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An ancient Ring thought lost for centuries has been found, and through a strange twist in fate has been given to a small Hobbit named Frodo. When Gandalf discovers the Ring is in fact the One Ring of the Dark Lord Sauron, Frodo must make an epic quest to the Cracks of Doom in order to destroy it! However he does not go alone. He is joined by Gandalf, Legolas the elf, Gimli the Dwarf, Aragorn, Boromir and his three Hobbit friends Merry, Pippin and Samwise. Through mountains, snow, darkness, forests, rivers and plains, facing evil and danger at every corner the Fellowship of the Ring must go. Their quest to destroy the One Ring is the only hope for the end of the Dark Lords reign!

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120737/

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) download

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) download

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) download

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sahilparab-49089 3 years ago

Great......Beautiful Scenes....... Amazing Plot.... Amazing Script...... Amazing Direction.....Great idea for such a great adaptation of a book......Stayed perfectly true to the BOOK.

SlyGuy21 3 years ago

Not since "A New Hope" has a trilogy started this strong. The passion Peter Jackson had in regards to this is awe-inspiring. There are some elements of the book that're left out, but the film is so good, it doesn't matter. The first half focuses more on comedy and exposition, but it's so engaging that you don't mind all the dialogue. It feels so grand in scale, so open, so respected by all involved. After the Fellowship leaves Rivendell, the action kicks into high gear. The group's journey through the Mines of Moria is some of the best sequences put to film I can think of. "The Fellowship of the Ring" offers just enough of the whole adventure to wet one's appetite for the remaining two films. It has a great blend of comedy, story, and action, yet it's balanced so well that one never overtakes the other. The journey has only just begun, there are still many great moments to come in this truly classic trilogy.

seventhgradeatwood 3 years ago

Boasting extraordinary acting, an interesting plot, phenomenal musical scores, realistic CGI, impressive props, amazing locations and good directing, "The Fellowship of the Ring" starts off Tolkien's fantastic story about a quest to destroy an all-powerful ring to a brilliant start.

Atameneshttp://thepiratebay.rocks/torrent/6904922/Lord_of_the_Rings_Fellowship_of_the_Ring_[EXTENDED 5 years ago

Yikes, is this a re-rip with better encoding than the one YIFY posted at http://thepiratebay.rocks/torrent/6904922/Lord_of_the_Rings_Fellowship_of_the_Ring_[EXTENDED_]720p_-_YIFY back in December 2011?

filhodaputa 5 years ago

Its extended alright 27 minutes of credits lol

ewjbtzhttp://subscene.com/u/556155 5 years ago

English in sync subs - non-English only parts - http://subscene.com/u/556155

AznDannyMan 5 years ago

Is there hard coded English subs at parts when they speak elvish?

fridens 5 years ago

audio out of sync!

risam 5 years ago

thank u Yifi

CallOfKtulu666 5 years ago

Awesome quality, but it falls out of sync about half way through. Now I have to redownload it elsewhere >

Robo88 5 years ago


omibrr 5 years ago

i am unable to see subtitles,,,not even other subt files. I downloaded all the 3 movies from you. Only this one had the prob. Thnks

ur-vile 5 years ago

Yes, this is the Bokutox/yify re-upload. It has 96kbs audio instead of the HORRID 32 kbs audio of the original upload.

Marick58 5 years ago

Out of Sync? use VLC to get IN SYNC then...

codymcconnell 4 years ago

thx yifi i am a new member to utorrent but have been downloading for 2 years or so and by far you have the best downloads ever smallest size ive ever seen for a lord of the rings movie the audio compormize is worth it keep er comin

blackhelio 4 years ago

This torrent is tracked by Warner Bros. No kidding. CAUTION!!

Heltmy88 4 years ago

Video - OK Sound - Aful

slybulldog 2 years ago

First I have found that has the elvish subtitles. The video is not the best. Audio is fine on vlc, no sync issues at all

DariaLalaLa 4 years ago

Thanks yify

Bearlyhere 11 months ago

Thank you this much

TSLS92 10 months ago

Thanks YIFI

Atameneshttp://piratebayblocked.com/torrent/6904922/Lord_of_the_Rings_Fellowship_of_the_Ring_[EXTEND 5 years ago

Yikes, is this a re-rip with better encoding than the one YIFY posted at http://piratebayblocked.com/torrent/6904922/Lord_of_the_Rings_Fellowship_of_the_Ring_[EXTENDED_]720p_-_YIFY back in December 2011?

fearfulofspiders 3 years ago

Barely ever hearing of The Lord of the Rings, I went in to see this film in theaters the consecutive Friday it was released, to not only be flabbergasted at its greatness, but wanting more! Since then, I devoted myself to seeing the following two films on the first day of release -- a promise I kept.Peter Jackson's take on Tolkien's fantasy masterpiece not only carries a great deal of the text to full film fruition, but shows the power of film, and proving that nothing is impossible. Jackson's vision is continuous, and never seems to loose grasp of the story that is being told. Using the artistry of John Howe and Alan Lee, The Fellowship of the Ring gleams with a beautiful and dark atmosphere, a length of detail that makes it seem like everyone and everything has its own history, and full of wondrous images one could never imagine.The acting is superb. With a complex script, each actor has transformed these characters into 3-D people with deep back-story, and people that we feel compassion for. This is one extraordinary ensemble cast. Each actor IS that character, making it seem impossible to imagine anyone else fill that person's shoe in their stead. Viggo Mortensen IS Aragorn. Sir Ian McKellen IS Gandalf the Grey. Elijah Wood IS Frodo Baggins. One could weep with our heroes should one fall, or feel inspired when they achieve victory. A fantasy with this much emotion just seems surreal, but it's completely believable.Never losing pace, the writing and direction is flawless, making for one enthralling introduction into Middle-earth. The voice over prologue fills even the most uneducated audience member with all the necessary knowledge they need to know in order to understand our heroes' and villains' motives. Some things of course have been omitted for pacing reasons. While not present in the theatrical cut, we do see the passing of the Grey Elves, and get a brief tale of Beren and Luthien. The barrow-wights and their story is no where to be seen (as interesting as it is in the book, there really is no place for it in this film) and Tom Bombadil is absent as well, but thankfully to the ingeniousness of the writers, in the Extended Edition of The Two Towers a little homage is paid to the character. Omissions and changes are always part of adapting a book to film, and the ones made by Peter Jackson, Phillipa Boyens and Fran Walsh are justifiable in every way.The action scenes are spaced out thoroughly enough for breathing room, plot advancement, and ever-continuing character development. Each action scene is its own, be it the flight to the Fjords of Bruinen, the Mines of Moria, or the showdown at Amon Hen near the end of the film. All are greatly choreographed, each stunt member and actor is full of energy and ambition as they wield deadly weapons at each others' heads and limbs. It really is a sight to behold.The special effects are mesmerizing. The use of CGI, miniatures/bigatures, and even clever camera angles blend to make one ideal image after the other. The soaring images of Barad-dur or Orthanc seem real when in fact, they only stand so many feet high. The Argonath, two figures of enormous height standing before the Anduin River seem like 300 foot creations, when in fact they are about only several feet off the ground. Simply jaw-dropping imagery.Howard Shore's score for The Fellowship of the Ring is a beautiful, epic, and complex piece of work that makes one feel like they have been entranced. Even when some of the text seems omitted from the screen, it can be heard through the powerful instrumentation conducted and created by this composer. The use of leitmotifs to symbolize a country, race, or character is stunning.Overall, The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring is a visionary masterpiece, allowing the world to see what seems like actual history with fantastic elements, equaling the greatness of Hollywood's earlier classics. As the first of three, one who has not seen these films can await the next several hours of their lives to be changed for ever.

NRGWasp 3 years ago

Simply incredible. Never before have I seen a 3 hour movie that didn't seem like 3 hours. I read the Lord of the Rings very recently and I was surprised at how similar Peter Jackson's vision was to my own.Now about the omissions and alterations. I'm not a crazed fanatic who gets worked up over every little detail. I didn't mind Arwen's inflation and I'm actually glad Tom Bombadil was scrubbed (I felt Tom Bombadil was an unnecessary addition to the book). Despite these minor changes, the screenplay stays extremely close to the book and flows very very well (and the prologue was a nice touch).The acting was flawless. As I've read many many times in other reviews, McKellen doesn't play Gandalf, he IS Gandalf. Wood, Mortensen, Holm, Astin, everyone was fantastic. My hat's off to Sean Bean who delivers an excellent performance as Boromir, a character who's intentions are good but wrestles with the corrupting power of the Ring. Bean portrays it VERY well. Oh, and Andy Serkis does a PERFECT Gollum voice. It's EXACTLY as I imagined it myself.The special effects were incredible, the cave troll, the balrog, Gollum, and Sauron's Eye all looked amazing. I was also very impressed by the seamless shrinking of the vertically challenged characters.What's wrong with this movie? I have no idea... I thought everything was perfect. MY biggest gripe is having to wait an entire year to see The Two Towers!

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