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Formally known as KEEPERS, The Vanishing is Inspired by the Flannan Isle mystery. A small relief boat approaches the Isle, a tiny isolated island no bigger than a football pitch, 20 miles off a rugged coast. Its aim is to routinely replace the three lighthouse keepers, after 6 weeks alone manning the light. It nears the dock and none of the men greet them. The winch is broken. A call. Nothing. Experienced keepers Thomas, James and Donald have vanished. The lamps are clean and refilled; the table is laid for dinner. There is an upturned chair. Two sets of yellow oilskins are missing...The men were never found.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4131496/

The Vanishing (2018) download

The Vanishing (2018) download

The Vanishing (2018) download

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slmurray-55881 1 week ago

This film sucks you in early on, the journey begins and you start to learn about the characters bit by bit as the as the story develops. The tension really built, I was hooked..... And as the drama unfolded, I nearly jumped out of my seat a couple of times! It is extremely well written, directed and performed. A thrilling watch, based on a true story and a theory, it had us talking for ages afterwards. In fact, I will watch it again!!

drahmedarfa 1 week ago

The story is epic although the crew is limited in no. but the story helped it to stay in the track of excitement. the actors are really good , and gerard butler forgot the gods of egypt and remember his self as an actor and did it right for sake of god. the movie is great , epic and dramatic.

TwistedContent 1 week ago

The director of "Taboo", a very intriguing premise, good mix of genres, pretty high metascore & Gerrard Butler - of course I had to watch this! Was I disappointed? Certainly. Mild spoilers ahead.It's an interesting story, one of those spooky historic little mysteries, that's behind the plot of this movie - it helds a hell of a lot more potential that this movie brought to the screen. The script is one the biggest flaws here, the pacing's next. There's a lot of long scenes centered around pieces of boring dialogues with little substance, but at the same time it feels like the filmmakers are extremely proud of their character writing, which they definitely shouldn't be. The story is interesting for about half of the movie, until the point when draggy pacing & unimpactful plot points just start to frustrate You. So those are the flaws, the biggest, anyways. Acting seems to be mostly on level, but, even though I feel like I can never rightly critisize actors performances, I have to say that Gerrard Butlers portrayal of a lighthouse keeper gone mad was pretty damn stale. Cinematography feels kinda shy, the beautiful setting is not used that much, for budgetary reasons, I imagine. "The vanishing" could've used a bit more violence as well, but there is a single pretty good little action scene. While the filmmakers seemingly tried really hard to create the grim, bleak atmosphere that's supposed to be there, they succeeded maybe halfway. It just doesn't get there really.Overall I would call this an underwhelming experience that leaves the viewer slightly angry because he knows it could've been better. My rating: 5/10.

TheTopDawg 1 week ago

I get that this is a low budget Scottish film, but you would think at least just one of the 22 producers in this film would have complained about the plot-issue filled writing before rolling the cameras, and fine tuned the screenplay and final cut.Actors turned first-time full length film writers Joe Bone and Celyn Jones had a great conceptual story to write a screenplay with, but they failed with the many plot issues, unanswered questions (Mercury?), unnecessary scenes and dialogue, long length, and slow pacing. Some scenes were either too long or short, too choppy or too fast.Where this film deserves praise is Kristoffer Nyholm's directing in his first ever full length feature film. Camera angles, close-ups/distant shots and directing his cast were all on point.Next praise goes to the outstanding score, which set the suspense and tension perfectly, and to the stunning setting visuals.Then there were the decent performances by all cast, especially Gerard Butler, but I did have difficulty in many scenes understanding what they were saying (accent perhaps).It's a shame such simple issues (e.g. hire a seasoned screenwriter to build on the story) weren't addressed, as I feel this film would have been near perfect. Nevertheless, still enjoyable and a well deserved 7/10 from me.

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