I didn't even recognize the chameleon Bobby Cannavale until the credits rolled.Some wonder why the film was made but it kind of helps you identify with Tonya. She suffered physical and psychological abuse from both her foul mouthed mother and her rage filled husband. Her hands may not be completely clean in what happens to Nancy Kerrigan, but she is also just a victim of circumstances. Vastly talented, but just short of reaching her pinnacle due to outside factors and her image and attitude. The film isn't perfect but its vastly entertaining and could be giving Margot Robbie and Allison Janney Oscar nominations. I'm going to let this sink in and I'm sure its going to be something I go back to.7.5/10

blackjesus 5 years ago

This is tested and fine

Madre 3 years ago

Thank you team. 6 channel sound pretty please

anonymous 3 years ago

Damnit I was hoping this audio would be better...

Madre 3 years ago

D/l'd both 720P copies. Sound is terrible on them both. How disappointing.

anonymous 3 years ago

I dont normally comment but this is terrible!

Cam audio at best with hissing in background and 1 channel audio, video looks like a cleaned up cam. I always download from this site, 720p webrips, never had one like this before!

Video : 1/10 Audio : 0.5/10

anonymous 3 years ago

yeh waiting for 6 channel sound, great work

anonymous 3 years ago

thank you,Travolta  face don't look right;it looks like he had too many face jobs like Mickey Rourke

anonymous 3 years ago

thank u

kylejftheone 7 years ago

Hey thanks for saving me the trouble. The audio is screwed up on season 9 though cuts out on some episodes, the rest are perfect though.

blazter97 7 years ago

please seed :)

king1893 7 years ago


kanyiri 7 years ago

Thanks a million .BONE. Is there anyone who can point me to subtitles that work for 1-8?

klu9 7 years ago

Thanks! Good quality, yet small file size :)

lambofgodbrandon 7 years ago

tell the name of the releases, for an easy search of subtitles, thanks!

soroushgh 7 years ago

Amazing! Thank u SO MUCH! :oD

mayur619 7 years ago

audio screwed up only on season 09 episodes 16 and 17. Great quality.

xilbot 6 years ago

@least 7 episodes the audio cuts out midway

crysisftw 6 years ago

thanks for this amazing torrent bone! facing same problem though, audio missing in episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 13, 14, 16 and 17 towards the end. And i think episode 6 is missing altogether in season 9.

the missing audio is some problem on the part of my media player? what player should i use? (currently using pot player, used vlc media player too).

popelpost 6 years ago

no seed? :v

mik3y07 5 years ago

@.BONE. Thanks works great! but when playing in VLC all the titles say "Encoded With Minicoder" anyway i can change this its so annoying PLEASE HELP

anonymous 8 months ago

Low budget 240p potato camera

anonymous 8 months ago

I'm pretty sure Los Angeles is in the Pacific Rim

anonymous 8 months ago

Last of the Dogmen 1995 Please Thank You

anonymous 8 months ago


anonymous 8 months ago

The makers of this film must be fed up when their highly original Atlantic Rim franchise is spoilt by poor imitations such as Pacific Rim Uprising. I for one won't be be fooled.

anonymous 8 months ago

Not the first time Hollywood spends big bucks imitating originals for their know-nothing uneducated hordes of Facebook controlled plebs.

anonymous 8 months ago

From the production company that brought you Transmorphers and Avengers Grimm.......

anonymous 8 months ago

RARBG guys, please ignore these Asylum's A-movies-title-clones... waste of bandwith, data, brains, eyes... time

anonymous 8 months ago

Is this a Porno

anonymous 8 months ago

'Deceptive' Title.. Low rating.. this can be only one: "The Asylum" strikes back again. Great to see a company rip-off every blockbuster by adapting a title and give us a worse than b-rating-movie. Typical Asylum. One for the collection to never be watched. Thanks uploader!

anonymous 8 months ago

Would love to see a parody spin off on this from Chatsworth. Something to the likeness of Pacific Rim Job or the like.

anonymous 8 months ago

Why is it that there's always a mirror B-movie for every blockbuster movie out? I smell illuminati Hollywood conspiracy!

anonymous 8 months ago

just Asylum's production stuff... D-class sh*t

anonymous 8 months ago

Coming Summer 2019 Arctic Rim that kinda sounds like someone eatin ass while chewing new 5 gum


The Rim Of the Gulf of Mexico 2021

anonymous 8 months ago

ofc xD

anonymous 8 months ago

Watching these movies is like whipping yourself for sins.

anonymous 8 months ago

lol brilliant

clownabibi 11 years ago

Tracks is 9 not 10. It's a my mistake.

anonymous 9 months ago

Fantastic . Happy weekend

anonymous 9 months ago

Thank you!!!

anonymous 9 months ago

Imdb 9.9?  Netflix cms working hard

anonymous 9 months ago

Still very few reviews on imdb, so the average currently gives a high score. It will go down with more reviews. I still think it's going to be decent!

anonymous 9 months ago

I think its gonna be more than decent,because the director is duncan jones , alias source code, moon and warcraft

anonymous 9 months ago

Rotten Tomatoes of 8%.

anonymous 9 months ago

after the last jedi, the critics can go phuck themselves with a cactus

anonymous 9 months ago

Oh shut it, nerd. Last Jedi wasn't as bad as you Star Wars Purist made it out to be. You nitpick B's made me think it was going to suck before I saw. Besides that stupid casino subplot the movie was fine. Not a masterpiece, but fine.

anonymous 9 months ago

Star Wars Last Jedi was a big pile of waankshiite.

anonymous 9 months ago

Yeah it was mediocre at best.  AND, before release it had like a 99% rating.  99% should be reserved for the greatest movies of all time rather than a movie that was fine.  

Just like Black Panther, okay to good movie.  99% rating? child please.

anonymous 9 months ago

Yeah but nic cage sucked in last jedi

anonymous 9 months ago

No one uses Rotten Tomatoes... it incorrectly represents scores for movies and does not align with what people actually think. (Like at all)

anonymous 9 months ago

*what normies actually think. It aligns pretty well with cinephiles' tastes.

anonymous 9 months ago

Rotten Tomatoes is for hipsters, SJW's, and psuedo-intellectuals.  MUTE was a solid 7/10, maybe even 8/10.  Complex characters, nuanced plot, tragic in a classical sense.

anonymous 9 months ago

You have awful taste in movies. I watched 20 minutes than turned it off because it was so poorly conceived. There was never any reason to set this in a sci-fi setting. It didn't motivate the story in any way. Pure garbage.

anonymous 9 months ago

You have no imagination.  Sorry to be the one to break it to you.  MUTE was surprisingly well-written and creative; but don't worry, there's plenty of capesh!t for people like you.

anonymous 9 months ago

meh - it was pus..

anonymous 9 months ago

Only a psychopath mind would enjoy this movie. I guess this is your type of movie.

anonymous 9 months ago

Only watch this if you've got nothing else to watch, it's an odd movie that doesn't really work on so many levels. Had one laugh in it though and a proper ending (more than some movies) so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

anonymous 9 months ago

Agreed! good move, wasn't pushing a PC agenda.. and was full of straight white alpha male characters.. so of course tomoto f@ggots are gonna hate

anonymous 9 months ago

People misunderstand what rotten tomatoes is doing. If the score for movie is 90 % it's not like a grade. Its the percentage of critics who liked the movie. So whether the critics give it 3 stars or 5 stars it qualifies as fresh.

anonymous 9 months ago

the percentage is not a score dude. It's just the percentage of critics who liked the film. Their actual ratings are usually between 3 and 5 five stars. The rating below is more accurate.

anonymous 9 months ago

only moon is a decent film in that list...

anonymous 9 months ago

lets not say a film is good because it's made by a director. because that's bs.

anonymous 9 months ago

Welcome to the auteur theory.

anonymous 9 months ago

Just watched.. this was a GOOD MOVIE, fuk the haters.. great FX, great story, cyberpunk AF

anonymous 9 months ago

The actors cast their vote!

anonymous 9 months ago

Unlike disney loving critics who can persuade idiots with their rottentomatoes score to not watch movies, smart audience doesn't give a damn about what some bloggers are thinking about movies.

anonymous 9 months ago

But how else can one express an opinion these days? I prefer my tether - only.. leave me with just enough slack to rouse the dogs from the other side of the fence.

anonymous 9 months ago

I watch all kinds of films of all genres.  No score is going to deter me.  However, lets be real, the scores aren't far from the truth.  There's been a massive influx of high-budget trash in the last several years.

anonymous 9 months ago

7.9 on IMDB now and 8% on Rotten Tomatoes. Yikes.

anonymous 9 months ago

Its actually 5.9

anonymous 9 months ago

what's a cms?

anonymous 9 months ago

Compulsive masturbation disorder?

anonymous 9 months ago


anonymous 9 months ago

i dont know bro, i sort of went to sleep with my hand omn my knee,

anonymous 9 months ago

Alex's eyes are so beautiful!

anonymous 9 months ago

Will there be a 4K release, out of interest?

anonymous 9 months ago

Very good movie , very polish visual effects, nice story , good acting 8 of 10

anonymous 9 months ago

People should stop obsessing over rotten tomatoes especially since most people dont understand it. The percentage isn't a grade, folks, its the percentage of critics who liked it. It doesn't specify how much they liked it. It doesn't specify their actual star rating.

anonymous 9 months ago

excellent movie highly rated.

anonymous 9 months ago

Yess Nic Gace!!!

anonymous 9 months ago

Thats Nic Cage

anonymous 9 months ago

Verry lame movie. Do not spend 2 hours of your life by watching this.

anonymous 9 months ago

dont trust Rotten tomatoes. same place that said the last jedi was awesome and said clover field paradox is bad. phuck RT

anonymous 9 months ago

The problem with Duncan Jones is Duncan Jones. He likes to change the wheel when the old one is working fine. He tries too hard and mess up a straight up story.  He still lives under the shadow of his dad and that is a huge shadow to walk away from...

anonymous 9 months ago

Wrong, he is his own person

anonymous 9 months ago


anonymous 9 months ago

Plot above mainly nails it. It is visually quite stunning but i had lost interest in what was actually supposed to be going on by the midway point.

anonymous 9 months ago

Duncan Jones wouldn't be where he is today if it wasn't for his famous father...........Vinnie Jones.

anonymous 9 months ago

This movie makes no sense at all. No moral to that messed up story. Murders, pedophile ... wtf this movie is full of the worst blasphemy. Jesus Christ.

anonymous 9 months ago

Welcome to the adult world of storytelling.  No superheroes, no cartoons, no 10-minute gun battles--- just complex people enduring complex struggles.

anonymous 9 months ago

Please explain the world, grandpa.

anonymous 9 months ago

Hi grandpa here, this world is a shiathole. I have no idea why new world order want to takeover it, they may end up full of shiat.

anonymous 9 months ago

Such a Nicolas Cage thing to say

anonymous 9 months ago

Awesome   Great Thanks Always   #rarbg #uploader

anonymous 9 months ago

very good thank you

bttf 9 months ago

Many thanks.

anonymous 9 months ago

Mute is bad at all, not retarded like the Will Smith flick, and better than Cloverfield Paradox.  Great visuals.  It's big flaw are character turns that seem to happen out of nowhere, and the way the story is told feels like 2 different movies.  But overall, its 1,000,000 better than trash like Justice League.

anonymous 9 months ago


anonymous 9 months ago

This movie is biggest piece of junk i have seen lately.

anonymous 9 months ago

Terrible movie with bad editing. Why did this get a good rating? Felt like a waste of time. Over 2 hours long with no real substance or plot.

anonymous 9 months ago

When do you guys ever comment about a movie. All you guys talk about its each other's dicks.

anonymous 9 months ago
anonymous 9 months ago

Could any of the people uplaoding this leave the screencaps with spoilers out? IS NOT THAT HARD

anonymous 9 months ago

I'm sure they don't select scenes manually to turn into still images. It's almost certainly an automated process that grabs them at programmed intervals. If they happen to capture a scene that's a spoiler, it's simply bad luck.

Dimitrishack13 7 years ago


Dimitrishack13 7 years ago

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Godofallcows 11 years ago

Wow.... thanks for the crashing computer man. I ran the activator 1.1 and now I have to reinstall the damn OS again because it would crash upon log-on.

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TechWizard86 10 years ago

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borhan48 1 year ago

Metadata is filled with spam.

ronyg 1 year ago

IMDB says movie is 2h 42min while your BDRip is only 2h 18min, almost 30mins missing.

teamjaffa 1 year ago

yeah original it is telugu movie but its dubbed to malayalam movie so they trimmed 30min in malayalam

ovrmind 7 years ago

Crap is SPANISH.... worthless...

ExileJoe 2 years ago

nostalgia overload.. its over 9,000!! thanks for sharing this, cant wait to watch then get sudden urge to order pizza subliminal messages at their best lol

NuttyMonkey 2 years ago

If someone could seed the last 4% that would be great

rangerscherp 5 years ago

Thanks a lotsssssssss....Thanks!

ripper303 5 years ago

could you please add the upscaled version of this movie, thanks

dolor7 5 years ago

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kvestantin 9 years ago

The Levs are a very cool band! Thanks! Don't you have their "One Way Of Life" videoclips compilation of 1998?

jody99 9 years ago

yes they are ! im afaid i do not, if you have please post it and i will add to collection

kvestantin 9 years ago

No, I don't have it... :(

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PS2 newbie here: am I going to need a modchip to play this or is it really burn and play?

kabalizo 10 years ago

Oh, goodie!

samirrage 10 years ago

@ GardenQueen: Yes, you'll need a modchip. You normally do for downloaded PS2 isos.

Anybody tested it? Can we get some feedback?

aarm_88 10 years ago

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gardenqueen 10 years ago

Thank you samirrage, been doin' my homework and am thinking maybe a swap disk. Anyway, anyone try this?? Does it work ok? Also, I see that it's not an iso, it's just all the files....so just add all the files to the burnlist, eh?

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Charlieblack 10 years ago

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gardenqueen 10 years ago

PS2 newbie here: am I going to need a modchip to play this or is it really burn and play?

gardenqueen 10 years ago

Thank you samirrage, been doin' my homework and am thinking maybe a swap disk. Anyway, anyone try this?? Does it work ok? Also, I see that it's not an iso, it's just all the files....so just add all the files to the burnlist, eh?

Gillamon 10 years ago

Thanks man!

Will download and try it out. Will provide some feedback once done and obviously seed for the others.

ElSaborAsiatico 5 years ago

Whoa, I had never even heard of this before. Great find and thanks!

itje 13 years ago

its from a movie called ice storm with toby maguire

itje 13 years ago

gee...that was wrong lol

OrionSaiph 11 years ago

If you dl. this it requires your email adr. since the pack requires a pass, and so forth. Who love Spam?

faisalfl 7 years ago


could you upload

Cherry Lane Legendary Guitar Licks Classical Guitar Favorites

listigspindel 5 years ago

Thanks for the upload, but this video did nothing for me. He goes through the songs way too fast, and no solos.

drolodrolo 6 years ago

¡Muchas gracias, shipJ!

Nikoli1129 6 years ago

Thank you sir! By any chance do you have any of the following... The Activity #9 The Sixth Gun #26 Youngblood #73 Thanks!

TrainComing 6 years ago

Thabnks!! Glad to see you were able to get scans!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!!

comicNerd 6 years ago

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PAPAJEDI72 6 years ago

Thanks a lot for your time and effort. Your work is greatly appreciated. From an avid and totally broke comic book reader, congratulations!!!!

VladJadonDrac 6 years ago

Can never thank you enough for these

E-AM 10 years ago

any way to take off the subtitles?

Squrl 9 years ago

Take te .srt file out of the folder before playing the movie. The subs should disappear.

Jack_Raiden 9 years ago

5.1 channel AAC audio at 144 kbps?! Nuts...

rev-x 8 years ago

small resolution but good enough!!! thanks!

prerifarkas 5 years ago

Thanks for upload! Before download check gameplay video: http://youtu.be/Uc3QOoTQX4w

alexatvgm 5 years ago

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trismack 5 years ago

works fine, watch gameplay with installation step on desctription --> http://youtu.be/ZBEqcG8OpL0

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Download it for free at their website :)


CoreX92 9 years ago

Guys, you could atleast comment about the quality and such :)

Fyxxk 9 years ago

Seems good, downloading atm. It's FAST! It's worth mentioning again for those who didn't read the info that it's only the official albums that are .flac . The rest are regular mp3, btw great job on collecting the rares CoreX! Thanks!

CoreX92 9 years ago

Thanks Fyxxk :) The Rares were a pain in the ass really, Collected them from here and there and ripped the official SoaD albums myself :) Hope you enjoy!

Fyxxk 9 years ago

Currently seeding, the songs sound great! Crystal clear sound. Thx again for the effort you have put in to this torrent! Great work!

KingKongFetus 9 years ago

Wow! This thing is downloading at over 1mb/s!!! I'll seed like I always do but damn! This one doesn't need my help! Thanks so much to the maker and seeders!

My SoaD albums were all ruined... I even had multiple copies of them:( FLAC too! This is great! Thanks again!

titanstorm 9 years ago

You fuckin win at life...

ivanrlynn 9 years ago

Here here:

Fyxxk Currently seeding, the songs sound great! Crystal clear sound. Thx again for the effort you have put in to this torrent! Great work!

titanstorm You fuckin win at life...

stands2reason 9 years ago

already have a flac of soad, but it's messed up for some reason. oh well; will make sure to seed

ArcImpulse 9 years ago

You should've included the logs - especially with these discographies. Did you rip it yourself?

doradhorror 8 years ago

Fuck off its not Flac so don't put flac in your title

broad_x14 8 years ago


fuck you asshole, at least test the files before posting shit! It's flac!

CoreX92 8 years ago


Why thanks :)


Maybe I should have... Yeah I ripped them myself, I own all CD's except from the rare ones, they are a bitch to find on the internet so I included them.


Well, that's nice... Try it before you say anything, also the albums are all in flac, except the rares which are in variable bitrate mp3.

Phendrome 8 years ago

Much niceness in this torrent. :P

WagnerGM 8 years ago

Downloading... nice!!!

ThanK's CoreX92.

Much Love from Brazil !

Ep0x1d 8 years ago

I found a treasure. Thank you CoreX92.

CeQore 7 years ago

WTF, I must know you? You had took my name? Jonas, is it you?

Kraid07 7 years ago

Thank you, seriously.

fedepres 6 years ago

Thanks a lot! I'm just getting into SOAD and the good quality is appreciated!!

Wandico 3 years ago

SOAD is one of my very favorite music bands ever.

I was looking for a truly complete discography, with all the unofficial, rare, unreleased songs, since I lost some of them through time.

I think this is the best torrent because it's the most complete and has apparently the best quality.

So thanks a lot to the uploader and all the seeders. I'll seed for weeks, at least until I achieve a share ratio of 3 or more (as always).

Best regards.

Wandico 3 years ago

PS: That [i]Legend of Zelda[/i] song wasn't performed by SOAD.

MrLonley 10 years ago

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs plz ? someone ?

felix555 9 years ago

Yea it works Seed what you downloaded, don't be stingy!

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Plays great, thanks circle.

gkasl 7 years ago

Does anyone know what to do once you've unzipped the file and tones of new files with strange names show up? Would really appreciate it. ;)

kung-bertil 13 years ago

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Samuel98 2 years ago

Thanks for the fast uploads!

anonymous 2 years ago

3 gigs a little small quality wise, thanks anyway.

HobbitWarez 6 years ago

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Hi... and thanks to upload in pack. your last upload in 1 apk in each upload was not so good, it's was like spam :)

Happy Christmas to you :)

sanket03 6 years ago

Thank you HobbitWarez For This.....

tilemovic 6 years ago

I respect your works, but atleast have relevant apps for high ends devices.. i mean be a replacement for "bobiras2009".. I miss that dude uploads.. even tho u gotta thank him.. please copy his works..

No Offence man!.. you doing a great job!.

anonymous 2 years ago

The video is not remux Look at mediainfo.

Freak0370http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/18668614/Demi_Lovato__ndash__Tell_Me_You_Love_Me_(Target_E 1 year ago
Noparity911 1 year ago

Thanks for the torrent but why are all the versions of this album uploaded the CLEAN version.

sh95 9 months ago

Many thanks

Jhouston 9 months ago

Thanks a million!!

daved2487 9 months ago


jessmop 8 months ago

Thanks!Sounds Great! ©VonDigital Media 2008

theox01 8 months ago


anonymous 2 years ago

Based on runtime - this is most likely both episodes 12 and 13 (finale).

anonymous 2 years ago

indeed this is both episode 12 & 13 (appears to have aired as an extended episode), which are complete.

anonymous 2 years ago

thanks for confirming guys, very appreciated!

anonymous 1 year ago

episode 5 pls? thanks

anonymous 2 years ago

thanks a lot!

anonymous 2 years ago


anonymous 2 years ago

There are bands outside America you know! Talk about a skewed selection Also W.A.S.P - Forever Free is a much better song :p

anonymous 1 year ago

the RARBG subtitles on opensubtitles work with this release

anonymous 1 year ago


anonymous 1 year ago

Again without subtitles.

anonymous 1 year ago

That's normal with STRiFE releases. Wait for the NFwhich comes with subtitles and no watermark.

anonymous 2 years ago

Full Episode?

pworthy23 2 years ago

Nice one - thanks uploader ;-)

9andabovge 2 years ago

Excellent thank you so much for this, love Green Day

anonymous 2 years ago

Thanks, includes credits.

anonymous 2 years ago

Thanks for the Info!

Arup Mukherjee 2 years ago

In spite so many negative reviews, I watched the movie. I am glad I did, cause till end, I had a good time.First with the good things. I have seen "Tournament", "Death Race", Hunger Games" etc. before and I kind of like these movies. When I started watching this, I did not expect much. But I was surprised to find out that the movie had elements, that were quite entertaining. The story was good enough. The performances of actors were more than what was expected. The cinematography was good. The speed was satisfactory. Lastly the direction was great, and I would love to see a few more from Scott Wiper.But there were a few loose ends too. The story line had great opportunities for Breckel, our villain no. 1, but I feel he could not be as cool as there was scope. And then, if he was so choosy about his contestants as we could see at the beginning of the film, what made him select Paco and his wife and Yasantwa? I don't know. Also near the climax, Jack died on camera, but came back off camera. Then how come his wife seemed expecting him when he returned at the last scene? Also I feel her character did not deserve that much of screen space. Lastly, during the fight scenes, I did not understand why there were so many cuts, why the camera shook so much with so many close shots.

leonardomqs 2 years ago

I can't say that the director is good, but he filmed it at least in a acceptable way. And the cinematography is beautiful, whitch helps. The script is predictable. The protagonist as every other character are bad. The movie even tries to create a backstory for the protagonist, but just make it worse. The cast are horrible, Vinnie Jones almost make it enjoyable but the dialogues don't help in any way. I saw this movie when I was a kid (yes, totally wrong), and in that time I was able to visualize that this movie isn't a big thing, but I actually enjoyed. I rewatch it this year, I was not able to reach the end. If you like to see strong people killing each other you can give it a try. Maybe you enjoy it.

miyuruw-92 2 years ago

I would give 9/10 for the camera crew for the beautiful shots The build up of the story is nice but it fades away in the end through a lot of drama. Characters of the movie are very diverse and it was fun watching what kind of chaos they were gonna create in the island. Also throws in some good topics to discuss about the influence of internet on the business and criminal minds.

horrorbliss 2 years ago

Today's comedies usually have me sitting and staring at the screen with a straight face waiting for something funny to happen. With this film however, I laughed or smiled ear to ear the whole time. I bought the movie blindly based on some post I saw on a social network site, the person that posted it was raving and saying it's up there with Paul Bartel and John Waters stuff. This I had to judge for myself and I was not let down in the least bit, but highly entertained by an energetic script and cast that didn't miss a beat. The ball never dropped once. I'm sure you can read the synopsis elsewhere so I won't bother but bravo to the filmmakers and cast here! See this 100% unique movie!

Char Hardin 2 years ago

5 Out of 5"Trashology...it's a raunchy funny good time loaded with perversity...a guilty pleasure for sure!" Char HardinThis is the funniest, raunchiest most perverse good time, I have seen in a very long time. When it says Trashology is a tribute film to the man who gave us Hairspray and Pink Flamingos...Mr. John Waters, it isn't making a false claim. IT is what it says it is and so much more. Another reviewer has said that "John Waters would be proud" and yet another said it is a "Love letter to John Waters", these are not false statements to build hype...TRASHOLOGY is the MOTHER OF ALL TRIBUTE FILMS to the ideals and wicked sense of humor of Waters. What is it? May Contains Spoilers...but not detailed spoilers.Tracy (Laura Lee Black) is taking a collegiate class on film making and has received an assignment to do a report on her favorite genre. Her friend wants to do Horror, but Tracy has stumbled upon a book called "Trashology" and she is thinking about "Trash Cinema". The book consists of three interlocking tales that make up the book. Each one is loaded with hysterics and starts off with "The Vat". "The Vat" is about old woman named Beatrice whose husband had dug a hole in the back yard for the leftover oatmeal his wife was known to make more than needed. Beatrice for years has thrown leftovers into the vat. One afternoon during a living visit with friends Laura and Claudia, something goes wrong and one of the women ends up dead and tossed into the vat.Rodney Horn as Big Debbie and Douglas Conner as George The second story is "Big Debbie" who is the daughter of Laura mentioned in the first story. Debbie has been left at the altar on her wedding day. She has a chance encounter that leads to accidentally "squashing" a man to death and black mail. The third story "Inglourious Bitches" about Katrina and Melissa two girlfriends fed up with the injustice of pedophiles being released back into society after a hand slapping from the courts. A unique phone app leads to the girls own brand of justice as the bodies start to pile up. I love where the girls end up by the close of their story.Tracy has her own demons and the creative way to man's heart is always through his stomach. Let me just say...you thought Minnie Jackson's chocolate pie in the southern drama, 'The Help' was something else...wait until you get a taste of Tracy's chocolate pie!As soon as Trashology is released on DVD, I cannot urge you enough to rush out and buy it. For an Independent made comedy film, it is the best of its kind I have ever come across. It has a little bit of everything to make you gag and gasp for breath whether the use of a scent, devise, smothering or just walking in on a one legged woman having sex with a sex offender. It is a total shock n' awe film, that may not be for anyone offended by men dressed as women with huge boobs, oh and if talking about lesbian sex over ice cream offends you, then forget watching the making of the secret ingredient to Claudia's casserole, you won't be able to handle it. However, if you think you can handle with this unique and shocking film...grab your copy as soon as you can. If you have to have one guilty pleasure in life, let it be Trashology...it is totally one of mine! For the full review go to www.charhardin.blogspot.com

ASouthernHorrorFan 2 years ago

Brian Dorton's "Trashology" is a love letter to John Waters and one hell-a fun movie! The film is comprised of three distinct stories of crazed madness and melodrama befitting a telenovela produced in Hell's asylum. It has a wrap around story that works harder than an Asian on a stripper pole. Yes that hard and crudely. This ain't no Lifetime movie bitches so if low brow humor at society and humanity's expense offends you then fk you. This movie is hilarious as hll and brilliantly sick with humor. From Ouija boards to bowel releases and beyond I don't think there is anything left out of this wonderfully crafted train wreck of lives. The first story is entitled "The Vat" which features friendships only Satan's geriatric grandmother could relate to or anyone with a parent over the age of 50. The characters are over the top and draw from a creative point somewhere between Golden Girls on crack and Golden Girls on acid, I want to tune in next week to see what psychotic mayhem these woman get into next! Following the crazed social turrets outburst that is "The Vat" comes the twisted little tale called "Big Debbie" which features the one fetish that I just can't wrap my little [email protected] brain around known as 'squashing'. As I have been told over and over, it is a thing! Yet that is just the start of this sick little puppy because poor Debbie goes through some sht and thankfully comes through only slightly more damaged-in this film that last statement should be followed by 'if a person can be more damaged than this poor woman to begin with'. Don't get me wrong everything in this segment is dark, funny, and one hll of a ride through Psychoville that I will take over and over again any day. Following "Big Debbie" is a tale that would make Mickey and Mallory sht their denim jeans called "Inglorious Bches" about two friends who decide to take their love of killing people and turn it into cause for killing people by going after sex offenders. As if we all haven't thought of taking a ball bat covered with spikes and ramming it up some sicko's a** until he is D-E-D dead! Well anyway the characters in this segment are so twisted and wonderful. Actually there isn't one badly written or poorly acted character in this little mental outburst of filthy thoughts and filthy jokes.The story for "Trashology" is genuinely well written and f*king brilliantly executed which is more than the Texas Justice system can say. It is wicked sick how all the characters relate to each other in all three stories that show a true and honest passion for this genre from Brian Dorton that gives the film a slight seriousness which rocks because to make so many characters intertwine in a anthology either takes one hll of a vision or a true psychotic with some yarn and a white wall. (The walls are almost always white! well white-ish) Anyway "Trashology" is so much more than a love letter to John Waters it is hope – hope for a subgenre that almost never gets respect or appreciation yet makes some of the best written and most hilarious cult films evah! It is also a film that is epically brilliant and hilarious. I MEAN THIS FILM IS SICK! I think I will need an exorcism and enema just to get regular again. Okay I am lying! Those things are for funsies I was never regular to begin with and thank the gods of the sh*tty bowels of cinema neither is "Trashology". Now I am off to Walmart to pick out each of these characters and isle stalk them for my never ending continuation of this twisted flick!

clanciai 2 years ago

There is much symbolism here. What on earth is the meaning of that lonely dog running across the desert in the very opening scene? Don't worry. It will come back for two more appearances, once when one of the duller boys tries to shoot it, averted by Joe, and to conclude the film with a proper exit. And it's not a dog.The other great symbolism is indicated by the title, the broken lance, which isn't explained until in the end but is actually the major theme of the film: the racism problem between whites, Indians and Mexicans.It takes some time before Spencer Tracy makes his entry, and when he does you are well prepared. He has already been introduced on a portrait at the governor's, an imposing self-glorious portrait that boasts his mightiness, which is torn away from him shred by shred during the course of the film by his own fallibility. But what a long and grand fall, and how great it makes this character! It could really be described as a Lear of the Western. But this is not a western. It's a family drama and more like a Greek tragedy than anything else, though masked as something of regular western, but the characters go much deeper than what they show.Richard Widmark as the oldest son who has been misused all his life by his father is actually the villain, but you must understand him and you can't really judge him, just as Joe can't either. Joe is more complex as the youngest brother, son of an Indian woman and not of the mother of the others, and he is constantly brooding and has reasons enough for it. Robert Wagner is almost as good as Richard Widmark and Spencer Tracy, while only Jean Peters falls a little behind.The central scene, though, and what triggers the drama in the middle of the film is the tremendous settlement between Tracy and the governor, E.G.Marshall, whom Tracy made a governor and reminds him of, but that doesn't help. You can feel Tracy's explosion within although he barely shows it, which only makes it the more tremendously awesome.His most majestic scene though is his last one. This is Spencer Tracy's film flanked by all the others at their best, which add to make this film one of the best of all westerns, although it's much more than a western.

calvinnme 2 years ago

This is a western starring Spencer Tracy as the patriarch rancher Matt Devereaux who has four sons. The three sons from Spencer's first marriage are Ben (Richard Widmark), Mike (Hugh O'Brian) and Denny (Earl Holliman). When his first wife dies, Matt marries Katy Jurado, a Native American. They have a twenty five year marriage including Matt's youngest son, Joe (Robert Wagner).The three older sons are a disappointment to Matt, and the eldest, Ben, hates his father and youngest brother. Matt rules his ranch with a iron fist, and he uses a whip with authority. Many cattle on the ranch have died because the creek water was poisoned by a copper mine. As a result, Matt rides out to the mine with all four of his sons, and together they destroy the mining equipment, injuring some of the miners in the process.The law comes down hard on Matt for this, and somebody will have to serve jail time. Joe knows that his father would die in prison, so he serves the three year prison term. Ben refuses to go on principle, and Mike and Denny are just plain sniveling weaklings. Joe is released, and there are still problems on the home front. Ben is angry and defiant saying he worked sixteen hours a day since he was ten years old, and Matt suffers a stroke after a nasty fight with him. As a result of his incapacity, Matt signs over a piece of the ranch to each of his sons, and you know that share and share alike is just going to cause more trouble among this incongruent group.Did I mention there is oil on the land? Who will sell out, and how will this all work out? Watch and find out. Spencer is excellent as Matt Devereaux, and his scenes with Richard Widmark are especially well done. Their arguments as father and eldest son are convincing.This was the first film Spencer did after leaving MGM and the film is available free to AMAZON PRIME members. I'm bumping this from a 7 to a 6 because for those famililar with Fox classic films you'll probably recognize the plot as a loose western remake of a well known 40s Fox noir. That tended to reduce the suspense for me quite a bit.

zardoz-13 2 years ago

The first of director Edward Dmytryk's four oaters, "Broken Lance" draws its title from the clash between Robert Wagner and Richard Widmark, the sons of Spencer Tracy's patriarchal figure, in ad sprawling horse opera about a cattle baron and his offspring. Joe MacDonald's Cinemascope lensing imbues this soap opera with a sprawling sense of dignity, and Dmytryk prefers to use compositions that accentuate real-life settings. Furthermore, Dmytryk was so enamored of the 2:35.1 compositional frame that he rarely cut into the various long shots that appear in this melodrama. No stranger to westerns, MacDonald lensed John Ford's "My Darling Clementine," William A. Wellman's "Yellow Sky" and Dmytryk's "Warlock." For the record, "Broken Lance" is a remake of the 1949 Edward G. Robinson contemporary melodrama "House of Strangers." This frontier yarn benefits from a superb cast and stunning scenery, but the story is hopelessly lame. "Broken Lance" concerns the twilight of the cattle industry because the Richard Murphy screenplay deals with Spencer Tracy's baron after he has made himself into a central figure influential enough to install his own personal choice for governor in the office. The plot deals with a showdown between Tracy's cattle baron and a copper mining outfit's organization. Sadly, "Broken Lance" doesn't boast enough audacious scenes to offset the long stretches of talking among the principals. Nothing surpasses the scene where Wagner pulls another man's gun and blasts a rattler poised to strike in the first part of the film. After this interesting opening, "Broken Lance" degenerates into a loquacious soap opera. Three-fourths of the action occurs in flashback as we follow Wagner after he serves a three-year stretch in prison and comes home to find everything changed with the passage of his father. Spencer Tracy's patriarchal figure Matt Devereaux has four sons. Three of them came from his first wife, while the Robert Wagner character was the product of Matt's third marriage to an Indian (Katy Jurado of "High Noon"). "Broken Lance" appropriates a social consciousness stance because it favors the emergence of Robert Wagner' half-breed adult and how he contends with his racist siblings. Richard Widmark, Hugh O'Brien, and Earl Holliman are cast as Matt's American children that he loathes as much as they hate him. The main crisis occurs when Matt and his sons discover 40 of their cattle have died from drinking from a river contaminated by a copper mine. Altogether, "Broken Lance") isn't very exciting.

ncweil 2 years ago

Roberto Rossellini's film starring his lover Ingrid Bergman casts her as a spoiled wife in a wealthy set in Rome in the early 50s. Her 12-year-old son, striving to get her attention, succeeds tragically, and in the aftermath she throws herself into efforts to help some of the multitude of people impoverished by the war. A friend who's a newspaperman and socialist nurtures her interest with books and projects, but political solutions seem spiritually empty to her, so she continues to seek her own way. Though her friendly acceptance by poor people seems improbable, she revels in the vitality of their lives, in contrast to the chill of her aristocratic class. Some fine minor roles include Giulietta Masina (Federico Fellini's muse) as a single woman with six children, who can't wait to get together with the likely father of number seven. This cheery earth-mother, who bathes, feeds, and lovingly scolds her brood, through Bergman's intervention gets a factory job - I couldn't help wondering who was going to look after her bambini while she was at work all day. Later Bergman shields a young man involved in armed robbery, and though he turns himself in, the police chief's attention falls on her - what is she up to and why? Obviously, she must be insane. And off to the asylum she goes, more agreeably than I would have expected. Her husband visits to speak to the doctor, but not to her. As she settles into the community there, it grows apparent that she's getting further away from ability to return to a "normal life" in her class. The kindness she feels toward humanity finds an outlet in responding to the distress of fellow patients, and finally she becomes something of a saint. It's all so heartfelt and innocent - an antidote perhaps to the horrors of the recently ended war? Rossellini likes to put her in surroundings that contrast with her character, to heighten her changes of heart - but he also likes to dress her in expensive dresses and furs - this woman is not the Ilsa Lund of Casablanca - she has the passion to do good for others, but she is also a woman accustomed to luxury, for which the director offers no apology.

valadas 2 years ago

This movie deals really with problems that have to do simultaneously with individual conscience and social questions in this world of ours. This is too deep a theme to be efficiently put in cinema and the movie resents this. However that beautiful woman and great actress called Ingrid Bergman takes us more or less well into these complicated moral, psychological and social entanglements. A rich woman becomes after her son's (still a child) suicide, possessed by the feeling that she has been very selfish till then and must now care about the poor people's situation and problems. She leaves her home and her husband and starts helping necessitous persons financially and personally. She ends by being considered mentally sick and is interned by her family in a psychiatric clinic. This is the contradiction between our society and the radical altruists an aspect that the movie treats only maybe a bit superficially concentrating itself more on the protagonist's psychological problem. Not a masterpiece but a good film anyway.

lasttimeisaw 2 years ago

A Rossellini-Bergman Neo-realism drama takes place in the post-war Rome, Italy. Bergman plays Irene, an elegant socialite, the wife of a wealthy capitalist George Girard (Knox, in his cold, unimpressionable and unpleasant patina), together they have a young son Michele (Franchina), who feels constantly neglected by his parents, especially Irene, with whom he has spent the dreadful bombing days in England during WWII. Thus, on the occasion of one of the regular dinner gatherings hosted at home, Michele impulsively attempts a suicidal jump to grab his parents's attention, only later passes away from a blood clot.Irene lapses into guilt and depression after the bereavement, she grows apart from George, who insists they should shake off the mourning period together. With the help of a close friend Andrea Casatti (Giannini), Irene is introduced for the first time to the hardships of the poverty-stricken living in "the other side of Rome", which has eluded her thus far. In her conscience-driven commitment, Irene throws herself in helping out those who are in urgent need: defraying the medicine expense of a deprived family to save a young boy's life; finding a job and standing in for a poor but spirited woman (Masina), who has six children to tend (three are her own kids, the rest are orphans); taking care of an ailing prostitute Ines (Pellati) in her last days. She transforms herself into a modern-day saint.But a saint always invites persecution in an unjust world, George, holding his own grudge and gnawing jealousy (he accuses Irene of having an affair with Andrea) against her, cannot stand her constant absence in the household and refuses to take her side with respect to her newly occupied activities. When she conducts a misdemeanour to help a young criminal to evade arrest, George and his lawyer conspire to put her in a mental institution, thinking that a spell of solitude is what she needs the most to resume her social and familial duty as a wife of an important businessman. Irene doesn't defy the ungrounded internment, instead, it strengthens her unerring advocacy of a pure conception of altruism, an act superior of any religious beliefs or political slants. In the final stage of the film, she regains her peace and abides by her conviction in front the review board, who then collectively decides that she should be locked up there permanently, only those who have been aided by her affectionately call her their patron saint, her martyrdom is aptly consummated.Bergman's performance is faultless, albeit the fact that her dialog was completely dubbed in post- production, it is a performance demands immeasurable investment from a thespian's emotional gamut (most of the time, those heart-rending moments are obtrusively intensified by Renzo Rossellini's highfalutin score), persistently expressive and emotive, her saintly appearance has taken shape through all the ordeal she experiences or witnesses, only Bergman can succeed in eliciting such powerful empathy without telegraphing an air of contrivance, Irene Girard is one of the absolute highlights in her prestigious career.In the end of the day, what can new audience say about the central story? Is Irene's self-inflicted sacrifice is a truly commendable virtue? Or, in a more pragmatic stance, her incarceration basically blocks herself from practicing the noble cause to assist the impoverished, she might acquire the tranquility she particularly yearns for after the loss of her son, yet, if that is the case, it contradicts the whole concept of her irreproachable devotion of altruism, the vestige of selfishness betrays from her final gesture, it seems, in order to find the ultimate peace in herself, she barters it with the actual good deeds she would have done if she chooses to accept her old role as a stopgap. With her wealth and wisdom, there are many ways she can continue her philanthropic endeavour, if she really puts her mind into it. That's the divide between then and now, a lofty, masochistic crucifixion is not fashionable and favourable any more, especially there is a more sensible alternative one can choose, pragmatism prevails in today's standpoint.

ElliBAM 2 years ago

I barely got half way through the movie. This review is not on the film its self but mainly about the casting. The fact that I am such a huge James Dean fan and I couldn't watch this is upsetting. Casting DeHaan as Dean was the biggest mistake. Everything about it was wrong. After watching James Franco's portrayal of Dean I think you have to really get it spot on in order to measure up. It's not just the looks, it's everything. The voice, the posture, the acting and impersonation in general. I was really excited about this but I can't enjoy it because that is not James Dean.

fiona_r_lamb 2 years ago

I only watched this movie because it's August and there's nothing new on television. I am also a film buff AND enjoy photography which is why I kept watching even tho' I thought it was rather tedious and boring in the end.Firstly, the actor portraying Dean was nothing like him really and he didn't make me believe. And he was so sleepy and mumbly it made me wonder how on earth James Dean ever got a film contract in the first place.Secondly, the vomiting over his son scene (Stock) was revolting.Thirdly, when they got to Dean's childhood farm home in Indiana and visited the town I could not stop thinking about where it was actually filmed as it looked so familiar to me and so Southern Ontario. And sure enough it was!!! Lastly, Ben Kingsley as Jack Warner. Ick. Talk about chewing the scenery.Best thing about the film were the real photos in the credits.

tcc422 2 years ago

Subtle and understated,an excellent film. Sometimes about the missed opportunities in life,those right in front of us that we have no idea of their significance. Sometimes about fame and celebrity,and the distance between the illusion and reality.And about just being human,about "Life",such a witty title with double meaning...This film will not beat you over the head,but if you pay attention,it is beautiful in it's message.

grantss 2 years ago

A retired 70-year-old widower, Ben (played by Robert De Niro), is bored with retired life. He applies to a be a senior intern at an online fashion retailer and gets the position. The founder of the company is Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), a tireless, driven, demanding, dynamic workaholic. Ben is made her intern, but this is a nominal role - she doesn't intend to give him work and it is just window dressing. However, Ben proves to be quite useful and, more than that, a source of support and wisdom.Good, and surprisingly so. I was expecting a farcical half-baked comedy about how an old guy rejoins the work force and struggles with modern gadgets and work processes. There are a few examples of that but the movie is far more than a story about generational differences. It's more a drama than a comedy, and is a good one too. There's themes of generational wisdom, not judging people by their age (or anything superficial) and making the most of people's talents. It's also a movie about starting over, and doing what you enjoy.Moreover, it's simply a nice story.Solid work by Robert De Niro in the lead role. He doesn't do bad performances, but that hasn't stopped him in the past from taking on roles and movies that are well below his standards. This is not one of those roles or movies. Sensitively played, and ideal for the role. Good work too by Anne Hathaway, who is very convincing as the go- getting entrepreneur.

kz917-1 2 years ago

Enjoyable film about a woman trying to have it all.Disappointed about the storyline with the husband. I really wanted her to kick him to the curb after dallying about.Otherwise Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway were lovely and had great chemistry (friendly) onscreen.Worth a rental!

fearlessone-82664 2 years ago

At first glance this movie seems like a decent movie but it's really not...Synopsis: A privilege white woman with mommy issues and too much opportunity starts a business off an unoriginal idea (cause online clothes shopping is nothing new), gets sad when she's too successful and starts an inappropriate friendship with an old intern who decided that a life time of working and having the chance to actually retire is too boring in a world where millions of people can only dream of retirement one day and decides to apply to work for said white woman for free.Said woman is riddled with guilt about her success because her spoiled hipster husband stays at home, contributes nothing but minimal parenting responsibility and then decides to cheat because his ego is so fragile that he can't stand his wife being a successful human being. Over the course of a month (or maybe 2?) nothing changes except that said woman stays with piece of child man child after a half ass apology. Old guy who had a lifetime of happiness with his now deceased wife gets a girlfriend because being alone is bad. Ends with Tai Chi session in a park in downtown New York (somehow?) to symbolize how hard life is for white people and sometimes you just need to appropriate Chinese culture to make yourself feel better.Overall, this movie has no substance to it. But the cast is nice to look at, I guess.

dlewis05 2 years ago

Thanks you !!!

Leofwine_draca 2 years ago

In 1983 an event happened which changed the course of history. An impossible event that nobody ever thought could happen. Luigi Cozzi actually managed to make a film EVEN CHEESIER than his previous epic, 1979's STARCRASH! Proving that he had learnt nothing about film-making in the four years since, Cozzi now attempted to cash in on 1983's sword-and-sorcery boom which came in the wake of CONAN THE BARBARIAN. Carefully he gathered together all the right ingredients - a wide distributor in the form of the dreaded Cannon films, headed by the unforgettable Golan-Globus team; possibly the only muscleman ever to rival Schwarzenegger in terms of sheer bulk; a really appalling script; pretty much the same crew and effects men he used in his 1979 film; plus loads of impressive sets. The best thing that can be said about HERCULES is that visually, it stands out from the crowd. The sets are huge and the special effects - utilising the familiar back projection and matte shots - whilst not always convincing, are at least spectacular.Watching this movie, you might be forgiven for thinking you've tuned into a science fiction film instead because this is Hercules unlike ever before. The slow prologue charts the formation of the universe and goes on for an age. Then the mythic heroic character - played by dozens in the peplum films of the 1960s and best-remembered in the persona of Steve Reeves - is transported into a quasi-futuristic universe, where the gods all live on the moon and people can fly through space just like that. Instead of the traditional monsters for Hercules to fight, he finds himself up against some giant robots, stop-motion relics which look like they're left over from STARCRASH. I guess the best reason I can think of is that jerky robotic motion is a lot easier - and quicker - to create than the more traditional monsters of Harryhausen, so Cozzi saved a few bucks by swapping monsters for robots. No matter that the film doesn't make sense, as its just for uncomplaining kids anyway.Often, the film is trying to watch because it just overdoes it with the cheese. Zeus and Hera keep popping up at every minute like in CLASH OF THE TITANS to offer advice, whilst the constantly-moving, globetrotting antics quickly become tiresome. Bad scripting is complemented by bad acting, most apparent in the case of Lou Ferrigno, whose attempts at acting make him even more wooden than an early Schwarzenegger. Still, physically Ferrigno is at his peak, covered in baby oil, with every inch of muscle on his body bulging and glistening for the world to see. Although his acting is a million times worse than that of Reeves, at least his bulk is bigger.The film offers plenty of opportunity for Ferrigno to flex his bodybuilding muscles. Even as a baby he finds opportunity to strangle two slimy serpents sent to dispatch him. From a mangy bear to a flying robot, a centaur robot, and a three-headed hydra robot, Hercules spends most of the film fighting something or other. He also takes part in some cheap gladiator games headed by stern-faced Augias, played by former muscleman Brad Harris in what is only a cameo performance for name value alone - a little sad, as I was hoping Harris would get up to some of his old rock-lifting tricks. The STAR WARS influence is even apparent on this movie, with glowing swords replacing light sabers in a battle scene at the finale.Most of the female cast members spend the film half naked and displaying their ample curves, but when the actresses include the sultry Mirella D'Angelo, the sweet Ingrid Anderson, and the slightly scary Sybil Danning, there's no cause for complaint. Many familiar faces pad out the cast, most former stars now on their way out. As evil bad guy King Minos, William Berger (FIVE DOLLS FOR AN AUGUST MOON) chews the scenery with relish but doesn't beat Joe Spinell in terms of hammy overacting. Fan favourite Bobby Rhodes (DEMONS) appears as an African king (!) but he doesn't even get out of his seat to take part in any action. Watch out for Claudio Cassinelli (ISLAND OF MUTATIONS) in the lamest white wig and beard ever, playing Zeus at far too young an age.Although the film is cheap and cheerful, it still sets out to try and portray some legendary deeds. Thus we have Hercules diverting a river to clean out the stables of Augias, crossing the River Styx with the aid of that spooky boatman, bending swords, tossing rocks, and fighting off dozens of opponents at one time. The most hilarious scene is when he kills a bear and throws the body into space, thus forming a new star constellation. Yet even this ridiculous moment is beaten by a later point in the film where he throws a log into space which smashes into another planet! Frankly hilarious stuff, and the kind of effects-laden cheese they just can't many anymore. Films nowadays have to be deadly serious or stupidly funny, and are unable to take themselves tongue-in-cheek like HERCULES. The most astonishing thing about this movie is that it was successful enough to spawn a sequel, two years later!

SensibleSam 2 years ago

Lou was awesome in this 80's flick of awesomeness!! The entire cast was great too! I just really enjoyed this movie and will watch it over and over again. Movies today have lost their substance so I'm an older movie fanatic!! Two thumbs way up!!❤️❤️❤️ FYI Lou still looks great!! The effects were good for the 80's and the story came together very well! I love the costumes, dialogue and effects. I love any movie with Lou in it frankly but this one's my top favorite and all his other movies come right after that! This a good Sunday family time movie. I watched it with my teen boys and even they agree that for the time, the story and overall movie was awesome! I highly recommend this film to cinema buffs. I don't like to call these movies b- movies or whatever because they all tried to be great movies, it's just sad some folks can't see through the era and truly enjoy the movie. So get the family on the couch, get some popcorn and press play on the Hercules movie!!

FlashCallahan 2 years ago

The story of Hercules, brought to you by the Cannon, the greatest producers of cheese in the nineties, and starring Lou Ferrigno, a beefcake who is overdubbed within an inch of his life.So you end up with a Beefy cheese Pitta bread based movie, with a side of ham.It's really hard to be angry at a film that is as bad as Hercules. It stars Lou Ferrigno, someone who is famous for wearing green tights and being angry, rather than his acting skills.And it's produced by Cannon, whom, unashamedly in the eighties, tried to make a quick buck by making cheaper versions of successful movies (see also, King Soloman's Mines, and Missing In Action). They were The Asylum of their time.Don't get me wrong, I'm a Cannon group addict, they made some fantastic movies in the eighties, and each one, including this, had a charm about them, in only a way that the eighties could emulate.The effects are mind numbingly bad, especially the part where baby Hercules gets attacked by two really stiff rubber snakes, and the scene where his arm gets frozen and burnt.But Ferrigno, bless the big chunk o' man, he really seems to be trying hard to be a big star, and I could imagine that Golan and Globus promised him the worlds riches, just as long as he didn't see that film called Conan.But all in all, it's ridiculous stuff, light effects that Lloyd Webber would be proud of, and some atrocious acting from the likes of the extras, who look like they are taking a lunch break from a desk job.And then there's the sequel.

TheLittleSongbird 2 years ago

Love animation and have really enjoyed to loved many superhero films, animated and live-action. Justice League has always interested me too. Of the DC animated films, there are some good ones out there as well as some disappointments. 'Batman: Bad Blood' is one of the bigger disappointments and towards the weaker half of the DC animated films. To me, it is not as bad as has been made out, there are some good qualities here, but agree with a lot of the criticisms made and feel it could have been much better. There was actually a good idea on paper here, this good idea just on the most part didn't make it on screen and this is a big shame.Starting with the good things, the best thing about 'Batman: Bad Blood' is the animation. There are some very nice detailed backgrounds, the characters are designed well and the colours are dynamic and atmospheric. The music is both haunting and rousing, a good fit for the film's mood. Alfred is awesome as one can hope, just wish there was more, and Dick and Nightwing are also handled well. The voice acting for the heroes is pretty decent, from especially Sean Maher, Stuart Allan and James Garrett. Jason O'Mara is credible as Batman, but has little to do. Morena Maccarin actually does a quite good job as Talia Al Ghul all things considered, that the character is disappointingly written does not rest at her door in terms of blame, it's the writers' fault entirely. Some of the action is well animated and has its thrills.However, 'Batman: Bad Blood' does have a lot against it. Namely that it has too many characters (most of them handled in a way that underwhelms), trying to include too many subplots of very variable quality, crammed into a far too short running time, meaning that the film . As said, few of the characters are satisfactorily handled. For a title that indicates that it's a Batman film, even when one is reading the film's summary, there is far too little of Batman and far too much of the significantly less interesting Batwoman, who is not an interesting or well explored character at all and is instead one-dimensional, clichéd and very difficult to like let alone engage with. Saw absolutely no point to the inclusion of Batwing, whose character suffers from all the problems with Batwoman except the screen time issue. A much better job could have been done with the villains, devoid of much menace or complexity on the whole with very vague motivations. The exception is the suitably mysterious Heretic, but needed more to do. Meanwhile Talia Al Ghul is particularly wronged here.Writing on the most part takes simplicity to the extreme and becomes simplistic and feels stilted as well. So many cringe-worthy lines here. The main story was potentially interesting but wasn't gritty enough or focused on enough, even getting lost amidst the attempts at developing the new characters that come off unsuccessfully. It is agreed that the male villains' voice acting is too similar, mainly because at least three of them are in multiple roles that they all sound too samey in, John Di Maggio a particular example and usually Di Maggio is very good at voicing villains. While Steve Blum is a very talented voice actor and has often excelled in voicing villains, he's over-parted. The action on the most part lacks tension, and the far too easy, abrupt and insulting dispatching of some of the villains does them no justice. In conclusion, disappointing but not unwatchable. 4/10 Bethany Cox

DCfan 2 years ago

Considering how much negativity this movie has got it is actually better than Batman VS. Robin but there are facts which I don't get like with Talia she let Damian go to his father so he could train him but in this movie, she created a clone of an older version of her son to kill the Batfamily? It is not as bad as everyone says but it could have been better in a way. I also liked the bit with Batgirl at the end I hope they add at the end of the movie I hope she gets more movies.

moorek 2 years ago

Although DC has a reputation for bad live action movies, they have a great reputation for animated movies. I have seen many of them and have enjoyed most of them. This one had too many minor subplots and was weak.1) If you didn't see some of the other movies then elements of the plot line are not clear. All movies should ultimately stand on their own.2) Some DC films have been for kids but this is fortunately darker with some characters actually dying.3) Found it an overall physically dark movie. Yes it is Batman and he fights at night. I didn't realize just how dark the film felt until it was over.4) I liked the extended family storyline a little bit and the multiple villains. Not enough to overwhelm but enough for variety.5) I liked that Batwoman was a gay character. Liked her back story and the scenes with her father. However she was not an especially good fighter and that lack of experience seemed to endanger others.Worth watching and owning if you have the other DC movies. It is on Netflix so you can watch it free.

ironfist22se 12 years ago


Keep up the good work

david1 12 years ago

You rock!

Indiox 12 years ago


darkg 12 years ago

Nice, now I got all of these covers packs 1-96 (and I'll seed 'em all for days sweetheart me)

Except this single one (86)... stuck at 68.1% :-/ I guess it will come around eventually though :-)

darkg 12 years ago

It's all fine; all current (1-96) downloaded - thanks to Biomechanical and others who seed!

4 more packages and it's a thousand covers :-D

NFFC 14 years ago

mog - the DVD came out here in the UK on october 11th, not seen it anywhere for download though

qnp 14 years ago

may I just remind you that "serier" aint for tv-series, its for comics, tv belongs under the tv category.

keep up the good work (seeding)

wobinb 14 years ago

sorry about that, my swedish isn't so good,


limlaith 13 years ago

im stuck at 98,7%! can someone help me out plz

qnp 14 years ago

may I just remind you that "serier" aint for tv-series, its for comics, tv belongs under the tv category.

keep up the good work (seeding)

sztyx 5 years ago

Thanks for uploading but any chance of upping CL from 2009 by itself? I'd like to see it but I have a max on how much I can download each month. Pleeeeeeease! :)

spevman 5 years ago

Exactly what kind of file is this? The name shows as "c66a95237e3c6fcfcff050ff3f7d3a69e3" with no file extension. Its really a single 112.76 GIGABYTE file?

chats 5 years ago

Sorry, this torrent is dead ! I’m having some issues. Will RE-upload when issue resolved

SHONenbot 5 years ago

Really hope you manage to upload this, it is truly a treasure.

thebookworm01 6 years ago

Thank you for this Webshots collection!

izilizi 8 years ago

Could you pls seed a few hours? So i can get them, i will seed when im done for some time

anonymous 2 years ago

Fuc% the outcome of the US elections.  Fuc% those who think that they can control others.  Fight for freedom!

anonymous 2 years ago

It was a good movie but it was very slow paced.

anonymous 2 years ago

Thank You, Looks like a good movie

anonymous 11 months ago

Dear Sides! Please go back to the distribution. Please help download the movie. Many thanks!

anonymous 1 year ago

Looks like a collaboration of Shakespeare, Fellini and Timothy Leary! Gorgeous!!

netjuzzar 14 years ago

I'm happy Gorgeous music Thanx a lot

neilb 14 years ago

Excellent. Thankyou very much.

svante 14 years ago

Tackar - hade inte heller nån aning om att denna var på gång.

svendufva 14 years ago

Tackar, tackar. Kanonplatta.

Midknight 14 years ago

thank's a bunch....:)

Gustav88 14 years ago

Men seeda då! Snälla

therri 12 years ago

kjempe bra hilsen fra mo i rana

anonymous 2 years ago

Thank you for the upload Someone else already pointed out in the comments of the last episode that this is essentially 'brain porn'. I really calms me and it's informative. I just love these small, simple shows. I just hope James May will stay true to this format and not go big with like assambling a bulldozer or some 𐌔Һit.

anonymous 2 years ago

Thank you for posting this, it's very appreciated!

anonymous 2 years ago

file ends before fade/credits.

81ack 3 years ago

thanks :))

anonymous 1 year ago

pls post Impractical.Jokers-After.Party.S01E05 "Silence of the Lame", airdate = 2017-08-31

anonymous 1 year ago

pls post S01E09 and S01E05, thx!

anonymous 2 years ago

Getting the MSVCP140.dll Error I installed the game with my antivirus off and Copied the crack. I usually never have any trouble with games but what's going that I haven't thought of trying yet?

anonymous 1 year ago

download the MSVCP140.dll and put it into the system32 folder. Should fix for you

anonymous 2 years ago

Is it me or this game just won't start after the Bethesda logo?

anonymous 2 years ago

any anal action in this one? like a mod

anonymous 2 years ago

"The Special Edition includes the critically acclaimed game  and add-ons with all-new features like remastered art and  effects,  volumetric god rays, dynamic depth  of field,  screen-space  reflections,  and more. Skyrim Special Edition also brings the full power of  mods to the PC and Xbox One." What do they mean with the last bit? Full power of mods?

anonymous 2 years ago

meaning they officially support mods, meaning Bethesda is actually attempting to make it mod friendly instead of being a dick about it like they were when it was first released

anonymous 2 years ago

Even after the crack, it still tries to load steam

anonymous 2 years ago

seeded 2/1 ratio . will continue seeding, thanks for the upload

anonymous 2 years ago

Btw for anyone that wonders u can use your old saves with this release.So again oblige team CODEX and a big thank goes to uploader to..Enjoy a lovely weekend.

anonymous 2 years ago

Got a letter from the cable company for this one. Who cares, love this game.

anonymous 10 months ago

thankss CODEX... awesome work

anonymous 1 year ago

Test Time Zone

anonymous 1 year ago

You don't have to burn and mount the iso. Use Universal Extractor to extract the iso.

anonymous 1 year ago

Multi language?

anonymous 1 year ago

Ho! Is multi lenguage?

anonymous 1 year ago

Bought a new computer with updated Window 10, still can't get this to work.

anonymous 1 year ago

version ?

anonymous 1 year ago

I followed all steps but when trying to open the file, received this error message:

C:Program Files (x86)The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Editionsteam_api64.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support. Error status 0xc000012f.

Has anyone else encountered this and/or know how to fix? Thanks

anonymous 1 year ago


anonymous 1 year ago

doesn't work

anonymous 2 years ago

I'm not seeing this in other comments... but the iso doesn't open for me and I got a copyright infringement letter from my isp... They're watching this one!

anonymous 1 year ago

nord vpn $4 a month

anonymous 2 years ago

why am i having an ISDone.dll problem

anonymous 2 years ago

how much better are the graphics in this game compared to the orignal?

shukaka78 2 years ago

i did everything in the instructions but then says api-ms-win-crt-convert-l1-1-0.dll is missing


this works fine. win 10 64x

kamikadze144 2 years ago

When i try run game it says "internal error 0X06: system error!" anyone know how to fix it?

SociallyA 2 years ago

@Afonsix2 How on earth do you apply the update 1.2? The notes are all in Jap and I have no idea what to do with all the files in p1 and p2

promzee 2 years ago

This was a huge waste of time and internet. This special edition or whatever it is it blows. There is just a little improvement of the landscape and trees but everything else is just like the original TSEV skyrim. I installed it, played for an hour and hated it. I have skyrim legendery edition too. I prefer the old game with mods than this crappy remastered edition. There is no way I'm buying this crap for $39.

leu20 2 years ago

how to solv the problem with the sream? every time im trying to enter the game its enering the steam and i thing i need to pay 39 c for the game... pleas help

promzee 2 years ago

Everyone with internal errors, system errors and Mscvp140.dll errors just install everything from the "common redist" folder in the game directory. and make sure you have the latest version of directX installed. I had these problems at first. Now the game is running great on my pc.

Fiddler123 2 years ago

It installed without problem, but when I tried to run skyrimSE.exe Avast told me it has Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] and moved the file into quarantine.

lingo21 2 years ago

Made an account just to warn to anyone wanting to get this torrent: DON'T. It installs a metric shit-ton of trojans and fucks with the system32 folder. Had to spend the better half of a day nuking my laptop after making the mistake of installing it. Better off using any number of different torrents on this site.

Buzzdb666 2 years ago

Be careful everyone. My ISP was able to track this torrent and suspended my service because of it.

Sholaska18 2 years ago

Is working on an Windows 7 OP. Just follow the instructions.

pandaholic2 2 years ago

Don't get it. Was tracked for copyright through service provider

matiac 1 year ago

works allright for me, thanks!

realryco 1 year ago

hey man, could you please upload the newest version 1.5.3? that would be freaking awesome

Petty666 1 year ago

This worked PERFECTLY! Ran the setup.exe as Admin, Installed it and ran the game as Admin. My PC automatically set the graphics for Low and it still looks amazing! I'm truly surprised that this actually worked, is playable and actually has the performance to go along with it! Cheers!

N-Kush 11 months ago

SKSE doesn't work on this version. Wish I knew that before installing it. Ah, live and learn.

maxstache 10 months ago

Hey so I got it to download and everything but every time I try to play it just takes me to the steam store.

FlankerB 2 years ago

is this the announced remastered edition?

Heccer 2 years ago

Special Edition = Remaster edition ;)

ryanswaggie 2 years ago


abhijeetw99 2 years ago

game has bug, stucks at starting................!

Tdub1993 2 years ago

opening the game up after installing just redirects you to the trailer video for skyrim on steam. Does anyone know how to fix this?

GENE3405 1 year ago

all dlc's included??

KungligBanan 9 months ago

3 months late answer but yes it does include all dlcs.

pentoy 2 years ago

can you tell us how to change the language i cant understand it

Buzz42 2 years ago

Should I use a VPN if this is an external torrent?Plz help.

sicRage 1 year ago

Si vis pacem, para bellum

oxot 1 year ago

Good seeding. Worked perfectly. Thank you.

Favor1te 11 months ago

How to play it on 32bit ? Is not working.

anonymous 4 years ago

so out of sync its unwatchable

anonymous 4 years ago

out of zink

anonymous 4 years ago

sound delay

anonymous 3 years ago

Srbija do Tokija , albanci mrs u picku materinu

anonymous 3 years ago

Ljudi, zasto nece da udje u igricu. taman krene i odmah izbaci? jel radi na win 8.1?

anonymous 3 years ago


anonymous 3 years ago


anonymous 3 years ago

Extraaaaaaa Nikad boljaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

anonymous 3 years ago

grafique so bad

anonymous 3 years ago


anonymous 3 years ago


anonymous 3 years ago


anonymous 1 year ago

PO meni je bolji pes 16 nego pes  17 i 18

anonymous 1 year ago

Extra igrica imam i Fifu kupljenu al ovo je najjaca igrica ipo meni najbolji pes naravno posle 6-ice koja kidaa

anonymous 1 year ago

does it works on normal pc with intel hd graphics 5500 and 4 gb ram?

anonymous 1 year ago

do this game work online??

anonymous 2 years ago

gde crack da skinem

anonymous 2 years ago

Hahahahhaha niko paznju ne obraca na igricu a Srbi i Hrvati i Crnogorci svi smo mi braca samo Albanci mrs u picku materinu

anonymous 2 years ago

nice game

anonymous 2 years ago


anonymous 2 years ago

please speak in english

anonymous 2 years ago

ljudii jel zna neko da instalira ovaj pes plizz treba mi odmah

anonymous 2 years ago

kako da skinem

anonymous 2 years ago

Pre svega pozdrav svima. Dobio sam ovaj link,a ne razumem se u racunare i ne umem da instaliram pes '16.Pa bi mi bila potrebna pomoc i instrukcije kako da krenem i kako da zavrsim instalaciju? U napred hvala svima koji budu voljni da mi pomognu Srdacan pozdrav

anonymous 8 months ago

please is there anyway for u guys to paste the patches on this site too. its really necessary

campeao11 3 years ago


minhso 3 years ago

Wow this actually works, thank you.

zamuray 3 years ago

in reloaded web site u must download the HD GRAPHICS PATCH and relators and comments in diff languages

pavkeee 2 years ago

I am having problems. Settings want remember my setups. For example, Settings can't remember that I selected Full screen mode, and that I choose to play with a joystick. How to solve this ?

therealkucy 2 years ago

thx! somewhere over ROTA IMAGNA

anonymous 8 months ago

Yes! Much better, than HC Rip.

anonymous 1 year ago

great site!

DalekKitty 9 months ago

Thank you kindly

ivantotmo 1 year ago

Sam Smith FTW! Good Torrent

anonymous 2 years ago

The original No Man's Sky

anonymous 2 years ago

the last thing EA made that was decent was Dpaint 3 on the amiga

anonymous 2 years ago

Some people in this world are still in stage two

anonymous 2 years ago

This game could've been so much more, but it was released by EA, who are allergic to quality. :/

anonymous 2 years ago

Electronic Arts took Will's Dream for Sim Everything, and said "This is too complicated for four year olds, make it like Simon says!"

anonymous 2 years ago

still better than no man's sky

anonymous 1 year ago

can't get online...

anonymous 1 year ago

eat sh!t b!tch

anonymous 2 years ago

I got an invalid file path error when installing, but I don't have any invalid characters..Dose anybody know how to solve it ?

anonymous 2 years ago

the game is starting, i can`t choose the 1st planet- game is non functional. Just a waste of time

anonymous 2 years ago


anonymous 2 years ago


anonymous 2 years ago

Nice! I thought they had released more expansions/DLC...

anonymous 2 years ago

setup fail foler name issue

anonymous 2 years ago

Can you upload Mirrors Edge aswell ? It got released on GOG.

anonymous 2 years ago


anonymous 2 years ago

Puercodyos, no se escarga na phava

anonymous 2 years ago

Is it the right episode? What "S02E16" means?

anonymous 2 years ago


anonymous 2 years ago

complete episode...... long fade to black, no credits

kajalsushttp://extraimage.net/images/2017/03/02/dc4935121caa7b1ae865f34301963263.jpg 2 years ago
MahiricaNNo 2 years ago

Fuck the password ... you need to pay for it.BYE

sallysolo 2 years ago

so is this free or not :/ ??

JillsNipple 2 years ago

I downloaded this torrent from a different site, but Fitgirl's Sims 4 release does not require a password or payment. I looked at the files in this torrent and they're the same as what I downloaded, so I'm not sure what MahiricaNNo is talking about.

mikeyg50cent 2 years ago

It does not ask for password and it's the same one from fitgirls site.

sallysolo 1 year ago

hello ! i dont have sims 4 on my pc and i tried to install this directly but it wont install !! it just stops at 0.0 can someone p^ls help me ?? thank you

sporkdesigns 1 year ago

Work's like a charm! Here's my gameplay. youtu.be/OHNmlBy-AR4

itamonster 1 year ago

downloaded game step by step and it still says i need origin running ot play it,,,

Przemyslaw Orawiec 1 year ago

I was really dissapointed with this movie right from the beginning. It's very over the top and went from an iconic action movie to sci-fi/comedy/action film with poor storyline. I don't know what the director was thinking. It was painful to watch.

BA_Harrison 1 year ago

The original Kingsman movie was a finely tuned comic-book adventure that presented OTT violence and astonishing action set pieces galore, all with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. For his sequel, director Matthew Vaughn attempts to give us more of the same, only bigger and louder, but fails on almost every level.There's way too much CGI. From the opening car chase, to the ridiculous robot dogs, to the stupid cable car scene, The Golden Circle suffers from far too much unconvincing digital trickery.The film panders to the American market by introducing the US equivalent of The Kingsman, Southern secret agents The Statesman. The first film possessed a wholly British charm; this one doesn't, and suffers greatly for it.Julianne Moore. Superb actress, but totally miscast as the film's villain, drug baron Poppy.Bringing back Colin Firth as a confused lepidopterist was a really bad move. From badass to befuddled butterfly collector. Why bother?And what was the point of Halle Berry as wannabe Statesman Ginger? She is given absolutely nothing of interest to do throughout the entire film.Worst of all, we have Sir Elton John, not in a brief cameo (THAT, I might have forgiven), but in several supposedly funny scenes so utterly diabolical that they simply have to be seen to be believed. Kingsman 3 had better be Elton free...

druetto-21484 1 year ago

You can't imagine how much i wanted to like this movie, but the truth is that it is actually terrible, and even worse if you compare it with the first one. They've turned what could've been a magnificent movie in some sort of generic comedy that tries really hard to be a serious movie. Horrible, ridiculous script ("We should drink to Scotland").Awkward situations, like when the princess is hanging out with Eggsy and his friends, who act and look like tramps. Why is she even there? She's a princess, dammit! Does she even like those people? They could've shot the scene without her and there'd be no difference.Moronic, nonsensical characters (Poppy and the president, for instance).Great actors, yet horrible performances (Colin Firth, Mark Strong). Tatum's character (Tequila) is just useless, he literally appears a couple of times in the movie and then he gets poisoned. Contributes nothing to the plot.Also, the Kingsman were supposed to be the best of the best, but even though, agent Tequila, an agent from the Statesman, seems to beat two Kingsman agents at the same time without even blinking. Scary Movie-like "humor" (agent Whiskey, while fighting some crazy idiots in a bar, throws one of the guys against a table that's right behind where Harry is sitting as the camera focuses on how he keeps talking to Merlin and Eggsy like nothing happened). Very bad CGI. I don't even need to explain this here, if you watch the movie, you'll see what am i talking about.Situations that add nothing to the plot (Merlin, who has never shown interest in music whatsoever, out of the blue, decides that he likes John Denver, which is nothing but a lame excuse to show him singing "Country Roads" before he dies, in an attempt to make the scene somehow "epic"). There are a lot more of details that make this movie bad, but these are the ones which bugged me the most. Even though, this movie is worth a watch if you liked the first one and you want to keep up with Kingsman's storyline.

outhwaite 11 months ago

thanks YTSAGx

wiel055 11 months ago

100% Perfect Thank You!

onush1711 1 year ago

Print quality not so good. Buy you may wath.

oghaki 1 year ago

Can anyone give any information about the media streams in this release, or even what container it uses? I've noticed several of these releases lately where absolutely no media information is gives aside from a vertical resolution number. Is the audio 5.1? Is it AAC, AC3, etc.? Is the video xvid, x.264, x.265? I make my decision on which torrent to download based entirely on that information, and I imagine a lot of other people do as well.

WWW.YTS.AG.jpg 106 kB
Kingsman.The.Golden.Circle.2017.720p.BluRay.x264-[YTS.AG].mp4 1.1 GB
Kingsman The Golden Circle (2017) [YTS.AG]/WWW.YTS.AG.jpg 103 kB
Kingsman The Golden Circle (2017) [YTS.AG]/Kingsman.The.Golden.Circle.2017.720p.BluRay.x264-[YTS.AG].mp4 1.0 GB
Kingsman The Golden Circle (2017) [yts.bypassed.org]/WWW.yts.bypassed.org.jpg 103 kB
Kingsman The Golden Circle (2017) [yts.bypassed.org]/Kingsman.The.Golden.Circle.2017.720p.BluRay.x264-[yts.bypassed.org].mp4 1.0 GB
Downloading Seeding Kingsman The Golden Circle (2017) [YTS.AG] from to 0 peers.
0 b/s / ↗0 b/s