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tonyclarke223 1 week ago

This film really touched me. The story is genuinely unique and it's brilliantly executed. It's set in a post apocalyptic world but not the ones you see time and time again in movies. There's not a lot I can say without giving too much away other than if you've ever lost anyone you love you can help but be moved by this film. I didn't know much about Rumi but his words are so perfect for this movie. The performances are so good especially the kids and the special effects and music are out of this world. Loved it.

markhappyboy 1 week ago

Of course the above reviewer is just having a laugh, the music is really annoying, there are no special affects terribly bad acting by all, and worst child actors I've ever seen! Hated it.

flowerpots1978 1 week ago

Official selection at the prestigous 44th Boston Sci Fi Film Festival. I hope it wins and its selection is a testament to the films power and originality.** minor spoiler alerts **It's about a young boy who is travelling with his mother to a place that grants wishes in a world in which something terrible has happened and most of the people in the world have disappeared and something terrible has come into the world.When his mother dies he has to travel on alone whilst trying to evade this terrible thing (I can't say what it is - except to say it is so unique and very scary)Along the way he meets a number of people each on their own journey and they end up travelling together whilst trying to piece together what actually happened.I can't say much more without giving loads away but its a very powerful film with such a beautiful message at its core, delivered via the poetry of Rumi. There are so much that's original and unique in this film. Its exciting, scary, thrilling and sad and all the cast were brilliant - not a single misstep. The highlights were the two youngsters Matilda Freeman and Flynn Allen, the Priest Peter Guiness and of course Luke Goss, whose performance was superb.The special effects are exquisite and so original. And the ending...well you'll just have to watch the actual film - not just the trailer ;)

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