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Lynda - AutoCAD 2017 Essential Training
FYI : This Course will be good to the Best for DL within 30 days after has been posed, after that it might not be good DL already, please do me favour to continue seeding to keep this torrent alive.
8h 40m Appropriate for all Mar 21, 2016 | Uploaded in May 8, 2016 by 2boweb
Subject: CAD
Software: AutoCAD
Author: Shaun Bryant
Learn everything you need to know to create precise 2D and 3D drawings with AutoCAD 2017. These tutorials provide AutoCAD beginners (and pros who want to learn more) with the skills required to use AutoCAD 2017 effectively in any industry—architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, or product design.

Autodesk Certified Instructor Shaun Bryant reviews the user interface and leads you step-by-step through all of AutoCAD's tools, menus, and features. Learn how to create and modify geometry, layers, blocks, dimensions, and layouts. Find out how to draw more accurately with AutoCAD's snapping and coordinate model, and add text and annotations that help others understand your drawings. Ready to share your work with others? Discover how to output your drawings in a variety of formats. Even experienced AutoCAD pros can find something new to learn.
Topics include:
• Exploring the AutoCAD interface
• Converting drawing units
• Using DWT template files
• Zooming and panning around drawings
• Drawing simple geometry and objects
• Moving, scaling, and rotating
• Using Fillet and Chamfer
• Drawing with snapping and coordinates
• Adding hatching and gradients
• Adding text to drawings
• Working with dimensions
• Grouping objects
• Creating reusable blocks
• Designing tables
• Working with XREFs
• Creating layouts
• Adding annotations
• Outputting drawings

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samrong 2 years ago

Thanks for this great value upload...!!

Do you have the Lynda - AutoCAD 2016 Essential Training including Exercise Files [ExFilesAutoCAD2016EssT.zip (7.3MB) ExFilesAutoCAD2016EssT_Free.zip (41.0KB].

An upload would be generously appreciated.


sage99x 2 years ago

do you have Lynda SketchUp 2017 Essential Training?

Using the navigation bar-485265.mp4 25 MB
Using annotative dimensions-485352.mp4 24 MB
Creating and using arrays-485280.mp4 24 MB
Creating a simple dynamic block-485330.mp4 23 MB
Adding fields to a table-485338.mp4 22 MB
Polylines and splines-485273.mp4 21 MB
Framing text in a title block-485307.mp4 20 MB
Opening, saving, and closing files-485255.mp4 20 MB
Creating and using blocks-485327.mp4 19 MB
Batch plotting-485358.mp4 19 MB
Using ISODRAFT with isometric drawings-485297.mp4 19 MB
Selecting objects-485277.mp4 18 MB
Using the ribbon-485247.mp4 18 MB
Using Polar Tracking-485293.mp4 18 MB
Rectangles and polygons-485274.mp4 18 MB
Using dimensions-485310.mp4 18 MB
Using template files—DWT-485259.mp4 17 MB
Using Grid and Snap-485291.mp4 17 MB
Using the layer tools-485323.mp4 17 MB
Using the navigation bar-485251.mp4 17 MB
Working with attribute definitions-485334.mp4 17 MB
Editing hatches and gradients-485301.mp4 17 MB
Using the ViewCube-485264.mp4 17 MB
Adding a title block - Part 2-485350.mp4 17 MB
Editing and managing options-485258.mp4 17 MB
Working with dimension styles-485309.mp4 17 MB
Lines-485269.mp4 16 MB
Using the ViewCube-485252.mp4 16 MB
Using Fillet and Chamfer-485287.mp4 16 MB
Setting drawing units-485256.mp4 16 MB
Designing a table-485337.mp4 16 MB
Points and donuts-485275.mp4 16 MB
Plotting from Model and Layout tabs-485356.mp4 16 MB
Working with coordinates-485292.mp4 15 MB
Editing dimensions and dimension overrides-485311.mp4 15 MB
Using Stretch and Lengthen-485283.mp4 15 MB
Converting drawing units-485257.mp4 15 MB
Using Trim and Extent-485282.mp4 15 MB
New layers and the Layer dropdown menu-485322.mp4 15 MB
Working with text styles-485303.mp4 15 MB
Using WBLOCK-485331.mp4 15 MB
Accessing external blocks from the Internet-485332.mp4 15 MB
Creating a block with attributes-485335.mp4 15 MB
Single-line text-485304.mp4 15 MB
Model and layout-485266.mp4 15 MB
Using grips and grip editing-485285.mp4 14 MB
Creating a layout and adding a viewport-485346.mp4 14 MB
Using revision clouds-485353.mp4 14 MB
Changing workspaces-485248.mp4 14 MB
Using object-snap tracking-485296.mp4 14 MB
Using object snaps-485295.mp4 14 MB
Page setups-485355.mp4 14 MB
Adding a title block - Part 1-485349.mp4 14 MB
Working with object properties-485319.mp4 14 MB
Using multileaders-485317.mp4 14 MB
Outputting to different file formats-485359.mp4 13 MB
Grouping objects-485326.mp4 13 MB
Working with table styles-485336.mp4 13 MB
Packaging with eTransmit-485357.mp4 13 MB
The shortcut menu-485253.mp4 13 MB
Using Dynamic Input-485294.mp4 13 MB
Multiline text (MTEXT)-485305.mp4 13 MB
Using the Hatch command-485299.mp4 13 MB
Spacing dimensions-485313.mp4 12 MB
Changing the linetype scale-485320.mp4 12 MB
Editing polylines and splines-485289.mp4 12 MB
Using Divide and Measure-485288.mp4 12 MB
Using Move and Copy-485278.mp4 12 MB
Using Scale and Rotate-485279.mp4 12 MB
Using Offset and Mirror-485281.mp4 12 MB
Using annotative text styles-485351.mp4 12 MB
Using the status bar-485249.mp4 12 MB
Exploring the user interface-485246.mp4 12 MB
Saving and restoring views-485267.mp4 12 MB
Editing XREFs-485343.mp4 11 MB
Using the drawing tabs-485250.mp4 11 MB
Using Hide and Isolate-485321.mp4 11 MB
Other layer tools-485324.mp4 10 MB
Ellipses-485272.mp4 10 MB
Using the Explode command-485329.mp4 10 MB
Breaking dimensions-485312.mp4 10 MB
Using Zoom commands-485261.mp4 9.9 MB
Attaching and overlaying XREFs-485341.mp4 9.9 MB
Circles-485270.mp4 9.8 MB
Freezing viewport layers-485348.mp4 9.6 MB
Arcs-485271.mp4 9.6 MB
Continue dimensions-485314.mp4 9.4 MB
Using Break and Join-485284.mp4 9.1 MB
Using the mouse-485263.mp4 8.8 MB
Using the Gradient command-485300.mp4 8.8 MB
Automatic dimensioning-485316.mp4 8.7 MB
Redefining block definitions-485328.mp4 8.4 MB
Using pan-485262.mp4 8.2 MB
Locking viewports-485347.mp4 8.1 MB
Using boundaries-485286.mp4 7.6 MB
Clipping XREFs-485342.mp4 7.4 MB
Aligning text-485306.mp4 7.4 MB
Working with XREFs-485340.mp4 7.1 MB
Editing XREFs in place-485344.mp4 7.1 MB
Welcome-485242.mp4 6.5 MB
Baseline dimensions-485315.mp4 5.1 MB
Next steps-485361.mp4 4.4 MB
What you should know before watching this course-485243.mp4 3.1 MB
Using the exercise files-485244.mp4 2.1 MB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 5/05_ModifyingObjects.dwg 361 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 7/07_HatchingGradients.dwg 330 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 14/14_Layouts_TITLEBLOCK.dwg 328 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 14/14_Layouts.dwg 327 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 13/13_XREFs.dwg 321 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 15/15_CreatingOutput.dwg 320 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 9/09_Dimensioning.dwg 320 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 8/08_UsingText.dwg 317 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 16/16_Conclusion.dwg 270 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 4/04_DrawingObjects.dwg 246 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 3/03_NavigatingDrawings.dwg 222 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 2/02_ManagingFiles.dwg 220 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 1/01_Exploring.dwg 212 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 3/03_NavigatingDrawings3D.dwg 196 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 1/01_Exploring.bak 176 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 15/15_CreatingOutput._GA.pdf 175 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 0/00_Introduction.dwg 174 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 15/15_CreatingOutput_STAIR A.pdf 154 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 12/12_TableStyles_FIELDS.dwg 42 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 13/PropertyLine.dwg 42 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 11/11_WBLOCK.dwg 41 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 2/02_ConvertingUnits.dwg 41 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 12/12_TableStyles.dwg 38 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 10/10_ObjectLayerProperties.dwg 35 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 11/11_ReusingContent.dwg 35 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 11/11_DynamicBlock.dwg 35 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 6/06_DrawingAccurately.dwg 33 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 12/12_Attributes.dwg 33 kB
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 14/14_Layouts_TITLEBLOCK.dwl2 202 B
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 6/06_DrawingAccurately.dwl2 202 B
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 14/14_Layouts_TITLEBLOCK.dwl 52 B
Ex_Files_AutoCAD_2017_EssT/Exercise Files/Chapter 6/06_DrawingAccurately.dwl 52 B
Using template files—DWT-485259.mp4 17 MB
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