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  • Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 v15.13.3 Multi [TechTools.net]
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Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 v15.13.3 Multi [TechTools]

Microsoft has announced the release of the preliminary version of the office suite Office 2016 for the Mac. The new Office for Mac is the first major upgrade package Microsoft Office applications on the platform OS X since the release version of Office 2011. The new version of the program includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook, and also brings a lot of new features, including support for high-resolution displays Retina and full-screen applications. The main focus of her made on standardization and better integration with cloud-based service OneDrive.

System requirements:

  Mac computer with an Intel processor

  Mac OS X version 10.10

  Recommended 1 GB of RAM

  5,62 GB of free hard disk space

  Hard disk formatting such as HFS + (also known as Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus)

  A monitor with 1280×800 resolution or higher

  Recommended Safari 7



| How to use   |


1) Open _ReadMe.txt and read Instructions

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anonymous 3 years ago

Thanks! But where's the _ReadMe.txt?

anonymous 3 years ago

working like a charm! thank you

anonymous 3 years ago

Where is the Readme.txt file?

anonymous 3 years ago

Good !

anonymous 3 years ago

Can this update?

anonymous 10 months ago

no way, just what it is already.

anonymous 3 years ago

Nothing but great

anonymous 1 year ago

hi where's the readme.txt?

anonymous 1 year ago

At least leave a ReadMe file. This doesn't work. Delete it please.

anonymous 9 months ago


anonymous 11 months ago

Awesome! works for me!

anonymous 11 months ago

software on this site is a joke!!!!!!

anonymous 1 year ago

Torrent works fine.  One note, however is that Outlook will not run on macOS High Sierra.  You need to update it; the update file can be found on Microsoft's website.  After the update it seems to be working fine.  This suite is cracked, just install it and you're good to go!

anonymous 1 year ago

Is this multilanguage or english only?

anonymous 1 year ago

Works Perfect! Thanks

anonymous 1 year ago


anonymous 1 year ago


anonymous 2 years ago

I was looking for this since I've got my 2016 MacBook Pro, it is just amazing, thanks uploader, 1000 appreciate...

anonymous 2 years ago

it worked with the last version of sierra

anonymous 2 years ago

is vpn really necessary

anonymous 2 years ago

Couldnt get easier!

anonymous 3 years ago

is it working ?.............

rodrigo8 2 years ago

WTF! Is just MS Word not MS Office pack! Looks like a Open Office with a MS World skin! This is normal for Mac users? On my pc MS Office 2016 is completely different

e2meleng 2 years ago

Hi guys does this work on Sierra?

sequel909 2 years ago

I honestly still can't believe this is actually working. Confirmed on MacOS Sierra 10.12.1. Mount. Double click install package and wait. All is working. I turned off updates just to be safe.

Bye bye Parallels!!

sequel909 2 years ago

Allowed it to run the current updates for all the products. Still working.

woodrow35678 2 years ago

The torrent works great. It installed perfectly and has no hidden issues or troubleshooting needed before you can actually use the applications. Thanks uploader.

msergani 2 years ago

Hi, can anyone confirm that updates will not break this copy?

undertake_ro 2 years ago

This installs ALL the office suite, not only Word as someone mentioned. At the end of the install process, Word is automatically started, but all the other Office suite apps are there: Excel, Powerpoint etc. I started the auto updater and there an update file for both Word and Powerpoint to version 15.27.0, with each update 972Mb and 790Mb. I wanted to see if it works after the update, but the download stopped progressing around 75% and did nothing for some 20 min, after which I stopped the update. If anybody else has run the update, please post if it still works. Finally I have retina-display enabled Word on my mac! Thanks ThumperTM!

rachekr8 2 years ago

Works great, Sierra 10.12.1 ISO wouldn't open with two clicks, used Disk Utility and everything worked fine. Thanks!!

msergani 2 years ago

I ran the updater on Excel and Word - still functional so far.

ferybee 2 years ago

I just download and instal it on macbook Air OS Sierra. And it works just fine for me, using defaut program diskmountimage to extract it. Thank you uploader!

sweetsunj 2 years ago

Excel's VBA not working. Please fix!

udhabkc 2 years ago

good one! includes all word, excel and powerpoint. direct install will work fine.

Jeff5496 2 years ago

Works great. Just downloaded it during class. No issues, I only used word and excel so far, but no problems. Only an ISO file and read me. Simple and just works.

kismu 2 years ago

Works perfectly. I even ran the updates. There has been no issues with updates as well.

piotrek94 2 years ago

is it lagging on Macbook Pro?

yetifats 2 years ago

Wow! This is perfect. Thank you so much. Was so easy to install, it works on Sierra, it is all the apps, not just Word, and it updates with no problems. Also, no need for missing Readme, just mount the ISO and run the installer.

GT123456 2 years ago

works perfectly on 2011 MacAir.

nothintoc 2 years ago

Works perfectly on MacOS 10.12.5. Mount image, install, and updates fine, no serial. No problems so far.

ZoOMBeE 1 year ago

Easy peasy. I toke the .pkg file from the .iso file and opened it on the Mac. Everything seems to be woking fine. No questions asked for now. I don't know if it's gonna last only 30 days o until some auto-update. Do you?

hopize 1 year ago

works fine on High Sierra

aedse 1 year ago

ow cool man...thanks nice file

ThumperTM u are good uploader

kimchuy 1 year ago

Got installed on mac sierra and its working fine :)

izeta 1 year ago

Thanks! Works great on my Macbook

tanel545 1 year ago

Working fine on High Sierra!

1 -
Thumper 2 years ago

Enjoy & SEED!:]

Splatzki 2 years ago

Where can I find the realm.txt?

Craterhead 2 years ago

Multi language version??

djbubbles 2 years ago

There is no read_me.txt?

Thumper 2 years ago

@djbubbles, simple install it, you dont need read me. Regards

chilloutdude 2 years ago

prolly dont understand the dmg is inside the iso

djbubbles 2 years ago

I install it and it keeps asking for registration. I can't do anything... Thanks for uploading ;-)

spetsnaz 10 months ago

@thumper how to activate office?

Thumper 10 months ago

@spetsnaz - This is pre-activated, simple install it.

timelessbeing 1 year ago

Updater crashes too

NaijaJohn 10 months ago

ThumperTM, please i need email generator. different contry emails.

NaijaJohn 10 months ago

Jeff5496 do you know of any software to use generate emails?

testosterone325http://support.office.com/en-us/article/update-history-for-office-2016-for-mac-700ca 10 months ago

Updater crashes but I still managed to get the latest version through Microsoft's "update history" site. Works great! Thanks uploader.

Get updated version here: http://support.office.com/en-us/article/update-history-for-office-2016-for-mac-700cab62-0d67-4f23-947b-3686cb1a8eb7

annxeri 9 months ago

@ThumperTM Thank you so much! This works.

@testosterone325 Thank you for the link. When I tried to update it said no updates available. But when I clicked the link you posted I realized I need the update. Cheers!

anonymous 8 months ago

for win?

Goqu 2 years ago

thanks a lot!

SoCal21 1 year ago

This Works Great, No terminal commands, no extra steps, just skip registration (I did at least), and GO! thanks

Barazarrr 1 year ago

Works perfectly! Thanks!

nowanowa 1 year ago

Thanks buddy! Its perfect!

yukcell 2 years ago


p43n6 2 years ago

thanks much! ::) Dont get too serious in life....--- u wont survive it anyway. :-[

TimBudong 2 years ago

Thank you! Working well.

Karatekiddo 2 years ago

Perfect version, thank you !Just had an issue after upgrading to Sierra. Had to reinstall (crash at startup).

fisherskeen 2 years ago

All good. Cheers bud

GreedySprings 2 years ago

works good on sierra !!!!!!!!!! perfect no crack needed

easyonme 2 years ago

works great! thanks!

aleksandarmilich 2 years ago

Work perfect. Thanks!

orangegreyghost 2 years ago

Merci techtool

xielit 2 years ago

I did't understand if this is pre-activated or not but it seems to work so I guess it is. Thx!!

pedro303 2 years ago

Works well on Sierra OS. Thank You!<< Edited by pedro303 on Apr/19/2017 >>

CubanKnight 2 years ago

Thanks still downloading.. will seed!

kymonopoly 2 years ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I know I am I yelling but that's really how excited I am.

anonymous 8 months ago

Awesome!!! Thank you. Worked with no problems. Using High Sierra 10.13.3

anonymous 3 months ago

Awesome. Thank youuuu

anonymous 5 months ago

thanks will try this one

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